Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Father's Day weekend and life these days

It was Father's day over the weekend. On Saturday night, we had steamboat at home. Dad loves it. Have I mentioned it before? Heheh yessss many times, I know. I hate it. Did I mention that before? :D Unless it serves free flow beer la (like Mongolian Master, which is the only reason why I agreed to try it out but I still haven't been there - no reason to go there now meh).

Mum poked the candle like that to make it seem like dad's smoking. Duno why considering they are so proud of themselves for quitting smoking. Kev's the only smoker left in the family. Not bad at all. Dad's been smoking for what, more than 30 years? So quite an accomplishment eh?

Since its daddy's day, Imma update a bit about him. He's ok - good for now. Cancer - under treatment. The plan is going well for now, please touch on wood. The ongoing problem for now is his right leg actually. Its very swollen and we've been to the doctor already to ask and take medication. He's supposed to eat less meat (not doing very well), and cut down alcohol (less whiskey, more red wine). Other than that, dad's good.

He's been travelling more often these days..on average once or twice a month I guess. I know, I'm sooo jealous. Its good cos he finally can relax a bit, not work so hard, and carpe diem - seize the day. He's been working so hard all these years and only recently he's been travelling more. So yea. Good good. Go more places.

I keep persuading him to go to Vegas (his dream) but he keeps saying the plane ride is too long. Its an accomplishment for him to go to Perth ok. Now, he's contemplating Japan, which is about 7 hours. Cool!! When I came back from Japan, I was persuading them to go: its sooo cool..u guys have to go..omg..the food! The scenery! The culture!

But both parents went: Japan mehh..world war 2..how many people died etc etc. =.=

Who's the hypocrite now? Heheh.

Anyway. Its good la. After Japan, maybe mum can persuade him to go to Europe, then U.S. Awesome. Dunoo why I tumpang gembira. Not like I can go. 

Little one is coming out and I'm stuck here. Sorry baby mommy loves you ok. 

Nahh..my huge tummy. Pretty soon I won't be able to see my feet even. I'm eager for that day to come (cos its finally close to labour yesss!!), and scared cos of how difficult life will be by then. 

Oh ya on Sunday we had Father's day dinner with Cs' family at Osome pizza. From the name, you know what it serves la ho. Not bad. I'll be tapau-ing me some pizza's from there again. 

Btw its so weird. Do I broadcast my love for pizza that much? I've so far had a few friends come up and ask me: now that you're pregnant, do you still love pizza? 

Me: hmmmm? yaa... (I iz confused - it'll take a lot more than that for me to hate pizza ok) Baby takes after her mommy. :D

Dinner with his family is different from my family. With my family, we all sit and eat and talk together. Can still have alcoholic drinks.

 But with his family, I learned so much from them. (Cs' bro has 2 kids already):

1) Its not possible for husband and wife to eat together anymore when there are kids. One person has to feed the kid or hold onto one. And switch.
2) Its not possible to sit at the same table for more than 5 mins cos kids want to walk around or want you to carry them around or they will wail/cry if you don't comply.
3) Its not possible for the entire family to eat together anymore cos two people have to take care of 2 kids. So for example, Cs' dad takes care of one first and then Cs' sis hurriedly takes over after she finishes her food. 

When baby girl comes out, that makes 3 kids at the same table and another 2 adults who cannot eat and sit down together. I'm scared. Hahaha.

Moving on..

No need to update on my prego problems la. No one wants to know, right? You didn't want to know about the term fanny dagger didja? (I just recently experienced this. Not funny!)

 I complain plenty on my Dayre actually. Ahem. Sorry baby but complaining helps. A little.

Took this photo just last weekend. That's how I look like now.

This is my new phone cover. Hahah. Edited the photo and sent it to mum, who was in Taiwan then. She had it made at a shop in Ximending. So fast.

I'm having fun filling up baby's drawers with her clothes and stuff. Almost full. Shit. Good or bad? Guess its good cos I'm more or less prepared now. Then the stupid dreams can stop.

I dreamed a couple times that baby came out already and omg I bought nothing yet. Nada. Zilch. And I was soo panicky in my dream. So yea, quickly crossed items off my to-do list and I'm feeling much more relaxed now. At least I got all the necessities already.

Speaking of dreams, last night I dreamed Cs got married. To whom I dunno. But I woke up mumbling: u were getting married!! U were getting married again! Cannot! Ur already married!! Weird thing was I didn't see the girl's face in my dream. Him: ok..ok..shhhhh.. Then, continues playing with his phone. Hmph.

Nahh one more photo for keepsake purposes. People say you gain the most weight during the third trimester. We shall see.

As of this week, I have started waking up in the middle of the nights again due to hunger (whyyyy baby whyyy mommy needs sleeeppp), and the nonstop kicking, and also waking up starving again. I already made sure I had food immediately before bedtime ok. Not starving her ah.

But I guess I gotta eat more to keep up with her growth for now. Baby is about 1 kg now, the size of a large eggplant. Says babycenter.

OK that's enough updates for now.

Talk next time. 

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