Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I went to KL last week with mum and sis. We stayed at Melia Hotel as usual.

Which is right opposite Times Square:

We spent the whole trip eating lots of sushi. cos its cheap. during the evenings, its half price or less. and that's when we buy dinner or supper.

I love this. Unagi Nigiri.

And this: Tobiko Gunkan.

But everyone knows and loves sushi. So no point posting more photos..Anyway, eventho i stayed right opposite Times Square, i didn't go there. Mum was happier shopping in Sungei Wang and Lot 10. Honestly, I'm not quite used to shopping in KL yet.

Saw Dorothy Perkins in Mid Valley, and i cant help thinking wtf? I used to buy fancy undies there in London. They cost £3 each or 2 for £5. Or £1 each. And back in KL, i thought, waa..its expensive ler.. Not yet used to the price tag. Suddenly spending RM 35 on a pair of tiny thongs seems weird.

Damn, I miss London. feeling emo most of the time. stupid amy! wake up and smell the shit. life goes on bitch whether ur ready or not. move on!

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