Thursday, 13 November 2008

Acer laptop

I'm using my old Acer laptop now and came across some photos I forgot I took. Such as:

Me at Picaddilly Station. Empty poster.

I'm used to seeing a poster there and this is the first time I saw the sign there. Sooo...

Southwark park. with shirley and nifer. Nice slide. If only there's a pool at the end.

Me at KLIA. Waiting for my flight to bring me to Heathrow. Alone. With my iPod. And Dada sweater. Again. How many times have I taken this flight alone??

12 hours 45 mins in this plane later. I arrive.

When will I sit on a plane again? Hmm...

London Chinatown. Long bendy bus. I so don't miss the bus. Dirty, smelly bus always full with people. I miss Chinatown. I miss buying instant noodles, aloe vera, going to eat roast duck at Four Seasons. I miss Chinatown. I miss hearing Shirley saying: I'm hungry!

Shirley all made up at HK Diner. Curry chicken rice. I miss the aubergine with salted fish and rice there. I miss the peach and mango smoothie with pearl. I miss the bench we used to sit together. I miss going there with someone.

My mango and peach smoothie. I miss. I like...

To tell the truth, I really do miss London. A lot.

Too bad I won't be going back in a long long time.

Too many memories.

Leicester Square station.

Waking up to reality now. Off to bed. Going to work tomorrow in Kuching.

Looking forward to the weekend.

Good night.

Before I go, do I sound like a sadist? I should try to be happy go lucky. In the next post.


Kitty said...

You've been tagged babe!

Amy said...

did it kitty. for you!