Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Paris Disneyland

One of the happiest days of my life was spent that day at Paris Disneyland. I was boyfriend-less then, and with 2 of my best friends (Shirley and Nifer) in Paris. What's not to love? My figure! Hahaha..
Warning! In the photos below, the 3 of us look like Big Macs.

Nifer and I posing upon entering the Park. Lucky it wasn't a very cold day in Disneyland.

This is the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It's the grandest castle out of all the other Disneyland's cos the Europeans had plenty of castles throughout Europe. Therefore, they had to make this castle more impressive that the other castles in Disneyland Tokyo or Hongkong.

One of the rides we went on. It went underground as idea how to explain it here. =)

This is without doubt the best ride. Its like a rocket, shooting upwards. We can only see the inside of the rocket, and while you're spinning around 360 degrees, hanging upside down all you see are millions of stars, and planets. Its beautiful and so fun at the same time. We were terrified while in the queue cos of all the screams from others who've gone before us. But it was wonderful, and if the queue wasn't so bloody long, many people would be queuing up for a second ride.

Shirley with Minnie Mouse.

Nifer and I with Goofy. I've already resized the photos so we look smaller. Not helping is it? Haha.. at least its in the past.

Shirley and I with our 3D glasses. I liked the show. There was a part where you could feel hundreds of mice crawling up your legs. That was sooo...gilik. Ewwww... And another part where this huge snake came out right in front of our faces. Everyone was recoiling in their seats. A very nice experience though..

A word of advise for those going to Disneyland. Go very early to get fast tickets for the rides. We ended up queuing for nearly 2 hours for one ride alone. There were sooo many people. We arrived before 9am i think, and left when it was closing. It was awesome! We were like kids again, buying cute hats, souvenirs, anticipating each rides, screaming along with everyone else. Disney was full of surprised. Every where we went, there were mascots taking photos with people, or shows just by the corner. Singing and dancing, skating on ice. At night, there was a parade finished off by a magnificent fireworks display. Amazing!

The downside was the food i guess. The restaurants were full, and not enough staff i guess. Many people were without seats and the food were on trays so we can't take away. Its too cold to eat outside anyway. But its not a big deal as you're not in Disneyland to eat. You're supposed to enjoy other attractions.

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