Friday, 15 August 2014

36 weeks - can't wait to pop!

 I'll be 37 weeks pregnant in 2 days. That's full term. Or as my in-law's call it: baby's almost fully cooked by now - (in Teochew). Guess that's why they call it bun in the oven eh.

How am I feeling?

Large. Heavy. Slow. Tight. Full.

Five words off the top of my head.

As I'm sitting on my supposedly nursing chair typing this, staring down at my bump, I feel huge. OK maybe I should elaborate more on other things. I know I love her. Let's hope its a her, not a he. (Referring to mom and relatives confusing me here.) But I never expected pregnancy to feel like this. 

Just now as I was struggling to get up from the bed, I gave up and slumped back down thinking: wow. So this is how being pregnant feels like. 

My boobs are resting on my stomach, my stomach is resting on my thighs (when I sit). Its weird. Cs was touching my ribs this morning and going: wow baby girl's foot. 

Me: you idiot! That's my rib cage/bone la!

Hahahha I don't blame him la cos she always has a foot lodged in there and coincidentally I was rubbing my side in pain, so he thought it was her foot. 

Moving on.

Right now, I am actually quite sick. Boo cos its birthday week. I had sore throat since the past weekend, and went to the doctor on Monday, who gave me lozenges only. But after meeting him (I don't know if its being in the hospital surrounded by germs and bacteria or what), I got worse. Flu, cough and more sore throat. 

So after runny nose, sneezing hundreds of times a day, and tearing eyes, I went back to the doctor again today, who gave me some flu pills. Good news - no teary eyes for now. Nose is still runny but better. Slight headache but its an improvement all right. Bad timing is all.

In all honesty, I can't wait to meet her. So damn impatient. But whenever I say that, people say: whoa..chill.. enjoy your pregnancy now while it lasts. Enjoy your freedom. 

This baffles me. Is it wrong for me to want to meet my daughter already?

Enjoy your pregnancy - pfft. Which part am I supposed to enjoy? The constipation or the vagina pains? Or the back pains, or the not being able to get out of bed part? Or the walking slow part or the looking like shit part? Glowing my ass. Don't let articles fool ya. 

So yeah. I can't wait to meet her and move on with the next chapter of my life.

I  just turned 30 yesterday but it felt very anti climatic. Duh. Of course lah. But meeting my daughter, giving birth, I can safely say that that's the next chapter of my life. 

I know people mean well and obviously have much more experience than me. But I feel like I'm wasting time now. Go out to dinner? Waste money. Better save it for the C-section. Buy clothes for myself? Cannot fit into anything. Buy clothes for after? Fingers crossed I can lose weight. Go watch movie? Can if I can endure all her movements non-stop for 1.5 hours straight. She doesn't like loud noises. But weirdly enough, she seems immune to her baby plus.

I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Last time, she moved around a lot to Baby plus. Now, she seems to fall asleep every time I play it. Cs and I were joking around that to get her to sleep next time, just turn on the baby plus. Now its terbalik. Every time one hour is gone, I go: oh thank God. Finally! Hahha.

I guess this is sort of an update. Wish me luck for a smooth and easy delivery please.

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