Monday, 17 May 2010


Not too long ago, I mentioned that mum's restraint would crack soon. The whole family is taking it in turns to scout local pet shops for a potential puppy!

Well. I was right.

I came home one day and saw them all squealing in delight over this cutie:

Please meet Cherrie!

We had fun choosing a name for her. Because I was sick, I didn't participate. Mum and Winnie came up with Cherrie.

Among the other more uh, terrible names were, Sprite (dad said cos he likes the drink?!), Gucci, LV (I actually thought this was cool), Carol, Pocahontas, niu niu, ah girl, lenglui etc etc..the list goes on.

She is so tiny. Only 3 weeks old. Does not like milk. Likes canned dog food. She poos almost immediately after she has eaten. She has to pee as soon as she wakes up. She sleeps almost throughout the whole day. She wakes up for half an hour to pee/shit, eat, and play with us. After about 30 mins, her eyes droop and she sunggles up to you to sleep.

She can sleep anywhere, anytime. In our arms, on our feet, in her bed, hanging out of her bed/box.

Like this. Yes she is sleeping.

This is her bed/box. Its so cute!

Spot Cherrie!

She is always sleeping. But then, she's just a baby yet. So small. Not even a month old.

We are all having fun playing with her..

I forgot that feeling. Having a puppy at home. Can buy her toys and she would bite them, fling her head about, follows you wherever you go. So cute..


cs said...

omg sooo cute!! cant wait to play with her la..

John Harding said...

i loveee puppies even if its not the cute type..BUT Cherrie is so Cute!

Amy said...

hehe thanks..cant get enough of her.