Monday, 19 May 2014

Cherrie turns 4!

Our pampered princess turned 4 on 16 May. Its actually the date we brought her back home 4 years ago. Damn time flies!! That little girl brought so much joy and laughter to our house. Especially for mum and Eli cos they spend so much time with her at home.

We decided to get her a cake. Yes, she can't eat chocolates. So we gave her the cheese part only. Just a bit. But we did sing her a birthday song and lit the candles for her. Plus she received lots of extra cuddles and walks that day hahaa.

Dad got her some "sio bak" three layer pork cos she loves them for her big day too. That she can eat at least. She's already fat but oh well. Once in a while. Figured she gets to use her "but its my birthday excuse" too..

Mum and Kev are actually in Taiwan now. We sent them photos and videos and within 10 mins or so it seems, mom posted a photo of her new phone cover on FB. Its a photo of Cherrie in dad's arms. So fast! She captioned it: happy birthday my baby! Hahah guess mum's missing her princess too.

I posted this on Dayre just now but I'll say it again. I'm worried about possible diabetes at the rate I'm going. I keep wanting to eat/drink sweet stuff. =.= Scared. Scared of a hyperactive child. Scared of diabetes. Scared of being fat.

Last night after dinner I dragged Cs to Mcd drive through for an Oreo Mc flurry. Shared one and when I finished scraping all the ice-cream at the bottom and sides, I turned to him and said: not enough...

Him: .....har? Did I eat too much?

I just kept quiet. Which means yes! Hahah. Greedy much.

Mmmmhmmmm tell me about it. That's me. I haven't stepped on my treadmill for about two months now (me thinks).

Made this for Cs' supper one night. I'm looking for easy recipes that I can make at night for him. I kinda miss cooking. 

This is an easy adaption from Kampungboycitygal's Dayre. 

I used 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped. Fry it till golden brown with some oil. Add in one diced tomato. Add in chopped hot dog/ham/mushroms whatever you want to add in. I added in some carrots too cos I'm sneaky like that. 

When its slightly browned, add in pasta sauce (from the jar). I added about 1-2 spoons full only with some water cos my ham is actually smoked ham so its salty already plus I was gonna add a slice of cheese on top. Add in water if you want and pepper. Taste as you go. Can add mixed herbs or rosemary if you want but Winnie said no need..cos the pasta sauce from the jar has enough taste already.

Pour the whole thing into a ramekin. Make a hole in the middle and crack in a whole egg. Into the oven for 20 mins at 180 degrees. The egg will be almost cooked by then. If you want half cooked eggs, less time in the oven for you. Add a slice of cheese on top and 5 mins more in the oven. Toast a slice of bread and use it to mop up your sauce. Yum. 

This is an easy enough recipe for night time supper or breakfast, I suppose. Not too much preparation or washing up to do. 

OK bye. Update next time.

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