Tuesday, 4 May 2010

This is how we do it

I said that I would bring my friends clubbing while they were in Kuching. But I hardly go out nowadays. I am so outdated myself that I had no idea where to go besides VA.

Being old, I didn't want to frequent Travillion; I thought it might get too crowded, and rowdy making it hard for us to talk/bond etc. Yea I know weird choice of place to bond whatever.

I haven't been to the Soho area ever since before it underwent that month long renovation.

I liked King's Arm but was afraid they might want to dance. I no longer like Terminal 1. No comment.

So. VA it was. My usual hangout anyway. If you're new to my blog, VA refers to Victoria Arms. It is located at Merdeka Palace. Five star hotel, I think. Less rowdy, cos the security pull you out if you try to make a scene. I saw it before. A woman was asked to leave cos she was harrassing a guy and his date, and he complained to the manager.

I am the.worst.host. in the world.. The night started off badly. I should have known. Should have read the signs. wtf.

I slept till 7pm at night (tired; still not feeling well), since we agreed to go out at 9pm, after cs is free anyway. By 745 - 8pm, my friends were almost ready. They had on their party dresses and were half way through make up, while I was wearing a nightgown. SHit!

We went out at about 9pm. We initially decided to go have seafood, but by then it was quite late to go find a seafood restaurant and wait for the food to come etc. I suggested we go to VA for dinner then. More convenient. Saves time on driving and finding a parking too.

Hot chick from Penang!

Bad idea! The food arrived sooo..late. I think the food arrived at around 1030pm or nearly 11pm. Everyone was starving! Dinner by 1030 -11 pm! I am the worst host ever! Everyone was just sitting quietly there. No one complained.

But cs and I were frantic running up and down, stopping the waiter, manager, anyone to ask: where the hell is our fucking food?!! -_-||| Why is it taking soo long? -_-|||

With an empty stomach, no one dared to drink too much beer too. So we just sat there waiting.

Making small talk. -_-|||

Taking photos. -_-|||

I'm soo sorry! I suck.

To make matters worse, that night turned out to be the most crowded night ever at VA! Seriously! I've never seen them refuse anyone entry into the club. The closed and locked the entrance to VA upstairs. Two security guards stood there blocking entry and to direct those leaving to use a back door!

Cs had to go through the VIP area to go downstairs to unlock the door for his friend secretly wth to let him in.. It was that crowded. Sucks!

Why ar? Why so crowded? It was the band's last night, yeah but so? Plenty of bands come and go. Its not unusual. Its Labour Day eve! Could that be it?

I am a bad host again. Its so ironic. I have been a tourist guide so many times to friends, friends friend, friends' relatives etc who come and visiting London in the three short years that I am there.

But in my hometown, never! My cousins don't count cos my parents are the one bringing them out. I was still quite young and I don't go out much, so not counted.

I'm sorry I digressed. Back to that night.

Ze couple!

If you notice the difference in photo quality, yeah. The better photos are taken with Chris' camera. The others from cs' camera phone.

Till I get a new camera. Saving up. My birthday is soo..far away. hint hint.

Frankie and Wee lee dancing

Yes, I am well aware that I am at risk of looking retarded and/or alcoholic in this photo!

Nifer is not smiling. She has not been fed yet. Haha. Sorry again!

♥ ♥ ♥

Before: Still shy.

After: Now this is more like it.

The guys that night:

Chris, cs, Alvin, and Frankie.

Nifer, it was such a short trip. You must come to Kuching again! Bring Tomato! We didn't take enough photos! ♥

Flaunting their assets heh heh.. I jealous lar. Guys please keep your eyes on their pretty faces, and hair.

I love both of their dresses. Actually both Shirley's. Nifer didn't bring any dresses, I think. She was so lihai. She brought a backpack and a plastic bag, or two to Kuching! That's it! Travel light.

Obligatory Just realized I don't have enough photos of me..

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