Thursday, 28 August 2014

Movie Reviews

Contains spoilers.

Some movies I watched recently:

IMDb gave it a 6.3/10 rating. Yeah I kinda agree on that. It was okay. Some scenes were meant to be funny but turned out pretty meh. A lot of fighting and action scenes as usual. New team this time but they got captured so typically the old team came back. Plus one super annoying guy who talks too much - don't know what his role was in the movie except to annoy the hell out of everybody. Jet Li's cameo role was just that. Thought he would kick some asses cos that's his specialty isn't it? But he just did some shooting scenes. 

2) Lucy

IMDb gave it a 6.6/10 rating. I disagree. I give it a 5/10 and only because Scarlett Johansson's hot. Cs says the movie is like listening to a science lesson. Hahah a lot of explaining. I feel they wasted a lot of time in the end with those travelling through time space, showing the dinosaurs etc. Honestly, the trailer looked better than the movie. There were a lot of things throughout the movie that could be better explained like, why those Korean gangsters are so powerful and can shoot outright at the end? And the ending sucks la. So she died but she built a supercomputer beforehand (those black gore yuck) and the speech "I am Everywhere" wtf. After the movie ended, I see a lot of people standing up immediately. Unlike some movies, people stay in their seats anticipating the after credits. Guess that shows I'm not the only one who thinks it sucks. Ok maybe I give it a 4/10. 

IMDb gave it a 8.6/10 rating. Ok I agree with this rating. It was surprisingly good. I like Chris Patt's performance, Groot and even the raccoon. Even though after the movie, everyone kept imitating Groot saying, "I am Groot and We are Groot". Lol. I like his playlist btw (the songs). Oldies but good stuff. :D

IMDb gave it a 6.5/10. I give it a 4/10. I was so disappointed with this. I didn't want to watch the movie initially cos I didn't like Dwayne Johnson as Hercules simply cos he's too famous as the Rock or in Fast and Furious. I would prefer a less famous actor to act as Hercules. Secondly, it was disappointing because I thought the movie would focus more on his famous accomplishments, those labors but mehh it was glossed over. Overall plot was mehh. Don't like it. Disappointed.  

IMDb gave it a 6.1/10 rating. I give it a 5/10. It was ok la. Typical movie. Guy cheats on wife and girlfriend. So three of them meet up and plot a revenge. But ahh..if I was Leslie Mann's husband I would get sick of her too. Why do they make her sound so irritating? Girl movie la. Not for men. Cs watching it halfway in between Clash of Clans: (yawning) not finished yet? (yawn some more). Kinda boring. 

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