Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Not my day II

I have a question. Is there a "repeat" button on Youtube? Do tell. Am I SPK? Favourit-ing the video doesn't mean that I can watch/listen to it over and over again on repeat. Is there a way? Someone enlighten me! Or better yet download the song for me!


I went to Garden Hill last week. Before leaving the house, I asked Winnie to suggest a place for me. She recommended Garden Hill. When I asked her, is it expensive?

She said no. Average RM 15.

So we went there. Btw, Garden Hill is the old Tappanga (no idea how to spell). Its located at Permata Car Park! Not a new place.

Sat down and opened the menu. I should never take Winnie's advice ever again!

My fish and chips costs RM 18. The only other thing cheaper than my fish and chips were burgers and appetizers.

The lamb, steak, pasta etc were above RM 20 - RM 50. I think. I didn't really check out the price. Quite broke recently.

This is my fish and chips! Apparently I had the biggest portion.

Some pasta which I think wasn't very nice cos Chris did not finish it! No other pictures of the food cos they were sitting too far away..

After dinner, we went to Kings Arm.

Everyone, this is Shirley, my bestie. The person who knows me best!

Actually second best. Haha not being bias or whatever but cs has been by best friend for years. Ever since college days..

Even when Shirley and I were staying together in London, when I had a problem, she would encourage me to call cs up to talk to him or to tell him about it on msn. Cos she said: you will feel better.

The woman is psychic I tell you. She once told me confidently: you will end up with cs in the future!

Equally confident, I told her impossible!

Swallowing my own words now eh..

Said psychic with her hubby!

Since dinner was quite un-satisfactory, we ordered some chicken fingers and chicken wings. These are the leftovers actually. Nothing to shout about. Dry like Sahara. Lame. Point was, very dry. Not nice. Not juicy. No burst of flavor. Nothing. Just plain deep-fried chicken. Yawn.

Err..I suppose Kings Arms' name come from all the past Kings of England! Why though? One of the descendants decide to open this little pub in tiny little Kuching?

Cool. When is Prince Harry or William coming to visit?

Ehh just kidding ok. Please forgive my ignorance! I'm talking crap here. I'm sorry I have no idea who this fellow is. Someone famous? Obviously! Who ar? I'll go back and take a note. Promise!

In the meantime, I can ask the bosses how did the name come by. Anyone have any idea? John? Haha..

We bought a bottle of this German beer! I'm sorry but it tastes absolutely horrible! Sour and not in a good way.

Err yea cs and I indulge in childish games cos we are childish like that! We were actually playing the game where the winner pins the other person's thumb down.

(Yes, my bf is quite hairy. Does not sound quite right oh well)

What do you mean you have never played this before?! Omigod! That is like, the coolest kid game ever.

Heh I like this game cos this is one of the games whereby I can win him quite easily. Long nails come in useful here!

Some of the other people there that night. Alvin and Frankie with forced smiles. Smile guys! Get used to Amy with the camera haha. Sorry!! Look on the bright side. These will serve as memories for us in the future..yea rite..

Supper at Petanak market afterwards.

Everyone is lihai. Did we not have dinner and supper already? Now we are having err..midnight snack. I suppose that is quite accurate even though technically it was past midnight.

They had porridge with fried pork skin (I think), some vege and some soup. Sorry I'm not being very specific cos I did not eat.

I would like to lie and tell you that I actually eat and eat lots of crap through out the day and night and yet I still stay slim (somewhat)! Ha!

Alas! That's bull.

I don't eat much myself throughout the day to stay slim. No, I don't like exercise much but I still do them. Still try to workout at least 2-3 times a week, to work out a sweat! Main reason no. 1? To stay slim!

I love food! I love pizza and all things with cheese! How else to stay slim if you love Pizza? Quite impossible.

My philosophy? If I don't eat too much; then no need to exercise!

Winnie thinks my life sucks. She thinks I'm sad.

What nutrition? Nutrition is only important when I have a kid in my body. Tell me you all skinny bitches do the same! Don't tell me your metabolism rocks mine. Bull.

Back to good girl mode.

Remember when there was a phase of sad, romantic, heartbreaking Korean videos on youtube? Its back!

Here are two of my favorites:

Came across these in youtube earlier. Watch them! Please? With icing and cherry on top?

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