Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Jumpin jumpin

Soo.. many backdated photos. So here are some more photos to show what I have been up to recently!

Digress a bit! I can't get enough of Cherrie! Nor can I stop gushing about how cute she is. She is so young that she can't even see straight yet. She can smell the food we brought her, but she is just blindly sniffing the air even though her dish is just beside her.

We have to start potty training her. Not easy! She pooped on mum's feet just now, as mum was picking her up. A small tube of light brown poo. She semi-peed in the air while I was carrying her to the back garden thus dripping pee everywhere.

I had no idea puppies pee and shit that much! When she's awake (which is actually quite a short period of time. About 30 mins after 2-3 hours of nap), she poos and pees, then play with us for a little while.

One little quirk she has (which we all love) is when she wants to sleep, she actually tries to climb up onto our lap, so that we have to hold/hug her while she sleeps on the crook of our arm. So adorable! This means that she is almost always asleep in my/mum/Kevin/Winnie's arms. Cute!


1) OK. Apart from Cherrie, what else have I been doing? Oh yea..craving McD sundae the other day! Period makes me do silly things such as eat nonstop. Its no wonder my jeans are feeling tight nowadays. Darn it.

Regretted buying this though. Soo sweet. Is this karma? Payback? I used to put a lot of toppings for customers when I was working at McD last time. Some customers stop me or instruct me not to put as much.

Actually I prefer customers who do that. Cos I make soo many Mcflurry and sundaes per day that I don't think about what I'm doing at all. Most of the times, I don't even remember the customer's faces. I just remember their order. Unless he's hot of course!

Heh heh. Seriously. They are all the same. Big Macs, Quarter Pounder, McChicken etc.

2) I like that TJ put up these decorations with each season. The Gawai holidays are coming up! Looking forward! Two public holiday! No, I am not doing anything even though technically, I am iban. And yea I should be celebrating, going back to Kampung!

I asked dad before: do we have a kampung? Equally seriously, he answered yes of course!! Kuching! Sigh. Got the sarcasm.

Ehh its nearly June! Half year gone by! What have I done? Time flies lar. I cannot say this often enough. It seems like only last month that I told cs that for his birthday, he could be King of the Day! In short, this means he gets to boss me around. Your wish is my command...not! Depends. Anyway, its his birthday this Saturday! Which means, King of the Day again! Ahh woe is me.

3) The couple are still in Kuching. Cs and I brought them to Kuching waterfront! While we were walking along the waterfront, Chris asked: where are we going?

Hahaha..sorry to disappoint Chris. Kuching is like that! Walk around the waterfront, go to Spring, eat supper..that's it. Kuching is boring!

4) We saw this guy there in traditional costume playing an...instrument. No idea what costume or instrument that is. Sorry! Kuching tour guide fail!

Actually that was the first time I have ever seen that! Not surprising since I don't frequent Kuching waterfront!

I like photos like this. Nice. Natural.

5) After Waterfront, we went to Hui Sing for supper. Most of the stalls were closed/almost closing already, so we did not have much choices.

I think this was on a Monday night at about 10pm? If I am not mistaken.

This is the very refreshing Metahorn (no idea how to spell it). Literally pronounced as it it spelled!

Every Kuching person should know this. Go to Hui Sing and ask for this. If, like me, you don't like milk with your drinks, then order this. It looks disgusting, I know. But it tastes of....lemon. Very refreshing!

6) Candles. Just because.

No, we're not playing with candles again! Not that we usually do..

Ehh just realized that there is way too much alcohol in this photo. Not intentional. Just to clarify, not my room ok! Three guesses whose room it is heh.

7) Obligatory camwhore shot! This photo actually looks like I'm taking the car behind me! Sorry man whoever you are...

..Abrupt end..


angrydoglover said...

Hi, No reputable breeder will let go of their puppies until 8 weeks. They still need their mum at 3 weeks for Christ sake!! you are playing with a 8 day old baby and expecting her to play????? kanasai!!!

Amy said...

Excuse me? Is Cherrie your pup? Claiming to be a bitch now eh? How the fuck would u know if she was 8 days old or 2 months old? My family and I loves dogs, and we are not harming her in any way!

Cs said...

fuckerdoglover, why dont u use your real name to comment? shut up!

Anonymous said...

she's 4 weeks old, not 8 days u dumbshit.