Monday, 30 June 2014

Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto

Because I'm longing for a vacation but cannot go or plan anywhere. Hence this post. Cannot plan anything kills me a little inside especially since this year seems to be a holiyear for parents plus sis. Le sigh.

So to continue on with my travel post from last year. Heheh I'm so slow. We took the train to JR Inari station to Fushimi Inari Shrine.

I came here primarily for the hundreds of torii gates only. Looks so good in the movie - Memoirs of a Geisha. So uniquely Japan. 

Mirror images!

OK don't want to bombard you with photos of the same thing.

Took this cos the leaves are so red! The only bright colour among the greens. 

Sigh..Kyoto is really beautiful..simply point your camera like us also can get nice photos. This place would suit Jerrick.

A lot of girls in traditional wear walking around Kyoto. Such a nice sight. I wanted to try one on and take photos as well but I forgot! I forgot to consult my to-do list and thought hmm why today so free one? Haih only remembered after I saw some tourists wearing the kimono on the way back to the hotel. Then it was too late to go already. 

Cs' pimple says hi. 

We went to a shopping mall's food court after that! Think it was Takashimaya. I love their food court! Normally its located at the basement. We chose some food for our dinner that night. Or was it supper?

Simply pick and choose cos we didn't know what was in any of it. No English words..its okay. More fun this way.

They make salads look so appetizing also. 

Banyaknya octopus!

And desserts..Omg drool. I love looking at their desserts. Look but no buying. They look almost too pretty to eat.

Think I posted this before aih never mind. Drool again. Talking about myself.

Our room was big enough to do laundry. Nice! Most hotels have washing machine and dryers so its really convenient. They also mostly provide those yukata - night gowns that Cs is wearing.

Ohh back when I could still drink.

Bought this from Family Mart of 7-11 forgot. Miss their convenience stores!!

Looking at this room brings back such fond memories of being on holiday and the cool winter air. Its so hot in Kuching these days that almost everyone is sick at one point or another. So many people coughing in the office. Urgh. I'm trying not to fall sick as well.

Btw, its Ramadan already! Means one more month to Raya! Time flies!

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