Friday, 30 May 2014

Life these days updates x12344

Some photos I posted on Dayre already and some not yet. I just want to keep this blog updated still. But most times I don't know what to write about. Its like Shirley asking me: how are you? Me: the same. Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Boring. :)

This was from his birthday on the 22nd. Didn't do much..he went to play badminton on the actual day. I encouraged him to go cos its his first love. But he was feeling guilty or torn I think for not spending time with me. Found a note he left me before he went out. Hahah. Sweet nya. Sorry we're so clingy yeah..I'm also wondering when this would change lol.

Its been 6 years since we started dating and 12 years since we became friends. He's still my favorite person to do nothing and everything with hehe.

Took this pic to show off the cup. He bought that glass cos it looks interesting. Basically if there's water inside, it won't stop changing lights. Maybe its good for kids eh? 

Kids was the last thing on his mind when he bought it though. He wanted it himself. I was hoping to prank Eli or Winnie. Hope Winnie don't see this post yet so I can ask her pour me a glass of water and watch her reaction. :D

This cake is here as a reminder to myself to stop eating so much desserts hahah. My weight went up 2 more kg the other day and as soon as I saw the scale, my mind sort of blanked out and all I thought of was whining to Cs. Sorry. 

Kevin behind me, on the other hand, went: ur still weighing yourself??! You're pregnant! You're supposed to gain weight idiot! Ya you don't have to give me a pep talk. Kev does it all.the.time.

This was my meal while watching Thomas Cup finals. Pizza is my weakness. So are little baby girl shoes. Oh mann have you seen how cute they are?? Especially if they are attached to fat chubby legs like these:

I just click Add to Cart most of the time. Take my money, take it all. I'm trying to restrain myself now though. I have plenty of practical things to buy now instead of spending on these cute stuff. Hahah.

Speaking of cute, here are some recent Cherrie pics:

When she looks like this, I just call her si manja. Eli treats her like her own baby.

Dumb dumb look.

Been surfing pininterest trying to look for ideas/themes for baby girl's room soon. I don't really have a proper theme yet except white and pink.

But I gotta think long term man. What if I have a boy next time? My cousin was telling me the other day: buy neutral color clothes in case you have a boy. Oh ya, forgot that part. A bit late for that now to be honest. Hahaha. 

So yeahh..I'll try not to paint the room pink yet.

Gray and pink combo looks good too. I gotta get myself a comfy arm chair.

OK last photo of me. Bye. Rushing off now. Hope there's not too many grammar mistakes. No time to re-read. Bye.

23 weeks update

Wrote this post about 2 weeks back but forgot to post. Posting now after some editing. 


So I went for a scan today. Wasn't due for one till next week actually but I have sore throat and tonsilitis. Didn't seem like manuka honey and gargling with listerine will cure it this time. So, off to Dr Nicholas we went. He gave me some antibiotics. All is well now.

I asked more questions today. At the past few appointments, I have been quite quiet. It seems like I get most of my answers from Babycenter and the internet. Plus it seemed to early to ask about epidural and labour charges yet.

I did ask about the glucose test this time though. Shirley and Nifer both told me they had it and when I said doc never mentioned for me ler. They said I should get it. So I asked about it. Doc said that for the glucose test, you normally have a few symptoms. 1) Asian (according to WHO or something); 2) body weight 3) urine test 4) blood test results.

Anyway long story short, he didn't ask me to get the glucose test yet. We shall see. I've been inhaling all desserts/sweets/juices within my sight for the past 1 or 2 weeks. Scared. Scared of diabetes. Scared of weight gain but I can't seem to stop myself. =.=

Just last night before dinner, I turned to Cs and said: I want cola! Made him drive out to buy me a can. He forgot to bring his wallet!! So he had to run back to the car to dig for coins. Zzz not my fault ah. But yea..a bit guilty.

Back to topic. Nifer mentioned that her due date is on 30 Aug. She's afraid if 31 Aug (public holiday), it'll cost double. I didn't know about that so asked doctor today too. He said for normal birth - normal price. Ceasarean - yes to pay the staff to come in. So it'll cost about RM 300-500 more for the total procedure.

I asked under what circumstances will I have to have an emergency C-section? He said if baby is in distress, poops inside me after the water bag bursts, I start bleeding, or contractions and very underway and my cervix is not opening. Reason why its not opening might be because of the way baby is facing. Or is in breech position. All of these are reasons.

So we went for the scan.

Good news first. 

1) Baby girl finally showed us her face today. Yes, she's shy and very active. Forever hiding from us. Lifting her arm over her face, moving about. First thing we all noticed was how high/sharp her nose was. I noted that it looks fake. Hahah of all the things to say. Doc says she has the highest nose he has ever seen in babies. Cs and I were squeezing each other's hands trying not to look too proud or happy. Heheh. Doc took a look at us both and said: she looks like you (me!). And when I thought my smile couldn't be any more wider, he said: she's going to be a pretty girl! :DDD Obviously he probably said that to all parents la but still its nice to hear for the first time. Touch wood cos I'm superstitious now.

2) Baby girl is very active moving around happily. Since I could feel her moves/squirms/rolls/kicks now, I could feel her movement as we watched her on screen. Quite surreal. Especially in 3D/4D. I see her moving on screen and at the same time I could feel her moving inside me. She's growing well...her weight and measurements are all good. 

Bad news.

1) Placenta hasn't shifted up yet. I asked doc for comparison images with last month's scan. It looks exactly the same le sigh. Its covering my cervix entrance/exit which means that I can't give birth naturally for now. Assuming the placenta doesn't move by the time I go into labour, I have to have a C-section. Under normal circumstances, a C-section isn't that big a deal. Still a surgery but fairly common.

But according to Doc, I'm not a normal circumstance. If he performs the surgery, he has to cut into the placenta (to get to the baby), which would cause bleeding. Placenta is her lifeline - she gets nutrients and oxygen through my placenta. Cutting it would mean alot of bleeding, which would harm both of us. Too much bleeding and blood transfusion might mean that I could not even give birth at BMC. Have to go to GH to give birth. Argh.. hate this. 

I'm trying not to worry so much yet because the placenta still has time to move up. I'm 23 weeks now. I have plenty of time for my belly to grow bigger, and hopefully it'll shift the placenta up a little bit. Just 2-3 cm is fine. And natural birth here we go. 

I asked doc what is going to happen if choi choi choi I go into early labour and my placenta hasn't moved up, he said he's going to explain everything and provide me with all the details when the time comes. If baby is below 2 kg, I have to go to GH anyway. No point cos no incubator in BMC. FU please. Why not? 

Sorry but I'm angry every time I think of this. Why are the hospitals not better equipped yet? Why?

Anyway. I'm trying not to worry too much now or wallow in self pity. For now, one step at a time.

Its ok for me mostly. I have a feeling I'll still be fine. I'll survive. But on bad days, and seeing the worry on Cs' face, it throws me a lil bit I admit. Then I'll be thinking: why don't I get to be normal like some women? Why some women so lucky? Mehh..I don't even like thinking this way. Self pity. Not nice.

I'm plenty lucky and blessed already. This is just a hiccup along the way.

For the sake of a photo.  Yet another sweet drink. Figured juice is better than coke. :)


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

For Cs

Helloo. So it's my Cs' birthday eve today. Original plan was to go to Damai Central straight after work but it looks like it's going to rain. Poor fella cannot eat his or chien anymore. Heheh see first. Poor guy also had to go pick up his own birthday cake cos I'm at work plus no car. 

He chose vanilla and mint ice cream cake. I'm kinda looking forward to it. Wonder how the combination would taste like. Ice cream and cake = always a good thing! 

How many people do you know who share the exact same birth date as you? Maybe not same year but same date la. For him, 22 May. He has so far met two other people with the same birthdate. Different years though. One younger, and one older. 

Me, I had a classmate with the exact same birthday. Same year too. Such a coincidence. She sat in front of me in F3 too. She's now a mom with two kids..we didn't keep in touch. Just got each other's Facebook.

I wanted to do something special for his 30th but in the end, all we have planned so far is: a dinner tonight. Tomorrow its going to be his badminton night plus celebration with those buddies, one of whom has the same birthday as him. We were supposed to celebrate last weekend, but Saturday was a regular date night. I guess this is celebration enough in Kuching. 

Since we are not drinking, there are a lot of places we can't/don't go to now. No smoking places, loud noises etc. 

If I wan't prego, I would surprise him with a trip somewhere though. Le sigh. But I am prego, so oh well. No more travelling allowed. Baby girl's gonna be our gift this year. I'm wondering if she'll pop out on my birthday haha. 

Just the other day, I was asking him, if I'm not pregnant, where would we go this year? Next trip on our list? Europe! Save money the whole year and go on holiday! But then if we didn't have baby girl, we would be wayy more excited planning for our new house. Notice how I don't talk about it much. Priorities have changed.

Just so happens that baby girl's priorities far outstrips any other for now. We have been busy surveying stuff to buy, saving money, doing research etc. I hope this means we'll be good parents.

I think I'm a typical Type A personality. I read, research, control, and plan everything. Impulsive, impatient and stubborn. Forget being relaxed ok. Slow people annoy me. Hahah sorry. Just being honest.

Anyway. Back to topic. 

I got him a watch for his birthday. He has wanted one for years. For the past few months, we have been walking into almost every watch shop we see to try watches on. Woe is me. Finally finally we found one that suits him!

I'm feeling a little guilty of not pampering or spoiling him rotten for his birthday seeing as he's catering to most of my needs these days. Guilty max. He's been massaging my neck/shoulder/back almost every night cos I'm aching all the time. Woke up in the middle of the night cos my back hurts. Couldn't find a comfortable spot but managed to fall asleep in the end before I got too irritated with myself. =.=

Got myself a Dream Genii pregnancy pillow that looks like this.

In reality, I don't know if it helped much. I like the bump support cos it helps when I lie on my side and my bump sort of pulls/hangs over the side, which makes me uncomfortable. But my back still hurts. 

I think its cos I can't lie on my left side for too long cos my arm will start to hurt. So I lie on my back and right side still. For me, I think the lying on my back part hurts my back. Baby girl's growing big and she's getting heavy - pressed onto my back. I'm only 6 months pregnant. Can't imagine the sleepless nights at 9 months. Scared. =.= 

Nahh..a good comparison photo. Was my stomach ever that flat? I find it hard to believe now. I feel larger than I look. Hahah. If you notice, its the same denim shorts but it used to be loose. I can't button it up now. In fact, I often walk around with my skirt or shorts unbuttoned even in the office. Just that my large baggy top/sweater hides it well. :) 

We took this photo at a diner inside Universal Studios Japan. I still remember what we ate (burger and beer), the atmosphere inside there (Marilyn Monroe was walking around), and most of all, how happy we were that day. Happy times. 

I miss being on holiday. Going to new places. Experiencing new things. But at least I have him by my side everyday now. Sappy. Its the hormones talking, not me.

I guess what I'm trying to do/say now is: I want to love him as much as he loves me. Or show him that I love him too. Just that I don't know how to do it. I seem to have forgotten. 

I feel so bad sometimes when he's being all nice to me (which is always), and I'm either irritated (not all the time ahh), impatient, or umm not as loving. /guilty.

But I love you baby and I appreciate every little thing you do.

 Happy 30th. :)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Cherrie turns 4!

Our pampered princess turned 4 on 16 May. Its actually the date we brought her back home 4 years ago. Damn time flies!! That little girl brought so much joy and laughter to our house. Especially for mum and Eli cos they spend so much time with her at home.

We decided to get her a cake. Yes, she can't eat chocolates. So we gave her the cheese part only. Just a bit. But we did sing her a birthday song and lit the candles for her. Plus she received lots of extra cuddles and walks that day hahaa.

Dad got her some "sio bak" three layer pork cos she loves them for her big day too. That she can eat at least. She's already fat but oh well. Once in a while. Figured she gets to use her "but its my birthday excuse" too..

Mum and Kev are actually in Taiwan now. We sent them photos and videos and within 10 mins or so it seems, mom posted a photo of her new phone cover on FB. Its a photo of Cherrie in dad's arms. So fast! She captioned it: happy birthday my baby! Hahah guess mum's missing her princess too.

I posted this on Dayre just now but I'll say it again. I'm worried about possible diabetes at the rate I'm going. I keep wanting to eat/drink sweet stuff. =.= Scared. Scared of a hyperactive child. Scared of diabetes. Scared of being fat.

Last night after dinner I dragged Cs to Mcd drive through for an Oreo Mc flurry. Shared one and when I finished scraping all the ice-cream at the bottom and sides, I turned to him and said: not enough...

Him: .....har? Did I eat too much?

I just kept quiet. Which means yes! Hahah. Greedy much.

Mmmmhmmmm tell me about it. That's me. I haven't stepped on my treadmill for about two months now (me thinks).

Made this for Cs' supper one night. I'm looking for easy recipes that I can make at night for him. I kinda miss cooking. 

This is an easy adaption from Kampungboycitygal's Dayre. 

I used 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped. Fry it till golden brown with some oil. Add in one diced tomato. Add in chopped hot dog/ham/mushroms whatever you want to add in. I added in some carrots too cos I'm sneaky like that. 

When its slightly browned, add in pasta sauce (from the jar). I added about 1-2 spoons full only with some water cos my ham is actually smoked ham so its salty already plus I was gonna add a slice of cheese on top. Add in water if you want and pepper. Taste as you go. Can add mixed herbs or rosemary if you want but Winnie said no need..cos the pasta sauce from the jar has enough taste already.

Pour the whole thing into a ramekin. Make a hole in the middle and crack in a whole egg. Into the oven for 20 mins at 180 degrees. The egg will be almost cooked by then. If you want half cooked eggs, less time in the oven for you. Add a slice of cheese on top and 5 mins more in the oven. Toast a slice of bread and use it to mop up your sauce. Yum. 

This is an easy enough recipe for night time supper or breakfast, I suppose. Not too much preparation or washing up to do. 

OK bye. Update next time.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The rooftop

Found this in my Drafts and posting it today.

The other day Cs and I were somewhere looking at the rooftop of some building. You can't expect me to remember the details now (baby brain) but I suddenly thought of life some years back.

One night years ago, I climbed onto the rooftop of the house we lived in together with a Japanese guy, a Polish guy, and I think two rather annoying girls I didn't like. From where I don't remember. Slovakia? For no apparent reason, we took a ladder and climbed onto the rooftop of the 3-storey house. Beers in hand and a radio. Laid out a cloth and sat there drinking and talking. 

I had almost forgotten about this. It seems like a lifetime away, and in a way, I guess it really was.

 I vaguely remember glimpses of that night. It was quite cold, the rooftop was quite dusty, and I noticed some beer cans lying about and remember thinking then that this wasn't his first time up there. 

As I described that night to Cs, I told him about how I used to finish my beers and walk the streets alone at night and call him on the phone (back in Kuching). Even then when he found out I'm alone, he would make me go back home. How irresponsible of me. How dangerous. How foolish. I guess its true eh. You're more daring during your youth. Or I guess "stupid" is the right word.

As me to do that now? No thanks.

Monday, 12 May 2014

How I celebrated my (sort of) mum-to-be's day

Sometime last week I posted (jokingly) on Facebook along with a picture of my bump: Is it too early to ask for presents for mother's day?

I didn't think anything of it. It was just another joke I said to Cs, along with: can you help me give birth? I'll be pregnant for 9 months, then after that its your turn..try squeezing her out your *** hole. Hahaha. Joke. When he went ewww...I said nah nahhh..that's how I feel. 

Anyway. Yesterday, when I opened the door, I saw him standing there holding a bouquet of flowers. I was speechless cos it was a total surprise. I didn't do anything to deserve this yet. I didn't go through labour yet. I didn't go through painful, bleeding nipples, or sleepless nights, or change countless diapers. All I did was whine to him. But he put his hand on my belly and said yes you did. Baby girl's in there. You're a mum now too.

I think he's feeling particularly emotional cos he's been watching her kicks every night now. Few nights back, she was particularly agitated. Think it was Saturday night. It felt like huge waves going on in my stomach. Non stop for about 15 mins. How does it feel like? Honestly, it feels alien. You could see every jab and movement on your own stomach. Very foreign but amazing too.

Winnie says she's got Cs' genes - probably playing badminton inside there. Uh huh. I still think she's swimming. 

I love Sundays! They are my replacement for the Friday/Saturday nights I used to look forward to. Now its Sunday afternoons. He finishes work and we can go dating for a few hours. 

We went to Sando Ramen (I think that's the name) at ST3. Kinda pricey I think. The prices are more or less on par with other Japanese restaurants like Rakutei etc. Me thinks la. If wrong, don't blame me.

My tiny dish of kimchi was RM5.90. Taste? Slighly spicy- nothing much to shout about. I was craving kimchi so ordered that. 

Cs' ramen was RM 18.90. Not that huge a bowl. There were 3 pieces of meat inside and half a half cooked egg. Don't think it needs to cost 18.90. Broth was good but not outstanding too. This is me comparing to Japan. Sorry. I haven't had ramen at other places recently so don't take me too seriously ok.

After that we went to Tarts & Juice Island, which is opened by one of our friends. Had this strawberry and orange juice combo. Love his juices. It had many strawberry chunks inside and very full of flavor. I forgot the price sorry.

His place is famous for their egg tarts and fruit tarts. But they're not really my thing. Never really fancied egg tarts. But Cs says they're the best he's tried in Kuching so far. Trust him cos he's 1) a picky eater 2) always buying egg tarts from other shops to compare. So yeah.

Last night's outfit for dinner with the in-law's. Bought this dress from Taobao for like RM 30. Cheap and doesn't look that cheap! Win win situation.

We went to Big Oven again. But this time I didn't like it. They provided a mother's day special menu instead of their normal menu. We shouldn't have ordered the pork platter. Meat overdose. Lots of pork ribs, three layer pork etc..if that's your thing. 

OK. Last photo of happy me. Thank you baby. I don't know what did I do to deserve you. But thank you. 


Feeling particularly chatty today and bored. Lemme just spew rubbish from my brain ah. Might be TMI be warned. Since I don't think much people actually read my blog, I'll say whatever I want.

Just now when I went to toilet, I saw a loooong curly hair on the toilet seat. At first I was grossed out, then amused. Wow..that's a long one. How long has this person been growing that jungle? I'm assuming its a jungle in/up there. 

Which reminds me of a conversation we had one night drinking. The group of us were sitting there with our beers when the topic of shaving came up. One guy was asking another guy: do you shave? Him: NO! Of course not. Who does that? Do you know anyone who does that? 

The guy who asked looked around at the rest of us at the table, all of whom were smiling. Guy who said no: (shocked) you mean all of you do? Hahahha. 

I was researching this topic on childbirth actually. On Malaysia forums, it seems a lot of women go waxing or get their husband's to shave them prior to delivery. For C-sect, it seems you must. The nurses will shave you if you didn't. For natural birth, it seems optional.

 From what I learned, there are more pros to shave/wax yourself: 1) its cleaner and easier to maintain after giving birth, with the bloody show, stitches and what not. Yuck. 2) well, I can't think of any more reasons but hygiene is most important, right? Go Google yourself. Apparently its a hot topic.

On this weird note, I bid you adieu. 

Nahh..beautiful flowers for you to get that mental image out of your head.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Labour stories...

So I was reading Dayre when someone mentioned this link that shows beautiful pregnant women. One link led to another and next thing I know I'm reading this article called: 20 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth.

The writer is very direct, blunt, humorous and honest. But the more I read, the more my face resembles this guy:

I know I shouldn't read articles like that. Or watch reality shows of pregnant women going through labour or horror stories of labour. Blame this channel on Astro that keeps showing stuff like that.

Just 2 nights ago, I switched it to that channel and there was a pregnant women being hit by another women, falling, bleeding etc and generally like a horror movie. Before bedtime. Luckily I had the sense to quickly switch to another channel. Phew.

But yeah. I wanna know ma. I Googled "episiotomy" ages ago and "mucus plug". Bleh. I don't advise you to.

Doesn't help that mummies love to share stories and I absorb everything like a sponge these days. Nor can I stop myself asking the next obvious question? Bleeding one month before? Then?? Your water broke there?? Then?? After birth you bled that long? Infection?! Then how?!! 


I found out through Grey's Anatomy that women actually pooped during labour. I wasn't pregnant then but I immediately Googled it. When I realized it was common, I went: oh noo..this is bad. And proceeded to ask my mom and best friends if they did. Hahah. 

I copy paste this article for you:

Describe the feeling of giving birth to someone who hasn’t. 

Woman A: Physically, it feels like engaging your core like pilates and pushing very hard. It's very adrenaline-fueled, so you're not really thinking about what's going on. I vaguely remember a big sense of relief when she came out. And just shock and awe. 

Woman B: It feels like taking the hugest shit of your life. 

Did you poop? 

Woman A: I honestly don't know because you cannot feel your butt, but I just assume I did because I felt so much pressure in the area. I told a nurse I was scared I would poop; she scoffed and was like, "Everyone does, it's really no big deal." My husband remained behind my head the whole time, though, so he did not see the crime scene. 

Woman B: Yep, I'm sure I did. But the nurses and midwives are so prepared for it that no one even notices before it's all cleaned up.

Nahh article taken from here. In case y'all are as sick as me and want to know more. Heheh. If you're pregnant, better don't read. If you're not pregnant, well depends if you wanna get knocked up. If yes, don't read. If no, just read la. Its still interesting. If you're a mum already, maybe you can tell me your story! Did you poop? :D

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Life these days

Hello hello. Been neglecting my blog. Has it been 2 weeks since I updated? I'm on Dayre almost every other day though. Very hardworking there. Easy to update and stalk people. Actually I don't follow much people. Just the same few blogs I read normally.

So I received a parcel from Shirley few weeks back. Its her babyplus! She lent it to me cos its damn pricey here. Thanks ah anakliew! Its basically a prenatal learning system. Nifer told us about it when she was pregnant. So we all started using it.

The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System is a set of sound lessons that resembles the mother's heart beat (cos that is the most prominent sound the baby can hear) meant to be played for a prenatal child. One hour each day. Go read the link and Google for more info. I'm lazy to explain.

Anyway. Baby girl is responding to these sounds all right. Last night she kicked so hard my baby plus shifted. Not bad ah for 22 weeks. Heheh. I was wearing my nightgown at first and saw my nightgown move with each kick. So I pulled it aside and watched as she kicked the baby plus again. Quite fun to watch the movement these days heheh. Time flies!

I found this amusing. After so many years, their medals and prizes get better and better. This time the first prize winner will get RM 400. And there are more participants than ever. I suspect its cos of the money. Cs made the medals btw and the chop. Not bad if I may say so.

Nahh belly bump pics. Very recent. Look how much I grew. Or rather, she grew. I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible but I still cheat with the occasional cola. Can't help it.

I went to another doctor the other day for a second opinion. Man he was lecturing me on what not to eat. So much food in his "not allowed" list. It was depressing. I really don't think I'm that fat or that unhealthy. No milk powder. Only skimmed milk. He stopped to look at my body properly. Then: low fat milk for you. =.=

Anyway the speech stayed in my head the next day so I went to buy Weetabix from Takiong to take with my low fat milk and sugar substitute. Cos Doc told me to. Sugar substitute not that fat. Had it once. And that was a disaster. Cos Cs found a still alive crawling bug in it while I was happily slurping up mine. Must be the damn Weetabix. So we threw the entire box away. Wasting. There goes my trying to eat more oats intention.

Anyway. His words have more or less faded away from my head now. I'm just going to eat the way I'm used to la. Less pressure.

As of today, my breakfast consisted of: a bowl of wheat cereal and low fat milk, and a plum I shared with Cs. A glass of honey.

Morning snack: a banana and a packet of plain Skyflake crackers.

Lunch: ham, egg and cheese sandwich (one slice of wholemeal bread) with lots of cherry tomatoes.

Tea time: papaya

Dinner: whatever mum's cooking with fruits after dinner.

Supper: most likely milk and banana, or crackers again.

Yawn. You can yawn too. I don't blame you. Hahah.

But this is cos last night we went to Big Oven to celebrate early mother's day. For dinner I had pizza, salad, pork, spaghetti etc. Normal eating out food. That place not bad. I don't know why its so empty..must be not many people know that they have changed management.

Think we might be going back for mum-in-law's mother's day dinner this Sunday.

I wore this last night.

 Belly pic not that accurate I think cos it includes pizza and other food hahah. This was taken in the gym. Have not used my treadmill for sooo long. But i have a proper excuse this time.

At my last scan, doc said I have a low lying placenta. He seemed quite concerned and I asked him how common it was? He said 5%. Wtf?! That ain't common. (But after intense Googling and reading forums, I think its quite common ler)

Its not that serious actually. Basically I might have to have a C section if the placenta doesn't move up. Because I was 20 weeks pregnant then, I still have time for my belly and baby to grow, and this might cause the placenta to shift upwards. Just a few centimeters would help and I could have a normal birth. Fingers crossed.

So we are waiting for the next scan to find out. In the meantime, doc and Cs are ganging up on me restricting exercise, carrying heavy stuff (aka cherrie), sticking up stuff up my hoo haa. Yea, no kidding. They are scared I might bleed. Oh well.

I'm fine. Hope at the next scan, everything's fine so I can hop onto my treadmill again. 

Another belly pic. Getting quite big aren't I? Oh yes boobs grew too. I'm hoping it could get bigger some more please. So satisfying this feeling. 

OK that was an update.