Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This is a bit overdue. On Father's Day, we went to Delizze at Premier 101 for dinner. Dad loves the breads and smoked chicken, and ham. So, we decided to try out dinner that Saturday night!

Book in advance or be disappointed! We booked in advance for the night. We were seated by the front doors, and throughout the night, I watched as so many customers were being turned away cos it was fully booked. Full house. Sad.

I think if you want to buy breads etc, do it in the day time. By night, all the shelves were empty. Should mean business is good, and food is yum eh? By food here, I mean the selection of breads.

I have tried quite a few varieties of bread and they taste good! How is it good? What is the difference with other bread shop i.e Taka, Mita etc? What's so special?

Aiya ci piet la. I get asked that a lot whenever I said the bread at Delizze is good. T_T Go try yourself. Haha. Sorry I'm lousy at explaining stuff. A loaf of bread probably costs RM 3.50 (I think simply guessing). I liked the herbs bread (duno the name), I just know that it has a lot of herbs and spices and it smells so fragrant (like Pizza!!). Nice la.

Bottom line - Amy says it tastes good.

Some photos of the family during dinner!

OK. Move away from the bakery to the restaurant section now..

Price range was er..cheaper than Bella Italia. I don't know why but that is the comparison most people have given me. I do agree that it is cheaper than Bella Italia, but pizza and pasta wise- Bella Italia does it better!

Judge for yourself!

We ordered three portions of mushroom soup to share. Nice. With cream on top, and garlic bread by the side. Btw, not related but!! I went to Westwood the other day! Westwood (opposite Chonglin Park). The soup tastes exactly the same but it costs RM 3!! So cheap! -_- Waa so long I haven't had such cheap soup! Minus the garlic bread. But bigger portion of soup some more. Cool eh. I might go back just to have to soup as dinner hehe.

Ceasar salad came with a generous portion of chicken slices by the side. Nice..

This was the pizza we ordered. Major fail I tell you. Failed cos just look at it. The pizza is a mess! The toppings not sticking to the base. Plenty of cheese and toppings though. Tastes mediocre. Nothing awesome.

Last I remembered, Bella Italia pizza doesn't look like this. Hmm..

This was some chicken served with fries. Tastes pretty good. Sorry I don't remember the name. I didn't eat much of this too cos it was right in front of Winnie and Kev.

Lamb shank. Good too, but quite small portion. Btw, Delizze serves quite small portions. OK, not small. Err average. Not big. But the prices are average too. Not too expensive so its all good..

Btw, we did not order anything with beef that night. Dad doesn't take beef, so probably, to their defense, the spaghetti would taste better if we had ordered Bolognaise, or Meatballs. Something else.

The two pastas we ordered were very normal. Nothing to shout out. Admiteddly, those two were the very last ones I wanted to order. No beef, and not spicy. Probably tasteless. Turned out it was almost tasteless. Boring. Blah.

I don't remember if they had lasagne, if they had, I probably cant order it anyway cos it probably contains beef too. But it should be hard to make lasagne not-yummy eh? Am I making sense hmm..

We wanted to order a cake or something but everything else was sold out except for this. Don't be fooled by its appearance - it looks boring and unappetizing. But surprisingly this was good.

Soft and delicious. Blueberry something. Nice.

I probably won't be going back to Delizze (the restaurant) anytime soon. I will continue to buy bread there though. heh.


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