Saturday, 5 June 2010

One of the lazy ones..

Its Saturday! No need to work! Ehh do I sound shamelessly happy or what. Its public holiday in Malaysia. Agong's Bday. Nice..

But I am feeling lazy so this will be a rubbish post. Ramblings from the top of my head!

I have just watched a video in Facebook about how there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Haih. Watching it made me realize that I have become one of the lazy ones. Argh! I should make more effort to put on make up everyday and night.

And risk getting bad clogged up skin from all that make up products

Whenever I look for ugly photos of myself, it is always at work. I probably look worst at work compared to any other time of the day. Work means waking up early (not one of my strong points), and running late all the time. Hence, no make up and randomly selected clothes that always look horrible.

Mum calls them my uniform. Quite ashamed sometimes but yea I admit, I have quite a few uniforms! How nice if I can have a uniform to work too. Haha. No hassle!



Not much difference is there. Maybe I should layer on more make up still.

L'oreal has stopped producing L'oreal Pure Zone facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. In Malaysia as far as I know of. I have been searching for this series since last year when stock was rare in Kuching.

I went to KL, to various L'oreal outlets to ask. They all told me the same thing: Stopped producing. Then they tried to introduce me to other stuff. Sigh.

What am I going to do without you?

Ever since I found out that stock was rare, I have been buying the facial wash and toner everywhere I see them in Kuching. Between cs and I, we are probably responsible for cleaning out the stock in most Guardians and Watsons. Haha!

Anyway. Time to move on. I am a fan of L'oreal. The moisturizer has not been seen for quite long, so I am now using the L'real Hydrafresh Anti shine moisturizer.

Not this actually but something similar to this. Can't find the photo on google.

*shrugs* No comments on whether its good or not. I am only halfway through the first bottle/little pot. Too soon to have an opinion.

I have used the Pure Zone series for about 4-5 years, and I had no complaints. (wow that long?) Kept my skin smooth and pimple free. Btw ladies, toner is a must. Yea tell me about it. Too much hassle? Have to use cotton pad some more.

I did not use toner everyday before but my friends convinced me to use it everyday! Don't be lazy! There really is a difference though, and you get used to it over time..

I am also using L'oreal face and eye make up remover!

L'oreal fan indeed.

No complains. Remove all the waterproof mascara and black eyeliner easily.

I have yet to find an eye cream/gel that I love though. Nothing effective to get rid of dark circles etc. Except concealer. Haha! Any recommendations on eye cream/gel ladies?

One thing to rave about though: Dr G BB Cream! Charisa recommended this, despite not using it herself. She said its on the best sellers list. So, I bought it! I have been looking for a BB Cream for ages and finally got this.

I love it. Be warned though. I have not actually tried any other brands. So don't take me so literally.

I have quite oily skin, particularly around the T-Zone. I wash my face more than 2 times per day. Sometimes 3-4 times cos I can't stand the oil oozing out of my face! Even when I stay in an air conditioned room. Yes. That bad. I'm sure some colleagues have seen me washing my face in the toilet during lunch time everyday. haha!

But after using Dr G's BB Cream, coverage is good. No oily face! So nice! I have been using it for 6 months now. Wahh time flies. 5 days a week to work. So yea, qualified to give an opinion by now. Just squeeze a tiny amount. Seriously I have not made a dent in my bottle yet. It costs RM 95 (I think. Don't remember). But so worth it!

I only use this in the day time though. At night, I use other skin care products to go with make up.

So that's it for today. Going to enjoy my Saturday by...playing with Cherrie. Naughty girl is awake and biting my slippers now. Gave up and threw them to her. I have 2 minutes before she comes running again...



RRC said...

In think you look best naturally. All one need is enough rest, good food and good sensible attires.

Amy said...

Thanks. Yea, true I guess. Make up and beauty products are extras.