Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This is a bit overdue. On Father's Day, we went to Delizze at Premier 101 for dinner. Dad loves the breads and smoked chicken, and ham. So, we decided to try out dinner that Saturday night!

Book in advance or be disappointed! We booked in advance for the night. We were seated by the front doors, and throughout the night, I watched as so many customers were being turned away cos it was fully booked. Full house. Sad.

I think if you want to buy breads etc, do it in the day time. By night, all the shelves were empty. Should mean business is good, and food is yum eh? By food here, I mean the selection of breads.

I have tried quite a few varieties of bread and they taste good! How is it good? What is the difference with other bread shop i.e Taka, Mita etc? What's so special?

Aiya ci piet la. I get asked that a lot whenever I said the bread at Delizze is good. T_T Go try yourself. Haha. Sorry I'm lousy at explaining stuff. A loaf of bread probably costs RM 3.50 (I think simply guessing). I liked the herbs bread (duno the name), I just know that it has a lot of herbs and spices and it smells so fragrant (like Pizza!!). Nice la.

Bottom line - Amy says it tastes good.

Some photos of the family during dinner!

OK. Move away from the bakery to the restaurant section now..

Price range was er..cheaper than Bella Italia. I don't know why but that is the comparison most people have given me. I do agree that it is cheaper than Bella Italia, but pizza and pasta wise- Bella Italia does it better!

Judge for yourself!

We ordered three portions of mushroom soup to share. Nice. With cream on top, and garlic bread by the side. Btw, not related but!! I went to Westwood the other day! Westwood (opposite Chonglin Park). The soup tastes exactly the same but it costs RM 3!! So cheap! -_- Waa so long I haven't had such cheap soup! Minus the garlic bread. But bigger portion of soup some more. Cool eh. I might go back just to have to soup as dinner hehe.

Ceasar salad came with a generous portion of chicken slices by the side. Nice..

This was the pizza we ordered. Major fail I tell you. Failed cos just look at it. The pizza is a mess! The toppings not sticking to the base. Plenty of cheese and toppings though. Tastes mediocre. Nothing awesome.

Last I remembered, Bella Italia pizza doesn't look like this. Hmm..

This was some chicken served with fries. Tastes pretty good. Sorry I don't remember the name. I didn't eat much of this too cos it was right in front of Winnie and Kev.

Lamb shank. Good too, but quite small portion. Btw, Delizze serves quite small portions. OK, not small. Err average. Not big. But the prices are average too. Not too expensive so its all good..

Btw, we did not order anything with beef that night. Dad doesn't take beef, so probably, to their defense, the spaghetti would taste better if we had ordered Bolognaise, or Meatballs. Something else.

The two pastas we ordered were very normal. Nothing to shout out. Admiteddly, those two were the very last ones I wanted to order. No beef, and not spicy. Probably tasteless. Turned out it was almost tasteless. Boring. Blah.

I don't remember if they had lasagne, if they had, I probably cant order it anyway cos it probably contains beef too. But it should be hard to make lasagne not-yummy eh? Am I making sense hmm..

We wanted to order a cake or something but everything else was sold out except for this. Don't be fooled by its appearance - it looks boring and unappetizing. But surprisingly this was good.

Soft and delicious. Blueberry something. Nice.

I probably won't be going back to Delizze (the restaurant) anytime soon. I will continue to buy bread there though. heh.


1.5 years

Haha! Stupid title.

Tonight, I actually wanted to write something err lovey dovey and romantic. Something along those lines anyway. For no particular reason. Its the period/silly hormones that is making me cheesy and emo.

Then, I realized oh hell. We passed by six months without either of us mentioning our anniversary!

Cs and I, we both don't remind each other about our anniversary. You know, some people *cough*Winnie*cough* remember the dates every month. Cs and I forget every single time. I think its because, to us, there are other more important things to do/worry about every day. Also, it could be because we see each other at least 2 times every day, and we have too much to talk about everyday.

We talk about everything. I tell him about my day at work, colleagues and boss, my family and friends, while he tells me about what he did at work, who called him, who came to look for him, which school he went to. Everything. Then we provide comments and criticisms, or sympathize, then joke, laugh, and sing together every day.

Sure, we also quarrel like any other couple. I get impatient and irritable when I am tired. He is more short tempered and quiet when hungry.

When one person is angry (mostly me. Sorry baby), the other will, depending on the situation, be quiet, make me smile, sayang me back, tease me, or when all else fails, lapse into irritable silence as well.

When he gets angry at me, I normally forget my anger and sayang him back. Unluckily for me, he does not get over his anger as easily as me, but he is seldom angry at me la..

We did not start with "love at first sight". In fact, both of us were already taken when we met each other in college! He sat behind me in class 301.

Looking back now, it was a good thing we were taken eh? Or we would not have talked like we did and got to know each other so well. Ever since we met, we clicked in a way none of our friends could understand.

We talked on msn all the time about everything. Even then, we had so much to share. We were genuinely interested in each other.

We sat outside my house till past midnight talking about our high school days. All the silly, happy and unhappy things that happened. What we did at school, our hobbies, our families, our love problems, everything. It was so easy for me to spill everything to him and vice versa.

People ask now, why did it take so long for you guys to be together then?

When we were friends, we already told each other everything. And I mean everything. Including all the low down scandalous juicy stuff that happened in the past.

We even said that there was no way we could be together since we know each others deepest darkest secrets. Haha. Yea right. Swallowing our words.

But I am glad we were friends first. If we were lovers first, he probably would not have told me everything for fear that I would not accept him or something silly like that. Vice versa too. Heh heh.

We were friends first, and I trust him completely now.

So how did we suddenly get together? Even my family members were shocked/surprised when they realized we were together. I don't know how they knew though. Do we act differently from when we were friends and when we transition to a couple? Haha.

This is where it gets steamy.

Since we were best friends, we go out all the time. He brought me out with his group of friends to club, to drink, to eat. As friends. But we are also both newly single. We are both human. With raging hormones feelings. Haha!

What did you expect? Best friends with benefits!

One thing led to another. They call it happy drinks for a reason. For a very obvious reason.

Actually we have asked this question ourselves, but seriously we forgot la.

How did we get together? More specifically, which night did we do it? Haha! Was it after that night that we kissed? Or did it start in the car? In your room? Which night was it? Did it start with that drinking game? Or was it the night you came to my house?

When did we even start kissing? Just a peck on the lips first or did it go straight to tongues? Did you plan this? Purposely arranged this setting to seduce me?! Haha.

Ahh forget it. We are a couple lar wtf!

I think that is why dates are not important to us. It does not matter if we have been together for one year, or one and a half years and counting actually..

We get to spend every day together, we get to laugh together everyday, and I am very contented and happy! That is enough. If I can be with him everyday, that is enough.

I came across this old chinese song the other day. So romantic. Wait till I find it in youtube then I share it here.

Basically its saying:

The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you...

Aww...isn't that the most romantic thing ever?

I don't need diamonds and gifts. I just want to grow old with you..If I can be with you everyday, and we can still be like this, that is enough. Love me~

P/S: I bet cs would be surprised to read this post. He would have forgotten about our anniversary as well, right baby?

Btw we got together on the 28th. (we said) So technically I am still late.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Salmon fest

I love salmon! But salmon is quite pricey in little Kuching, no?

If you go to places such as Sushi King, where they serve two measly thin slices of salmon for RM 5, it is so not worth it. Sushi King is a rip-off btw. I hate Sushi King! Its cheap but so disappointing! Low quality food that do not pass quality standards. Grr..

Allow me to explain. On my last visit, I ordered a Chicken Terriyaki don. Something that sounds like that anyway. It took 30 mins or more to arrive (in a practically empty restaurant at Boulevard on a week night about 8pm) Not a busy week night. Not a busy dining time. No excuse!! !$%&*

When it arrived, I stared down in dismay at a bowl of what looked like very unappetizing, very little sauce, very little egg and very little chicken. Angry. Spoiled dinner.

What does that have to do with salmon?

Nothing. Hmm..

Sorry. Taking advantage to give you my two cents about Sushi King. Ehh but come on. Have you seen how thin the salmon slices are getting at Sushi King? Dammit should have a photo to prove my point!

Too bad no photos. So never mind!

Allow me to introduce you to a proper Salmon fest! We fly a salmon fish all the way in from err..New Zealand? Where ar? I'm sorry that I do not know the details. Thanks Chang for taking care of the orders every time.

So we brought the salmon fish to Tomoe, a small Japanese restaurant hidden away behind the shoplots at Jalan Mendu. The chef then prepares all the dishes below from that piece of fish. I am guessing that the fish weighs at about 2.6kg. They mentioned that day but I forgot! Memory loss.

Now that is sashimi. Thick slabs of salmon flesh. Nicee..Soo fresh some more. Niceee..

This is the salmon head - in case you didn't know - grilled to perfection. Actually, a bit too oily in my opinion. But the sauce is to die for. Yum.

Shepy, the photographer at work. I brought my camera out but it was Shepy who worked harder.

Watch her move about taking photos haha.

While the rest eat her share enjoy the food. Haha

Damn thick salmon sushi.

This is the fried salmon skin rolled in the middle to make sushi! The salmon skin is crispy fried, kinda like bacon, but probably much healthier. Or not.

There were 10 of us that night, and the price comes up to RM 25 per person. Cheap!

We did not order anything else off the menu at Tomoe. No appetizers, no extras, nothing. So, this means we only had 4 varieties of salmon. It was quite enough for me, but I don't know about the guys.

Just because there is no photo of me!


Saturday, 26 June 2010

One of the little joys in life..


(This is a short nonsense post as I suppose most people would not understand why I am so excited with Enid Blyton books, of all things?!)

In the hidden shelves at his store, I found some long lost Enid Blyton books that I used to read in Primary School! Haha.. So excited. I have not seen these books since so many years ago. Who the hell reads Enid Blyton books during their free time?

Super geeks like me!

Remember those Enid Blyton books such as: St Clare series, Mallory Towers series, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Enhanted Wood, Magic Faraway Tree, Magic Wishing Chair etc etc.

Then there are the classics: Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, Black Beauty, Robinson Crusoe, Pride & Prejudice, Oliver Twist, etc etc...

I'm such a nerd.

Cs does not understand how books can occupy so much of my time. Ahh never mind. Nobody understands me. I'm just happy that I can read for free! Muahaha. I found the right guy! :D

I actually found some pre-school Chinese books for kids, and have err tried to study preschool Chinese books. Tried to learn to read and write. Grr.. I can only speak the language, but cant read or write Chinese. Sucks.

If anyone is interested in books/stationary products at MJC, there is only one bookstore and stationary store. Feel free to visit.

Look for this guy!

Better yet, if you are the headmaster/headmistress of a school and in need of supplies. Any teachers need a bookstore? :D

OK. Back to serious topics. I seriously need to dye my hair again! Heh heh. Yes, this is important! It makes me look bad in photos..

Short nonsense post, remember?


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Victoria Arms ala Amy

TGIF. Its ladies night at Victoria Arms again. I know that some of my peers probably wonder what the hell do I see in that place? The alcohol is over priced and the band - they are all right but I always wait for the DJ to start spinning before I hit the dance floor!

Yes, the alcohol is overpriced. So not worth it to open any bottles of liquor there if you earn in the same range as me. The only thing somewhat cheap is the beer tower if you come in a group. Or else just order beer or Kilkenny by the glass/mug/draught.

That is why VA is only crowded on Friday's. Of course there is the crowd who can afford it easily but seriously, I would guess that most men who go to VA open the liquor or wine bottles or even champagne to impress the ladies only.

I go to VA quite often compared to most pubs (clubs is a word used very loosely in Kuching. In reality, we have no clubs! Poor us!) in Kuching simply cos:

1) There is a proper dance floor. Not big of course. Its still a pub. In Kuching. But, we have our own space to dance. No need to squeeze with other drunk and smoking and sweaty folk. No shuffle people here thank GOD! No guys wearing caps and hanging out in groups by the dancefloor to gawk at the ladies. No cigarette burns!

2) There are no fights! No police come to "sapu". There is no need to leave at 1230am, or when you see crowds of people suddenly leaving. When you hear police sirens, it is not necessarily a cause of alarm. You did nothing wrong. You are over-age. You can drink and dance as you please. This does not apply in most pubs in Kuching ok. Fights/Quarrels break out so often and over the smallest thing. i.e. when your parking space is taken. Dumbo.

I think that it is just a display of macho-ness or protecting their territory so to speak. Frankly, it disrupts everyone and it is so unnecessary. Spoils the night for everyone. And is this among one of the reasons why Kuching cannot operate a proper club?

Actually, I think I am old. Or my line of thinking is old. Aren't I supposed to think like er, a 26-year old? Fuck. Not that young am I? Thought I was 21? How the hell did I get to 26? Chee-bye. Talking about my age is sad. Moving on quickly..

Putting up photos of people older than me makes me feel better! hahaha wtf I know. Sorry ladies.

My mum and her bunch of friends are so happening. More so than me and my bunch of friends, I sometimes think. We are not as noisy. We don't drink that freely anymore (retired plus no $$). We are somewhat self conscious when we dance. Before the alcohol has kicked in, we actually just stand by the side and talk and play cards and when pulled to dance, we swing our hips very awkwardly. Sad.

One good thing about VA is, they are always good for food ala Amy (read = pizza). You are looking at a simple Pizza Marinara (Large). RM 29. Haha. I order this on so many Friday's, that I remember the price. Quite a feat for me cos I have the worst memory post alcohol. Haha.

Slightly burnt crust aside, it still tastes good!

On this particular Friday night, Ivy ordered three plates of this chicken wings that come with a generous portion of wedges.

Yes, we memang pandai enjoy life. Eat the good food and drink the happy drink. TGIF what. We are normally at VA by 730pm (kiasu what) till late, which means we get free drinks till 9pm.

If you are new to my blog, I shall explain again. For entrance into VA, ladies please pay RM 15. You get free drinks till 9pm. Choices include: whiskey, vodka, brandy, gin, beer, cocktail. Or juices (mango or orange).

Men are permitted to enter after 9pm. pay RM 25, or if you know Alvin, get him to bring you in (for free). Or if you want, stick close to my dad, he always gets free entry too (thick face gets you places). No lar, just say that you are going to the wine cellar beside VA to the staff downstairs.

Alvin is the one in the middle! Haha. I think he looks like the boss that is why they let him in for free. Actually the one on the right looks like the boss too what. Cs needs to eat more to err look like the boss too! :D

If you're kwai, please pay RM 25 and get a complimentary glass of alcohol. Choices include (not so sure this time): Kilkenny, Guiness, Beer (Tiger, Heineken or Carlsberg). Not so sure about liquor.

By about 850pm - 9pm, Chris (the DJ) will announce the lucky draw results.. Please have your coupon ready! It is the same slip of coupon they give you upon entry into VA. Keep it. I think a lot of people throw it away or lose it very quickly. Cos a lot of the draws come up to nothing.

Since we are always quite a large group, someone in the group almost always wins. That Friday, we won a jug of beer. Could not tell by then which beer it was. Yea, cos by 9pm, the happy drinks have worked their magic and made me happy.

Happy drinks!

Someone else in our group also won a jug of Long Island Tea in our group. I did not touch it though. I tend to avoid cocktails at VA. Simply because the bartenders there are vicious. I watch them make the drinks many times and they dump soo much alcohol in the cocktail. Even in my drunken state, I could tell it was soo bitter.

A friend once told me that the markings of a good Long Island Tea is when you don't taste the alcohol. If that is true, VA's Long Island is not for you.

Cocktails at VA = bad idea. Bad experience. Bad hangover. Never again.

Err yea where was I? See this is the Long Island drinking group! Haha. The whiskey drinker is taking the photos!

#1 - Train

#2 - Spot someone crawling to the front!

#3 - Magic.

Err where was I? Oh yes time to show photos of myself. Oh yea. Cs has finally bought me a new camera! ♥

I still want the TX-5 though. Waterproof rocks my socks!

Click for larger image if you are interested.

On this Friday night, I was alternating between flash and no flash. After that day, I realize I should turn the fucking flash back on. Ahh let me get used to my new toy ok.

Why does my mouth look...disfigured? Grr..not ready lar.

My man came in at 930pm with his friends. Nice surprise.

He does not dance; He just came in to sip his beer and talk to the other guys, take care of our bags and err me..you know, his alcohol-induced, fun loving, on the dance floor girlfriend.

It does not show here though. I look damn bored and/or tired and/or tame. haha. That is cos I am. Just kidding. I never drink or dance. No guts, no life!

Time to call it a night. We went home around 12am, sometimes before. It all depends on the level with which they have not lost the ability to drive. Am I making sense? Simply put: If one person cannot drive, the other person who came in the same car has to be sober enough to drive.

Mum, Winnie and I are lucky. We always depend on cs to send us home. Since he came in at 930pm, there is no way he can be drunk yet! Heh heh. Before cs, dad had that happy task of coming in at 930pm to join us and then sending his wife and daughters home. Yea, I do have a very liberal minded family. Cool eh?

I shall leave you with a photo of Cs with Cherrie. One more person to pamper and spoil her.