Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sofa bed

New addition to my room:

It's a one-seater sofa bed. Looks super comfy and it is. Very happy with it. 

Cs has been looking around for a nursing chair for me..and we finally decided on this one. I actually saw the 3-seater sofa bed at the show room and fell in love with it. The salesman told me there is a one-seater and said I could order it. So I actually ordered it without knowing how it looks like.

In reality, its bigger than we thought. Luckily there's just enough space to fit in. I figured this chair can be a good addition to our future nursery or bedroom next time. No problemo. 

Bad news is my room is now super cramped. I have to fit baby's crib inside this room as well and move out my rack of clothes.

Don't know if I'll have space to walk or not but no choice. I really don't want to put baby's bed with the confinement lady. At least not at first. There are a few problems though..such as, what happens when Cs' snoring wakes up baby or baby's crying will cause Cs to have no sleep as well?

I don't mind about myself cos I am prepared for the worst. Hahah. Since I'm not working for 2 months, whatever la. My sleep is not as important. I can sleep when baby is sleeping. But him? How is he supposed to sleep in the day time?

We shall see is the answer.

Actually that's my answer to a lot of things now. How long are you going to breastfeed? Are you prepared to breastfeed? Are you going back to work immediately? Who's going to care for your baby? Have you found a babysitter? Is your mom your confinement lady?

I don't know a lot of things but to the last one: no, mom is definitely not my confinement lady heheh. Its better I hope - less quarrels maybe? I foresee lots of conflicts of opinions. At least with the CL, I won't feel as guilty asking her to do things my way since I'm paying her.

Abrupt ending. Update more next time.

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