Sunday, 13 June 2010

Football Fever

On Saturday night, cs and I went to Spring, expecting to watch a movie: Karate Kid. Starring Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith. I was so surprised to see that there were virtually no traffic jam at Spring. On a typical Saturday night at about 730pm, Spring should be jam packed. There should be so much traffic that it would be impossible to get inside the car park.

But we sailed through. It could be like just a typical week night. We found a parking; easy peasy.

I did not expect World Cup to be of such a big influence. Apparently it was though. More on that later!

The movie we initially planned on watching was sold out for both the 830 and 930 and 1030 screenings. Chee bye! What happened to World Cup? When I mean sold out, I mean sold out. There were not even any two person seats left in the front row, or squeezed onto a corner whatever. Nada! Chee bye.

So we went to Lounge II to watch World Cup. Resigned. Argentina vs Nigeria. Walked into the pub just in time to see the first and only goal of the match.

On Friday night, we went to McGregor's pub for the opening match: South Africe vs Mexico. We were expecting a crowd so err we went quite early. Kiasu people.

Disclaimer: Stole all photos off McGregor's Facebook photos page. Credits to Doreen! Thanks babe.

The place was still empty when we arrived. Haha. They installed two or more televisions at the place. The place filled up pretty quickly and it was one of the most crowded nights I have ever seen there..

Very nice atmosphere though. The crowd not too rowdy, and half of the crowd supported South Africa, while the other half supported Mexico.

But one thing I hate about McGregor's is the smoke! The pub looks quite foggy and by the end of the night your hair, and every piece of clothing including bra and undies stink of the smoke.

McGregor's is very small. Good if you like intime pubs; bad cos if you go late, they are always full house. Not enough seats and tables.

I went to Lounge II last night. Much better to watch football there! A large projector screen plus 2 or more televisions. And ample space. Much more seats.

Spot me! For some reason, I look like a green giant turtle in the photos above. FML

Why ar? Cos I hunch issit? Freaking ugly! Grr...I have a few nicknames given to me by my family cos I hunch. One of them is: the Hunchback of Seng Goon Garden. Chee bye. -_-

Wait I show you my dress for the night. To make me feel better...


P/S: Have you watched Prince of Persia? I am in love with Dastan! No surprise. :D

Oh, yes..

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