Sunday, 30 May 2010

Till I get you..

I have managed to accumulate aka steal some more photos from FB. From last Friday night at Kings Arms. In no particular order. Here goes:

1) Couple no. 1. ♥ Notice that this photo is taken really early in the night. Cs' face always gives him away.

2) Couple no.2.

The four of us arrived earlier and had these Tiger crystal (I think that is the name forgot) while waiting. Tiger tastes so much better than Heineken.

FYI, in Kuching, the staple beer in most pubs/cafes are Heineken. They stock Heineken more than Tiger. When you ask for one jug, they always assume its Heineken. When I ask for Tiger cans, they always tell me: Habis. Finish. No stock. Sial.

Recently there are more choices in little Kuching though: Kingway, Tsing Tao and the recent promo item, the Tiger Crystal.

3) Chris and his new best friend, Alvin. I cant believe they (couple 2) are leaving. So soon!! Time flies! Has it been 5 weeks already?

What have we been doing in these five weeks? Eat, eat, drink, eat, and drink some more..

4) Whose face is the reddest wins a flaming drink from the bar..

5) Winnie came to join in her brother-in-law's birthday celebration about 11pm after something going on at school..Some talent thingy.

6) Chris and ah boon so proper..

7) or not..

8) Lopsided candles because of me. Its not as easy as it looks to stick in the candles on his fruit cake ok. The top layer consisted of very thick jelly with lots of fruits. Very nice. Quite refreshing to have fruits instead of cheese cake. Goes very well with alcohol wtf. Haha.

9) Happy Birthday to you..Happy birthday to you...Happy birtthhdaaayyy (everyone is offkey) to cs. Happy birrrtthhhday to youu.. Haha..

10) Now make a wish..and blow out the candles..

Forgot why we were laughing to happily..

11) This photo does not do justice to the drink..

12) There. This is better..

13) And his face just gets redder and redder.. About 15 minutes after these photos, I drove him home. It was not obvious at all that he had too much to drink. He was still smiling and happily posing for photos as evidenced below:

13) His white shirt stained by god knows what/which drink. Eww.. Haha!

14) Ahh well its once a year anyway. Celebration enough to drink. A year older, a year wiser, and all that..

That said, I would not want that for my own birthday though. Haha. Poor thing threw up 4 times that night. At the pub, on the way home, and at home. Thank God no hangover the next day cos we both had to work on Saturday, then go to Damai!

15) Kisses all around..

16) Tiger commercial: Alcohol makes you happy!

17) I think there is some glitch in my system since I don't turn red after alcohol. I look exactly the same before and after. Useful at times though. When cs and I both return to his home at night, his parents exclaim over how red he is. How much did he drink? What have we been drinking?

While I stand aside and smile serenely. Heh heh. I'm pale as ever. Useful!

OK. Gonna call it a day now.

Thunderstorm in Kuching, and there was a blackout just now. So I'm going to be safe and shut down my laptop now.



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OMG... my face sooo red... haha

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