Saturday, 26 June 2010

One of the little joys in life..


(This is a short nonsense post as I suppose most people would not understand why I am so excited with Enid Blyton books, of all things?!)

In the hidden shelves at his store, I found some long lost Enid Blyton books that I used to read in Primary School! Haha.. So excited. I have not seen these books since so many years ago. Who the hell reads Enid Blyton books during their free time?

Super geeks like me!

Remember those Enid Blyton books such as: St Clare series, Mallory Towers series, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Enhanted Wood, Magic Faraway Tree, Magic Wishing Chair etc etc.

Then there are the classics: Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, Black Beauty, Robinson Crusoe, Pride & Prejudice, Oliver Twist, etc etc...

I'm such a nerd.

Cs does not understand how books can occupy so much of my time. Ahh never mind. Nobody understands me. I'm just happy that I can read for free! Muahaha. I found the right guy! :D

I actually found some pre-school Chinese books for kids, and have err tried to study preschool Chinese books. Tried to learn to read and write. Grr.. I can only speak the language, but cant read or write Chinese. Sucks.

If anyone is interested in books/stationary products at MJC, there is only one bookstore and stationary store. Feel free to visit.

Look for this guy!

Better yet, if you are the headmaster/headmistress of a school and in need of supplies. Any teachers need a bookstore? :D

OK. Back to serious topics. I seriously need to dye my hair again! Heh heh. Yes, this is important! It makes me look bad in photos..

Short nonsense post, remember?


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