Monday, 28 April 2008

Big Apple Donuts

Big Apple Donuts at the Spring, Kuching. This post is long outdated but never mind lah. I'm surprised the queue was still so long. Just goes to show that it is delicious. and fat.

Winnie insisted on a box of 12: we just picked whichever was available..

The donuts are freshly made which is very nice. I hate stale food, especially after working at MCD. Anything after 5 mins, I don't eat. haha. this only applies to McD lar..come on. I'm not that picky.

Anyway, I took a bite out of a chocolate covered one, and a white top covered. It was so sweet that my teeth hurt. I didn't eat anymore after that.

Winnie and dad had 4 each i guess. Kevin and Elaine finished the rest. Mum like me, took a bite out of one of the coffee flavored one.

I wanted to try this: oreo flavored donut. But it was gone in 3 seconds. 3 bites. Damn.

This is mango tango. You can see the mango oozing out. I think the donuts are very soft compared to the donuts I had before at Camden town, London. Over there, I wait till closing time to buy 3 for £1.

At Big Apple donuts, their workers follow assembly line production. One of them is frying the donuts, then another one scoops them up, and pass them down the line. till another one who puts the toppings on. and another one who puts it in a box etc..

But they're quite slow in actions. Probably need a bigger work place for more workers.

Winnie with her prize:


I know I should listen to older and wiser people. Deep down, i do know they're right.

I seem to be action on emotions rather than thinking logically with my brain.

Its so hard to get myself motivated. Why?

Sunday, 27 April 2008


I wonder how to make ourselves happy? Others make me smile, if only for a while.

One friend said money. Put all your energies to making money. more money for yourself. at least you'll feel satisfied looking at the pay check. Buy yourself some things you like, buy yourself some temporary happiness.

Someone else told me to be optimistic. Life is full of opportunities, and you're a lucky girl. Tell yourself you're very lucky. You'll feel better.. The grass always seem greener on the other side.

Another way? To surround yourself with happy people? That's dead depressing cos you'd be faking a smile and a laugh and others will be able to feel it.

Why do all good things come to an end?

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
why do all good things come to an end?
flames to dust
lovers to dust
why do all good things come to an end?
come to an end..

Which path to take now?

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fabric 21/09/07

Fabric at Farringdon. I've only been there twice before that night. Both times it was packed full, and the queue to get into the club was ridiculous. The longest queue was 2 hours. This time, we waited 1.5 hours before getting into the club, hanging up our coats and buying our drinks. The place was full... I wonder why they don't limit entry. Honestly, it was so full that you can't get lost. Or you can't find each other. No telephone network available underground, and too dark, too full to navigate your way around..

This was taken in the queue. 1.5 hours. we bought supper and beer to wait. sandwiches, pies, and beers. took lots of pictures and anticipating the crowd inside..

We bought drinks first. Drinks were reasonably priced as in all clubs if you call £3 or £2.50 reasonable for a pint.

Here i probably resemble a zombie already. From left, Vincent, Lucy, Lien, Me, Amanda, and Vincent's cousin.

Taking a break from dancing: our group.

There were 3 dance floors at Fabric which is common for most clubs, with different music. I admit the DJ and the live band great, but that night i was so tired. I didn't dance much compared to the others.

But i did get pulled on stage with a few others here:

But, i fell off the stage or i danced myself off the stage. I was too tired and embarrassed to go up again anyway.

This is Lucy and Amanda..two chinese girls and vincent's cuz. no idea who the girl in front is. didn't even notice her that night. used to people dressed like this in clubs anyway..

Kuching and London are world's apart and i hate myself for not adjusting myself yet. i cant seem to let go yet, or maybe its because i haven't let go cos of you..

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I had a surprisingly nice night reading up past emails. Recalled past memories; all the good and bad. Some things i've forgotten about. I forgot how my life has been last year.

How i met my group of friends, how hard we studied over exams, sending hundreds of emails to each other over assignments and exams discussion meetings, and birthday parties, and after exam parties.

This was taken the night before exams, last minute studying in my small bedroom. Lien, Peter and me.

Anyway, after having slept an average of 4 hours for a month everyday, squinting at my computer, this is what i became. The last day after exams. After exams, time to party...but, i look like shit. my eyes were so swollen that no amount of make up could cover my dark eye shadows..

Over the past year, only we could understand each other. keep each other motivated. keep fighting. not giving up, and bashing our school together. organizing outings together. i miss you guys..

This was taken at Gili Gulu. Japanese restaurant at Leicester Sq after exams too, again all of us looking like shit. But, happy and tired.

Quan, Ethan, and Vincent also at Gilu Gulu. Buffet costs £8 if i remember correctly. If you eat within 20 plates. Not more. Cheap eh? Anyway, no one managed to eat 20 plates. Its too much for anyone. Not even the guys managed more than 15 plates..

Red Bull accompanying me through the night. It actually works for me. Haha..

Another photo taken straight after exams. From left, Leo, Ethan, Peter, Quan. Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Chinese.

This is Vincent, and Tony from Cambodia. And Lien from Vietnam.

Lien and I. we are at four seasons, chinatown. famous for its roast duck. but that day, i was more happy with no more studying. the last exam of my life! we all look terrible that day. everyone lost weight over the past month, and therefore pigging out.

This is what the roast duck looks like. Looks terrible here, i know. It actually tastes not bad. But too oily for my liking. There's too much fat. Or maybe i just had four seasons too many times already.

I personally don't really like eating out with a group of people. too many opinions. that day, dinner kinda spoiled the mood for all of us.. most of them went home early to sleep for 24 hours. =) while a few of us went to the pub to celebrate. drinking and forgetting..

For me, exams finished on 20/09. i finally went home catching the last tube. woke up very late. in time to get ready for dinner and club. We went to club on 21/9 till 7am in the morning. On 22/9, It was my best friend's 23rd birthday. so dinner and club again. bear in mind, i hardly slept the past week due to exams. this time, party till 6am. i was feeling dead by then. clubbing for 3 nights..

but that's another entry of its own..

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I went to KL last week with mum and sis. We stayed at Melia Hotel as usual.

Which is right opposite Times Square:

We spent the whole trip eating lots of sushi. cos its cheap. during the evenings, its half price or less. and that's when we buy dinner or supper.

I love this. Unagi Nigiri.

And this: Tobiko Gunkan.

But everyone knows and loves sushi. So no point posting more photos..Anyway, eventho i stayed right opposite Times Square, i didn't go there. Mum was happier shopping in Sungei Wang and Lot 10. Honestly, I'm not quite used to shopping in KL yet.

Saw Dorothy Perkins in Mid Valley, and i cant help thinking wtf? I used to buy fancy undies there in London. They cost £3 each or 2 for £5. Or £1 each. And back in KL, i thought, waa..its expensive ler.. Not yet used to the price tag. Suddenly spending RM 35 on a pair of tiny thongs seems weird.

Damn, I miss London. feeling emo most of the time. stupid amy! wake up and smell the shit. life goes on bitch whether ur ready or not. move on!

My lil' cuties..

Presenting: Ah Boi. Our pampered prince.

Age: 13 years. Yea, he's very old.
Breed: Shih-tzu mixed terrier. His dad's a shih tzu, mum's a terrier.
height: 25cm. yea, i measured.
waist: 26 inch. Fat!! he's very overweight. says the vet.

This is me with ah boi. Taken erm.. 4 or 5 years ago. Time flies but he's still cute.

His backside. this photo is to show how short and small he really is.

Ok, so a little of his history. We bought his father first at the local sunday market many many years ago, back when i was still in primary school. then bought another female (to be his wife). they humped many times. and she gave birth to 4 beautiful little puppies. But, the first born died upon birth. The second one is here:

Ah Pui sleeping.

This was me and ah pui many years ago. He passed away on 07/03/06 from cancer. He has been with our family for 11 years and it took us a long time to get used to it. He follows my mum everywhere. He might be sleeping by my mum's feet while she's reading at the dining room. But when she gets up to go watch tv, he'll get up and go sleep beside her.

So, anyway to cut a long story short. We used to have many dogs at home but not anymore and i don't want to get into the details anymore. Involving a neighbour that poisoned my dogs and their mum. BITCH!!! I still can't forgive her!! Evil whore!!! May she rot in hell!

Anyway, since ah pui died, we've regretted taking so little pics of him. So, ah boi is showered with attention now all the time. Getting very photogenic now. =p

Lookin cool with my Nike cap.

ah boi on the left, ah pui on the right. FYI, ah boi is younger than ah pui.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Brighton is located on the South coast of England; a popular place for a day trip with a beautiful beach and fish n chips restaurants. We rented a car and drove down to Brighton. I didn't know how long the journey took as i was sleeping in the car. =) The others took photos of me, but are too hideous to post up here.

Lien and I.

Our group. Good pix naa..Anyway, we went fishing. Amazingly, the first and only fish was caught by me! Beginner's luck everyone was saying.

Its a mackerel:

And we just cut it open then and there and ate it raw. without anything like wasabi. Quite unhygenic. But, it actually tastes alright.

The fish being cut up and eaten by all of us..A new experience.

We stopped over at Seven Sisters Country Park before going back to London:

Overall it was a nice trip, beautiful beach, beautiful day.

I've been to Brighton twice and I think daytrips are enough. The fish n chips are overpriced and nothing really special that you can't find in London itself. And no point shopping in Brighton when you can find much more shops in london..


Having a really bad headache. Always when I'm in a bad mood, I look for drinks. But I can't drink dammit. Listening to Kenny G's The Moment. One of my favorites. It's so relaxing, so beautiful, so peaceful.. Some songs are nice in their own way. Such as this french song i totally don't understand a word of: Sous le vent. But its so nice.. No idea how to share this song here. Sorry.

People I love. Everyone's far away from each other now, each busy with their own lives.

Presenting the Dancing/Drama King. Good luck in your future undertakings wai tjun!

Here we have the LSC gang. Missing our life last year; time really flies.

Tequila shots from Ethan and Peter.