Thursday, 8 May 2014

Labour stories...

So I was reading Dayre when someone mentioned this link that shows beautiful pregnant women. One link led to another and next thing I know I'm reading this article called: 20 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth.

The writer is very direct, blunt, humorous and honest. But the more I read, the more my face resembles this guy:

I know I shouldn't read articles like that. Or watch reality shows of pregnant women going through labour or horror stories of labour. Blame this channel on Astro that keeps showing stuff like that.

Just 2 nights ago, I switched it to that channel and there was a pregnant women being hit by another women, falling, bleeding etc and generally like a horror movie. Before bedtime. Luckily I had the sense to quickly switch to another channel. Phew.

But yeah. I wanna know ma. I Googled "episiotomy" ages ago and "mucus plug". Bleh. I don't advise you to.

Doesn't help that mummies love to share stories and I absorb everything like a sponge these days. Nor can I stop myself asking the next obvious question? Bleeding one month before? Then?? Your water broke there?? Then?? After birth you bled that long? Infection?! Then how?!! 


I found out through Grey's Anatomy that women actually pooped during labour. I wasn't pregnant then but I immediately Googled it. When I realized it was common, I went: oh noo..this is bad. And proceeded to ask my mom and best friends if they did. Hahah. 

I copy paste this article for you:

Describe the feeling of giving birth to someone who hasn’t. 

Woman A: Physically, it feels like engaging your core like pilates and pushing very hard. It's very adrenaline-fueled, so you're not really thinking about what's going on. I vaguely remember a big sense of relief when she came out. And just shock and awe. 

Woman B: It feels like taking the hugest shit of your life. 

Did you poop? 

Woman A: I honestly don't know because you cannot feel your butt, but I just assume I did because I felt so much pressure in the area. I told a nurse I was scared I would poop; she scoffed and was like, "Everyone does, it's really no big deal." My husband remained behind my head the whole time, though, so he did not see the crime scene. 

Woman B: Yep, I'm sure I did. But the nurses and midwives are so prepared for it that no one even notices before it's all cleaned up.

Nahh article taken from here. In case y'all are as sick as me and want to know more. Heheh. If you're pregnant, better don't read. If you're not pregnant, well depends if you wanna get knocked up. If yes, don't read. If no, just read la. Its still interesting. If you're a mum already, maybe you can tell me your story! Did you poop? :D

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