Friday, 16 May 2014

The rooftop

Found this in my Drafts and posting it today.

The other day Cs and I were somewhere looking at the rooftop of some building. You can't expect me to remember the details now (baby brain) but I suddenly thought of life some years back.

One night years ago, I climbed onto the rooftop of the house we lived in together with a Japanese guy, a Polish guy, and I think two rather annoying girls I didn't like. From where I don't remember. Slovakia? For no apparent reason, we took a ladder and climbed onto the rooftop of the 3-storey house. Beers in hand and a radio. Laid out a cloth and sat there drinking and talking. 

I had almost forgotten about this. It seems like a lifetime away, and in a way, I guess it really was.

 I vaguely remember glimpses of that night. It was quite cold, the rooftop was quite dusty, and I noticed some beer cans lying about and remember thinking then that this wasn't his first time up there. 

As I described that night to Cs, I told him about how I used to finish my beers and walk the streets alone at night and call him on the phone (back in Kuching). Even then when he found out I'm alone, he would make me go back home. How irresponsible of me. How dangerous. How foolish. I guess its true eh. You're more daring during your youth. Or I guess "stupid" is the right word.

As me to do that now? No thanks.

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