Thursday, 7 August 2014

Surprise birthday party and baby shower

Feel like I should update my blog but I'm so tired (read: lazy) these days. Just wanna laze around. Actually yea la..tired. Everywhere aching blabla what else is new?

Moving on.

My very sweet friends planned a surprise birthday party for me and Charisa (one day apart) and a baby shower for me.

I just hope my baby will like reading too. I don't think there's any way to force kids to read if they don't naturally like it, is there?

Winnie and I both love reading and books but Kev only reads manuals maybe? Or anything with pictures like Archie comics. The only book he finished was probably the FHM confession sex stories book that Winnie bought. Actually we all did. :)

That's Charisa. We used to work together but she left the office already boo. 

It was supposed to be a potluck dinner for us to sample Nancy's home cooked meal. Hahah she just got a new oven so Mary and I were sorta pestering to try her food. She made pasta bake and it was awesome btw. 

But they had a surprise up their sleeve. Sneaky sneaky planned this instead.

The theme was pink. Pretty in Pink Party. Mine reads mom to be.

None of us had any clue what a "baby shower" actually involves so I just received gifts hahah so buay paiseh. Probably supposed to play some games but we just sat around chatting, gossiping and eating way too much food that night. Still good fun.

Mary even baked pink cupcakes. According to Kev, they're the most delicious cupcakes he's ever had. High praise indeed. 

Moving on.

The once a year Kuching Festival has arrived! This year, I think one of the main attraction has to be the flower pot ice-cream.

Yep its edible and its ice-cream. I didn't get a proper photo - its in Cs' phone. But it looks like that minus the huge flower (not edible). I had vanilla flavor. The soil was mostly oreo bits and erm another flavor which I didn't know.

Its nice to go for a walk around this area in the evening. There's normally a band or some old folks singing karaoke. Also a lot of smoke from those satay stalls or I don't know what else. But still worth a trip. Oh ya this year, there seems to be a lot of fried food i.e. fried oreos and fried mars bars. Didn't try cos it didn't look tempting. Not evenly fried dough. So yea. But still worth a trip. Once a year ma.

In Dec, when I found out I was prego, I thought that Aug (my birthday month) seemed so long to go. I envisioned myself heavily pregnant going to Kch fest and celebrating my own birthday.

Can't believe the day is here already. Where has the past 9 months gone?? I have brought my big tummy to Kch fest already, tried to hold in my pee while there, ignore my back pains, sweated like a pig, and tapau-ed lots of food back.

My birthday is next week actually. Eek. Damn happy!! 

Took this photo ermm last week I think or last 2 weeks.

I'm gaining weight really fast in the last trimester. Baby's growing really fast too. Just 2 days back I put on the same yellow top and was surprised at how tight it was. Weird. Didn't I just wear it last week?!

Some random prego updates:

I think my baby is a light sleeper like me. Oh nooo. Whenever we go to the movies, she wriggles around non-stop for 2 hours as if telling me: too loud, too loud! I'm trying to sleep here mommy. Repeat: oh nooo. Cs snores!! How?!!

OR she actually really likes the loud sounds/music. Quite unlikely but there's still hope.

When I play music on my ipad/phone, she wriggles around too. But those times, I like to think she's dancing in there. She's got the moves like jagger.

Change topic again. Over Raya break, we went over to my aunt's place. You know how some people like to guess if its a boy or girl. My aunt and grandma both said (quite confidently): its a boy! Must be boy!!

My mom actually believed them and turned to me and said: why your doctor like that one? Tell you wrong gender!

Me (spluttering in disbelief): why cannot be you all are wrong ler??! (My inglish so perfect). Directly translated from mandarin.

In hindsight I sounded rude but luckily aunt found it funny phew.

Made me worried only. I bought all pink stuff ok!! So at the last scan, I asked doc again: she's a girl right? Doc (checks): yep confirmed girl. Nothing between her legs. Phew.

To quote Kevin: you sure its a girl? Maybe last time when scan still small, but now the dick grew out already. 

Me: Dumbass.

That's my brother for you. He still says my tummy is small every other day. Just yesterday he went: your belly is so small!

Me: Stop comparing to your own stomach!

Kev: I mean other pregnant women!

Damn regret not snapping something even more bitchy back.


My bump is useful hahaha. Cs took this photo of me balancing my Starbucks cup. Too much effort to put it back on the table so I stuck it on my bump.

Oh nothing. Just another chocolate cheesecake. Quite thankful that my body can digest all the sweet food I'm having. Phew.

And this is le husband being silly. I came out of the shower to find him laughing to himself. Idiot. Hahaa. The one on his chest is a wall light we bought to stick onto the wall. The one on his wrist is a flashlight which he tied on using my rubber bands.

OK abrupt end. Update next time.

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mackyton said...

That is really cute, hope you enjoyed the party. I also had my baby shower at DC venues. It was organized by my friends and I really loved and had so much fun. That was a wonderful day.