Monday, 30 June 2014

Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto

Because I'm longing for a vacation but cannot go or plan anywhere. Hence this post. Cannot plan anything kills me a little inside especially since this year seems to be a holiyear for parents plus sis. Le sigh.

So to continue on with my travel post from last year. Heheh I'm so slow. We took the train to JR Inari station to Fushimi Inari Shrine.

I came here primarily for the hundreds of torii gates only. Looks so good in the movie - Memoirs of a Geisha. So uniquely Japan. 

Mirror images!

OK don't want to bombard you with photos of the same thing.

Took this cos the leaves are so red! The only bright colour among the greens. 

Sigh..Kyoto is really beautiful..simply point your camera like us also can get nice photos. This place would suit Jerrick.

A lot of girls in traditional wear walking around Kyoto. Such a nice sight. I wanted to try one on and take photos as well but I forgot! I forgot to consult my to-do list and thought hmm why today so free one? Haih only remembered after I saw some tourists wearing the kimono on the way back to the hotel. Then it was too late to go already. 

Cs' pimple says hi. 

We went to a shopping mall's food court after that! Think it was Takashimaya. I love their food court! Normally its located at the basement. We chose some food for our dinner that night. Or was it supper?

Simply pick and choose cos we didn't know what was in any of it. No English words..its okay. More fun this way.

They make salads look so appetizing also. 

Banyaknya octopus!

And desserts..Omg drool. I love looking at their desserts. Look but no buying. They look almost too pretty to eat.

Think I posted this before aih never mind. Drool again. Talking about myself.

Our room was big enough to do laundry. Nice! Most hotels have washing machine and dryers so its really convenient. They also mostly provide those yukata - night gowns that Cs is wearing.

Ohh back when I could still drink.

Bought this from Family Mart of 7-11 forgot. Miss their convenience stores!!

Looking at this room brings back such fond memories of being on holiday and the cool winter air. Its so hot in Kuching these days that almost everyone is sick at one point or another. So many people coughing in the office. Urgh. I'm trying not to fall sick as well.

Btw, its Ramadan already! Means one more month to Raya! Time flies!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Rant rant rant

There were so many things I was clueless about pregnancy and babies. Ever since I got knocked up, I have been reading articles online, buying new books to read up on, getting information from all sources (elders and peers with experience), and so on and so forth. I even watch breastfeeding videos on how to massage and express milk already.

I like reading and absorbing knowledge - this helps. I like being prepared and being in control. This helps too. I don't like being clueless for something as important as this. I especially don't like it when people say that phrase, “I never heard that before.” 

You never heard that before simply because you don't know about it not that it doesn't exist. Jeez. Isn't this common knowledge? Just cos you never seen a million dollars doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You've never seen God, but you believe in Him. Well, I do anyway. 

I'm encountering this more and more these days. 

People pour advice to you. And that’s fine if you have experience and know what you’re talking about. But if you’re single and obviously confused, then shut up. I neither want nor need your advice/concern/comments.

Its like breastfeeding. I get so defensive these days! You must breastfeed Amy! Its good for the baby and good for you!! 

I don’t know why you assumed that I wasn’t going to or that I didn’t know that. Or that you felt the need to tell me.

Don’t eat tuna. Don’t eat pineapple. Don’t eat raw eggs. Don’t dye your hair. Don’t go on airplanes. Don’t walk so fast. Don’t use foul language. 

I don’t know la..these people. Did you ever consider that I might actually care about my own baby too?

Just today in response to me saying breastfeeding women are not allowed to have alcohol, the other person said: I never heard that before. Seriously?!

The reasoning behind why nursing mothers are not allowed alcohol is this: the alcohol will still be in your system and breastmilk and thus transferred to your baby. Her tiny body is not equipped to handle alcohol i.e. her liver is tiny and immature and not working as hard as yours is to flush out the alcohol. In addition, alcohol might make your baby drowsy but they sleep for shorter periods of time. Hence more trouble for you. Unless your logic is to use alcohol to knock out your baby for a period of time.

I know that it is hard in Kuching what with confinement ladies and moms trying to feed me kachang ma, ginger, wine etc. I will take it if its small amounts in my soup/food because alcohol will be diluted somewhat after cooking. But mostly, I’m planning to ward off every argument with: but doctor says... or nurses says… 

I’m THE alcoholic ok. You think if someone offers me a drink, I don’t want it ah? I’m trying to be a good mom here ok.

If you want to drink, its ok actually. Wait at least 2 hours, if you didn’t drink much (e.g. one glass), then breastfeed your child. Basically, the more drinks you have, the longer it takes for the alcohol to clear your system, and the longer you have to wait to nurse your child.

There was one woman who confessed on The Breastfeeding Advocates Network that she got drunk one night and is it ok to still breastfeed? Man you should see the comments. One single comment reading: “if you’re breastfeeding why did you drink so much” got as much as 70+ likes. Likewise, all the other mothers are reprimanding her etc. Of course some stood up for her la..stuff like mothers need a break too these days. One or two drinks is fine..etc. Just pump and dump for 24 hours and then its back to normal already.

Maybe I look stupid or bimbotic eh. Or it could be because most times I keep quiet rather than argue back. I always think: what’s the point? If you’re not expecting, you won’t be interested or will argue back, when I KNOW that you’re wrong. And yet you think I’m wrong. 

Maybe I should talk back? It all depends on how pissed off I am at that person.

Reminds me of a quote the other day: if you keep trying to blend in/be ordinary, you’ll never know how extraordinary you can be.

Haih. Back to topic.

My point is, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut up. I never give advice or ask people questions like: how long do you plan to breastfeed? Are you going back to work after? Can I touch your stomach? You gained weight!

So why am I getting these stupid questions? Plain curiosity maybe. But its annoying the hell out of me!

Xiaxue was right: Motherhood is really the biggest pissing contest. 


Monday, 23 June 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

Contains spoilers.

I just finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. If you click on the link, it brings you to the pdf document. Free ebook. I only heard about the book cos the movie's coming out. I needed new books to read anyway. Might as well try this.

Its basically a teen novel about the life of 2 teenagers: Hazel, a cancer patient, who meets and falls in love with a boy (Augustus) at her support group. Its a "they fall in love and someone dies kinda story".

I thought that it would be Hazel who died, not her boyfriend, Augustus Waters. But yeah still a good read..interesting. It made me tear up at the part where Augustus' cancer got so bad at the parking lot when he went out to buy cigarettes (he doesn't smoke - read the book yourself). Sad too because it only reminded me that dad has cancer, and sooner or later he will be gone..preferably much much later please God. 

I know if Winnie is reading this, she'll be thinking: wtf are you reading such a sad cancery book???!!! 

It sounded interesting what. And it was inspired by the true story of the author's friend. From Wikipedia: The novel was also influenced by Esther Earl, a girl whom Green was friends with who died when she was 16 years old of thyroid cancer. 

But the author has stated that the girl in the book (Hazel)'s story is not the same as Esther's story. 

That said, I still want to watch the movie when it comes out. July 14 I think, if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Father's Day weekend and life these days

It was Father's day over the weekend. On Saturday night, we had steamboat at home. Dad loves it. Have I mentioned it before? Heheh yessss many times, I know. I hate it. Did I mention that before? :D Unless it serves free flow beer la (like Mongolian Master, which is the only reason why I agreed to try it out but I still haven't been there - no reason to go there now meh).

Mum poked the candle like that to make it seem like dad's smoking. Duno why considering they are so proud of themselves for quitting smoking. Kev's the only smoker left in the family. Not bad at all. Dad's been smoking for what, more than 30 years? So quite an accomplishment eh?

Since its daddy's day, Imma update a bit about him. He's ok - good for now. Cancer - under treatment. The plan is going well for now, please touch on wood. The ongoing problem for now is his right leg actually. Its very swollen and we've been to the doctor already to ask and take medication. He's supposed to eat less meat (not doing very well), and cut down alcohol (less whiskey, more red wine). Other than that, dad's good.

He's been travelling more often these days..on average once or twice a month I guess. I know, I'm sooo jealous. Its good cos he finally can relax a bit, not work so hard, and carpe diem - seize the day. He's been working so hard all these years and only recently he's been travelling more. So yea. Good good. Go more places.

I keep persuading him to go to Vegas (his dream) but he keeps saying the plane ride is too long. Its an accomplishment for him to go to Perth ok. Now, he's contemplating Japan, which is about 7 hours. Cool!! When I came back from Japan, I was persuading them to go: its sooo cool..u guys have to go..omg..the food! The scenery! The culture!

But both parents went: Japan war many people died etc etc. =.=

Who's the hypocrite now? Heheh.

Anyway. Its good la. After Japan, maybe mum can persuade him to go to Europe, then U.S. Awesome. Dunoo why I tumpang gembira. Not like I can go. 

Little one is coming out and I'm stuck here. Sorry baby mommy loves you ok. huge tummy. Pretty soon I won't be able to see my feet even. I'm eager for that day to come (cos its finally close to labour yesss!!), and scared cos of how difficult life will be by then. 

Oh ya on Sunday we had Father's day dinner with Cs' family at Osome pizza. From the name, you know what it serves la ho. Not bad. I'll be tapau-ing me some pizza's from there again. 

Btw its so weird. Do I broadcast my love for pizza that much? I've so far had a few friends come up and ask me: now that you're pregnant, do you still love pizza? 

Me: hmmmm? yaa... (I iz confused - it'll take a lot more than that for me to hate pizza ok) Baby takes after her mommy. :D

Dinner with his family is different from my family. With my family, we all sit and eat and talk together. Can still have alcoholic drinks.

 But with his family, I learned so much from them. (Cs' bro has 2 kids already):

1) Its not possible for husband and wife to eat together anymore when there are kids. One person has to feed the kid or hold onto one. And switch.
2) Its not possible to sit at the same table for more than 5 mins cos kids want to walk around or want you to carry them around or they will wail/cry if you don't comply.
3) Its not possible for the entire family to eat together anymore cos two people have to take care of 2 kids. So for example, Cs' dad takes care of one first and then Cs' sis hurriedly takes over after she finishes her food. 

When baby girl comes out, that makes 3 kids at the same table and another 2 adults who cannot eat and sit down together. I'm scared. Hahaha.

Moving on..

No need to update on my prego problems la. No one wants to know, right? You didn't want to know about the term fanny dagger didja? (I just recently experienced this. Not funny!)

 I complain plenty on my Dayre actually. Ahem. Sorry baby but complaining helps. A little.

Took this photo just last weekend. That's how I look like now.

This is my new phone cover. Hahah. Edited the photo and sent it to mum, who was in Taiwan then. She had it made at a shop in Ximending. So fast.

I'm having fun filling up baby's drawers with her clothes and stuff. Almost full. Shit. Good or bad? Guess its good cos I'm more or less prepared now. Then the stupid dreams can stop.

I dreamed a couple times that baby came out already and omg I bought nothing yet. Nada. Zilch. And I was soo panicky in my dream. So yea, quickly crossed items off my to-do list and I'm feeling much more relaxed now. At least I got all the necessities already.

Speaking of dreams, last night I dreamed Cs got married. To whom I dunno. But I woke up mumbling: u were getting married!! U were getting married again! Cannot! Ur already married!! Weird thing was I didn't see the girl's face in my dream. Him: ok..ok..shhhhh.. Then, continues playing with his phone. Hmph.

Nahh one more photo for keepsake purposes. People say you gain the most weight during the third trimester. We shall see.

As of this week, I have started waking up in the middle of the nights again due to hunger (whyyyy baby whyyy mommy needs sleeeppp), and the nonstop kicking, and also waking up starving again. I already made sure I had food immediately before bedtime ok. Not starving her ah.

But I guess I gotta eat more to keep up with her growth for now. Baby is about 1 kg now, the size of a large eggplant. Says babycenter.

OK that's enough updates for now.

Talk next time. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

It's been a while..

Memes from Sunday Stealing.

Last time you had butterflies in your stomach? 
Don't remember..actually quite recently but I don't remember why.

What was your last alcoholic beverage? 
I had a sip of Cs' beer last weekend. :X

Who can you trust?

Where was your first kiss with your current significant other? 
Don't really remember..probably at my house.

Favorite Band?
Tidak ada

What is something you've learned about yourself recently? 
Gawd I'm boring..duno la..nothing new.

Do you like anyone?
As in a crush? Nope. Happily married.

Do you know anyone who is engaged? 
Kitty Lo

What's your favorite number?

Who was the last person to make you cry?
Probably my daughter due to hormones.

Did you ever go to camp as a kid? 
Camp Permai counted? In Primary 6. It was compulsory for 3 nights I think. It was fun!

When was the last time you cried? 
Not too long ago. Last week?

What is one thing you miss about your past? 
Being able to travel whenever I want. Younger. More carefree. My health.

What is one thing you've learned about life? 
Don't take it too seriously. Off the top of my head. No la. Life is serious. But have to have plans at least or you'll wake up one day 50 and regretting stuff like not taking better care of your health when you were younger, or not saving enough money and living paycheck to paycheck.

 Are you jealous of anyone? 
I'm jealous of anyone who's going to holiday or is on holiday. I'm jealous of people who can work from home and take care of their kids. I'm jealous of people who don't need to work and can afford to stay home goyang kaki. Heheh.

 Is anyone jealous of you?
I doubt it. But then grass is always greener on the other side eh?

Has a friend ever used you?
Dunno.. maybe?

 Has anyone recently told you that they like you more than as a friend?
No..the growing stomach discourages that.

Who was the last person you drove with? 

 What are you looking forward to?
September! Or 5pm. :)


The For Old Times' Sake Meme

When was the last time you swam in a pool? 
Couple of months back when we stayed in Riverside or was the last time in KL? Forgot.

 Do you like to party? 
With the right people, yes. 

Describe the shirt you're wearing? 
Black loose tank top from cotton on. I gotta go get more of the same style.

What is one feature film that you don't like? 

Would people describe you as happy? 
I suppose so cos I'm mostly smiling. Unless I'm working. 

Sleep with or without clothes on? 
With. Baby, its cold. 

Does it bother you if people swear around you? 
No la. 

Do you prefer Wednesdays or Thursdays? 
Thurs cos its closer to the weekend.

Like to travel? 
Correction. Love to travel.

Think you're attractive? 
To an extent, yes.

Are or were you a good student? 
I was an ok student.

Are you currently happy? 
Hmm yes. TGIF.

Colored or black-and-white photo? 

Do you consider yourself the life of the party? 

Do you drink? 

Do you make fun of people? 
Yes. Hahah..

Do you think dreams eventually come true? 
If you work hard, it might.

Favorite fictional character? 

Go to the movies or rent? 

Have you ever moved? 

Have you ever stolen anything? 

How's the weather right now? 
Cloudy..haih these questions are damn boring.

Last time you cut your hair? 
In KL.Regretted it. Fuckin expensive for something that doesn't look like much of a difference.

Last person you talked to on the phone? 
Cs. Yawn.

Last time you showered? 
This morning. Yawn.

Loud or soft music? 

McDonalds or Burger King? 
Mcd burgers, BK fries.

Night or day? 

Number of pillows? 
2 - one on my head and one long maternity pillow that's taking up so much space. 

Piano or guitar? 
Both. I used to learn organ. Forgot almost everything by now. 

Current longing? 
My bed.

Current disappointment? 
This meme.

Current annoyance? 
This meme. 

Last thing you ate? 
Chicken pie that Nancy tapaued. 

Last thing you bought? 
Probably Mary's present last night.

Pick a lyric, any lyric or a song...
All your perfect imperfections..

Pick a movie quote...
Life is like a box of never know what you're gonna get.


Do you have another window or tab open? If so, what are they for? 
Tab. Proudduck. You read her blog? She's funny..go read.

Do you like to cook/bake? 
Yes to both. I want a dream kitchen. Currently dreaming of a breadmaker and looking up lots of recipes to try. Don't think its the right time to get one though hmm..

What are you currently listening to? 
Mouse clicking and the printer.

How long have you lived in the house you live in? 
Less than a year.

Are you tired? 
Yes. Body aching - might go for a massage later.

Do you pick your words carefully, or just tend to blurt everything out? 
Depends..I guess I'm somewhere in between. I don't blurt it out but I don't take soo long to reply either.

Are you nice to everyone? 
If they're nice to me first.

Have you ever tripped in public? 
Yea. Last time I would have kek sat - pretended it didn't matter. But now I laugh/brush it off easily. I guess aging does somewhat thickens the skin.

Are you a morning person or a night person? 

Is it easier to forgive or forget? 
Forgive. To forget takes more time.

Is there something that’s recently shocked you? 

Which is harder: walking away from somebody you love or coming back? 
Hmm..I dunno cos I've never done either.

What were you doing at midnight last night? 
Scrolling through my phone when I should be sleeping. Regretted it at about 1:40pm just now.

What color are your eyes? 
Asian brown.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'

The little one seems to be into somersaults these days. The first few ones were cute (they're still cute now only slightly more painful).

Yesterday in the office, I had one hand on my tummy as she practiced her flips and kicks, and I felt a huge wave. I knew she had turned from my right to left. It was surreal I tell you. It was also suck-in-your-breath-try-not-to-cry-out-painful. It felt like a wave from one side to the other. I call it the tsunami.

Yesterday when I'm lying down on my bed, she did one of her painful flips and I was too scared to move. Seriously I think my pain tolerance is quite low la! I asked Cs to look down at my stomach. I know and can feel a hard bulge where her head or leg is. It bulges out at one spot. Weird. For Cs, its always a proud moment. Every time I relate one story to him, he'll be all: baby girl smart. Good girl. Daddy loves you. Complete with lots of kisses and pats. =.= I guess we know who's gonna spoil his daughter in the future.

Sometimes I wonder is it certain foods that I ate that made her react more? I didn't have any sweets or chocs recently. Gonna break that fast actually..just bought myself a packet of skittles. Don't know why the cashier looked at me and asked: u want all that?

Me: (confused) yaa...

Heyy. I only bought a packet of skittles and eclipse what. Not that bad.You should see me at Ta Kiong standing at the chocolates aisle, looking at ice cream, filling my basket with junk food then taking it out. Or else walking by trying to ignore the chocolates calling out to me.

So I put one hand on my stomach hoping to convey to the woman that I'm pregnant - baby wants that ah. I'm not just fat.

As I get closer to the third trimester (yikes! where did all the time go??), I'm experiencing more back pains these days. Every morning I wake up with back aches or neck or shoulder aches. Boo.. I know pregnant women are supposed to sleep on the left side and its more comfy for me. But its not comfy for her apparently. Like last night, as soon as I turn on my sides, she won't stop moving till I go back on my back. Which makes my back ache. Oh well.

Keep your eye on the prize mi.

3 more months and I can see who's been kicking me so often hehehe. Can't wait!