Monday, 7 July 2014

Life's like this

So..I've been getting huge (or so I think) but apparently not as huge as I should dammit. Went for a scan and baby girl is 2 weeks behind her estimated weight. Hmph. Made me worried only and repeatedly asked doctor: what can I do? Eat more? Eat what? Do what?? I already eat, sleep, and repeat everyday! 

But he assured me its not my food intake. She's getting her nutrition all right. It might just be genetics. Baby must take after Cs' side of the family cos my family side ain't small. We are all big sized and big bones. I kid you not. Everyone is tall. Females are all 170 cm and above besides me, Win and Arldalyn lol. Males are probably all 180 cm and above la. And mostly big sized. 

I even told Dr. Nic: but I'm fat wor when I came out. I was 4kg!! Yeah.. He smiled and assured me its probably genetics but he wants me to go back every 2 weeks for a check up now to make sure she's growing well.

In the meantime, I tell myself: eating more can't hurt right?

Oh nothing. Just some light snacks. Not my proper meals la. Unhealthy I know. I eat my proper meals too. Cs brought these home for me after work. Heheh he knows his pregnant wife well. A selection in case I want ice cream, cake or coke. I already have chocolates in the fridge. That my stupid brother keeps eating I might add!!!! 

I buy kit kats, he finishes them. I scold him and he buys them for me again. Then he eats them again. I scold him again. He buys them again. =.= Stealing food from a pregnant lady = bad move.

I still have a slice of cheese cake at home. Mmmm looking forward. :)

This was taken ermm..2 weeks back? I'm now 31 weeks pregnant actually. 9 more weeks to go. Eeeek. Where has the time gone???

The other day my colleague asked me: have you gotten everything ready?

Me: ya...almost. Just have to get myself ready now.

Yeah, I'm not kidding. My feelings I mean. 

Tell u a secret ah, I have to do no.2 when I'm scared/nervous/butterflies in my tummy. On the morning of my graduation, I had to keep running to the toilet. I'm damn scared I have to keep doing no.2 when I'm in labour. FML really. Its already really common to poop while in labour, do I need to intensify it with my anticipation? Stupid.

Change topic. Been waking up earlier to go for breakfast before work these days. I'm proud of myself and of Cs. As soon as I mention I'm hungry in bed, he leaps up and hurriedly gets ready so we can have breakfast before work. :) 

This was at Hi-bread Petanak.

Incidentally, Cs is trying to bring me out for lunch more these days so I can have more food choices. His mum is so nice. When he told her that baby girl is slim, she went: I give you money..u must bring Amy out more for lunch. Bring her to eat more good food.

Okay! Hahahha...why am I so lucky? I also don't know. Lucked out with awesome mom in law. I know la, its for baby girl but since I'm doing the eating, well good for me too. :)

Saw this funny but lame photo. Hahha had to share it. 

This is just fatty being her usual manja self. She lay there refusing to get up cos she wants more belly rubs. I already sayang her for a good 5 minutes (I think). Then I said ok enough. Get up. And I walked away. But she lay there looking at me acting cute. So I went searching for my phone and took this photo and she still won't move. Too cute.

This is Winnie's efforts at crochet-ing. For future reference, I shall just say knitting. Its easier. She's into DIY stuff these days. Starting with knitting. She's onto her second scarf now btw. That's her first. 

On Fri or was it Saturday night, mom and dad were all dressed up going out for dinner and they brought a bottle of Macallan. Mom to Win: wanna go drinking?

Win (knitting): no.

Me (pregnant): yes.

Haih our parents are more happening than us. This was about 2 or 3 nights in a row ok. And they just came back from holiday. Jealous max.

I gotta stop shopping for baby stuff. No I'm serious. I took out all her stuff to wash the other day. Man that's a lot of clothes already. Good thing is we probably don't need to buy her new stuff till she's 1 year old lol. In between mom, me and gifts from other people, she has enough clothes to last for a whole year. Serious. Lucky we all had the foresight to buy clothes in newborn, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and even 9 to 12 months. So yeah plenty of clothes.

New house in progress. Progress is slow! Can't wait for it to be done. Can't wait to finally renovate the place and move in. 

OK update more next time. 


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