Wednesday, 2 June 2010

La di da

Now that Shirley and Chris have gone back, my life is more or less, back to normal. Here are some photos of my life plus a little bit of narration:

1) Made myself a cheese and hot dog omelet one fine day. Cos I am sick of maggi mee! Finally the day has arrived! Amy is cooking. Sort of.

This deserves a photo cos I hardly cook. Can't blame me. At home, I have mum and eli. Poor cs though. Can you survive on omelets and fried rice for the rest of your life baby? Haha kidding kidding. I can cook ok.

2) Cs and I went to Scoops for some ice-cream one fine day! One hot afternoon.

I am not sure if there is more than one Scoops branch in Kuching. The one I am talking about is the one opposite the temple (duno what name) at 2 and a half mile. Near the Maybank and the Southern cake shop. Geddit?

One scoop for RM 5. Two scoops for RM 10. But four scoops also costs RM 10. Soo...that is what we did! Ehh which Kuching kia Malaysian would pay RM 10 for two single scoops when you can have four at the same price?

We chose (L-R) mango, chocolate mint, chocolate chip, and strawberry!

Mango tastes like antibiotics. Liquid antibiotics. Cough syrup. No. More like antibiotics. Yuck! Chocolate mint was well, you know, chocolate mint. Boring. Haha! Obviously the bf chose these two flavors!

I chose the chocolate and strawberry. Chocolate was soo sweet but still nice. Quite hard to finish though. I did not finish it. Bf did. Strawberry was slightly sour but still ok. The best among all. Can't complain. But I think I already did!

3) Camwhore shot!

One not enough. Must post more photos of myself.

4) Cs' house is undergoing renovation now. The kitchen and toilet are done. I don't have any before and after photos for his house. I am hardly there anyway since I have to work. Photos are all with cs.

Here we are taking a break from all the cleaning. Bah. The whole house is covered in layers and layers of dust from all that construction work. Rather than hire maids or borrow eli, the two of us decided to do it all ourselves.

No mean feat! Three rooms and two toilets upstairs. One balcony. We cleaned the toilet, swept, vacuumed, and mopped the floors.

After a whole day of scrubbing, sweeping, mopping etc., I have come to a conclusion. And that is, I resolve to treat eli better in the future! Wtf! Hahaha. Ehh in case you're thinking otherwise, I am good to eli ok.

I her nasi lemak (cos she likes it). I err..don't order her much to do stuff for me. I err..never scold her. Err..actually I think I am the only person to whom eli talks to at home. I mean chat. I ask about her bf, her family etc. So there!

Back to topic.

I look damn fierce here. Intentional. Cos it looks cool.

Reflection from the balcony.

Wahh pai seh lar. My shirt is holey and ratty! Actually err most of my clothes have holes.

Cos if you knew me, you would know that I am the type of girl who wears clothes over and over again. I buy clothes, and I shop. But I somehow always end up wearing the same thing again.

I think its lack of confidence. Damn honest la. Shy.

Cs snapped this photo saying: you look so casual with your hand on the roof! Ugly like hell. But I really do look damn relax.

5) Cherrie is getting bigger! And so naughty! The naughty girl is biting everything in sight. Our hands and legs. Slippers and all her toys. She would bark and tug with you if you grab her toy or pretend to. But she loses interest the minute if you walk away.


She just wants someone to play with her. Everyone pampers her and thus she has so many toys now. She really is getting bigger though. She no longer sleeps in our arms. Getting too big for that. Instead, she likes to fall asleep laying down beside our feet. So cute.

Cherrie is going to outgrow her little box soon. She hardly sleeps inside now. Unless she is cold or if we are too noisy (parents karaoke and tv).

Sorry if I am cooing over Cherrie too much. Can't help it. She's too cute. And so smart! She has only been with us for 2 weeks plus. And she is potty trained. We did not do much at all. We just carry her over to the newspaper (dripping pee and shit everywhere) whenever she makes to squat down.

But she learns so fast. Now, she goes in search for the newspapers laid out for her, whenever she wants to pee or shit! So li hai! Good Cherrie. Good girl. Every time she does this, we all coo and pamper her even more. And she knows this.

The only time I smack her (very lightly on her ass) is when she bites my fingers/toes non stop. Painful ok. Very sharp teeth. Cs and Winnie have been bitten till bleeding already. She is getting too fast for us already. Like I said, naughty!


cs said...

when is our next cleaning session??? hahaha

vaseline said...
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Amy said...

next week. or next public holiday. hahaha