Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fabric 21/09/07

Fabric at Farringdon. I've only been there twice before that night. Both times it was packed full, and the queue to get into the club was ridiculous. The longest queue was 2 hours. This time, we waited 1.5 hours before getting into the club, hanging up our coats and buying our drinks. The place was full... I wonder why they don't limit entry. Honestly, it was so full that you can't get lost. Or you can't find each other. No telephone network available underground, and too dark, too full to navigate your way around..

This was taken in the queue. 1.5 hours. we bought supper and beer to wait. sandwiches, pies, and beers. took lots of pictures and anticipating the crowd inside..

We bought drinks first. Drinks were reasonably priced as in all clubs if you call £3 or £2.50 reasonable for a pint.

Here i probably resemble a zombie already. From left, Vincent, Lucy, Lien, Me, Amanda, and Vincent's cousin.

Taking a break from dancing: our group.

There were 3 dance floors at Fabric which is common for most clubs, with different music. I admit the DJ and the live band great, but that night i was so tired. I didn't dance much compared to the others.

But i did get pulled on stage with a few others here:

But, i fell off the stage or i danced myself off the stage. I was too tired and embarrassed to go up again anyway.

This is Lucy and Amanda..two chinese girls and vincent's cuz. no idea who the girl in front is. didn't even notice her that night. used to people dressed like this in clubs anyway..

Kuching and London are world's apart and i hate myself for not adjusting myself yet. i cant seem to let go yet, or maybe its because i haven't let go cos of you..

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