Saturday, 19 June 2010

My Pizza Guide

I was very impressed with Pizza Hut's Fish King pizza. Reading back that entry now, I realize I should not have combined the top and bottom half of the post together. A bit spoil appetite, if you think about it.

Anyway, back to topic.

The previous Fish King pizza consisted of 8 pieces of Alaskan pollock. This new Fish Prawn King pizza now contains (says the poster) fish and prawns!

It says we get 4 pieces of fish, and 4 prawns. Yeah right. Misleading poster. There were 8 pieces of prawn instead.

But I'm not complaining. 8 pieces of prawn is better than 7 pieces of prawn or 6 pieces of prawn haha or no prawn. Quite large prawns some more. So no complaints. Nice.

Cs and I went to the Jalan Song Pizza Hut one fine day after work. More like bad day after work actually judging from our expressions.

So, cs brought me to pizza hut to cheer me up. Quite obvious that its after work cos we both look like shit. No smiles, no expression. Hungry and less chatty while waiting for the food to come.

The place was quite empty that day but our food arrived after 18 minutes. There were a lot of deliveries. So nice.

I have never actually called Boulevard Pizza Hut to deliver a pizza to my house. Its a 5 minute walk. I wonder how would they react if I order up and tell them my address. Would they go WTF? Lazy bitch come and pick up your own damn pizza! Particularly on a rainy day. Heh. I should try this some time soon.

I wonder how do they estimate the time for you pizza to arrive. On different occasions, they told me that my meal will come in 15, 16, 17, 18 minutes. Any Pizza hut employee care to enlighten me?

Pizza is the only food I cant say no to. Sigh. Why cant I choose a less fattening food to fall in love with? Why pizza? Why not err plain water, or green tea, or err what food isn't fattening ar? Rice and noodles are carbohydrate. Sweets and chocolate are sugary stuff. I should have fallen in love with a type of fruit and/or vegetable. Dammit.

So here you go. My love, my life.

Its my life..
Pizza's my life...
Its my life..
(Bon Jovi)


Ehh laugh la. Not funny meh? OK OK. I know that was lame.


Did you know you can get 30.0% (Haha CA) off your bill if you order ala carte (dine in or take away), for selected pizza's? Normally the offer applies to the newest/promo pizza they have.

For the new pizzas, they often come with a meal, right?! Don't get the meal! With the combo meal, you don't get the 30% discount!

Only alacarte pizza!

Since both cs and I don't like the garlic-bread breadstix (yuck- gimme back the parmesan breadstix anyday. Why did they change the parmesan breadstix to this shit anyway? Cost savings strategy issit?), and we normally don't finish our soup, and our pepsi is normally not enough for the both of us,

Alacarte is the way to go! Order your choice of pizza and add on a pitcher of pepsi and four deli wings, salad etc..Total bill comes up to 30% off if you pay with Maybankard.

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