Sunday, 27 June 2010

Salmon fest

I love salmon! But salmon is quite pricey in little Kuching, no?

If you go to places such as Sushi King, where they serve two measly thin slices of salmon for RM 5, it is so not worth it. Sushi King is a rip-off btw. I hate Sushi King! Its cheap but so disappointing! Low quality food that do not pass quality standards. Grr..

Allow me to explain. On my last visit, I ordered a Chicken Terriyaki don. Something that sounds like that anyway. It took 30 mins or more to arrive (in a practically empty restaurant at Boulevard on a week night about 8pm) Not a busy week night. Not a busy dining time. No excuse!! !$%&*

When it arrived, I stared down in dismay at a bowl of what looked like very unappetizing, very little sauce, very little egg and very little chicken. Angry. Spoiled dinner.

What does that have to do with salmon?

Nothing. Hmm..

Sorry. Taking advantage to give you my two cents about Sushi King. Ehh but come on. Have you seen how thin the salmon slices are getting at Sushi King? Dammit should have a photo to prove my point!

Too bad no photos. So never mind!

Allow me to introduce you to a proper Salmon fest! We fly a salmon fish all the way in from err..New Zealand? Where ar? I'm sorry that I do not know the details. Thanks Chang for taking care of the orders every time.

So we brought the salmon fish to Tomoe, a small Japanese restaurant hidden away behind the shoplots at Jalan Mendu. The chef then prepares all the dishes below from that piece of fish. I am guessing that the fish weighs at about 2.6kg. They mentioned that day but I forgot! Memory loss.

Now that is sashimi. Thick slabs of salmon flesh. Nicee..Soo fresh some more. Niceee..

This is the salmon head - in case you didn't know - grilled to perfection. Actually, a bit too oily in my opinion. But the sauce is to die for. Yum.

Shepy, the photographer at work. I brought my camera out but it was Shepy who worked harder.

Watch her move about taking photos haha.

While the rest eat her share enjoy the food. Haha

Damn thick salmon sushi.

This is the fried salmon skin rolled in the middle to make sushi! The salmon skin is crispy fried, kinda like bacon, but probably much healthier. Or not.

There were 10 of us that night, and the price comes up to RM 25 per person. Cheap!

We did not order anything else off the menu at Tomoe. No appetizers, no extras, nothing. So, this means we only had 4 varieties of salmon. It was quite enough for me, but I don't know about the guys.

Just because there is no photo of me!


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