Thursday, 29 November 2012

Winnie's birthday

So a little update of life these days. It was Winnie's birthday on Tues (27 Nov), which means that we were busy celebrating and drinking. I have to wait for photos from her though.

I know that since its her birthday I'm supposed to say something nice, touching and sisterly. But I'm itching to say this so I'm just going to blurt it out now.

Yesterday I went straight to my mum's place after work to shower and get ready for the party at night. Not Winnie's party. Elsie's party - explain more below.

Anyway. My point is: Winnie's dressing table and closet. It is impeccable! Where is the dust? Where are the used cotton pads? Where is the clutter? My God, you could perform surgery in there! I kid you not. Hahahahha now I sound like a slob.

Ahem. I err let my used cotton pads (from my toner) accumulate till its a small hill cos I like it. Looks good what. When there's no hill, Cs asks: what happened? Where is the hill? =.= 

Repeat: Not a slob. . Ahem. Where was I? 

Surgery yeah. Seriously. Some more Winnie's stuff are all organized. So not used to seeing everything neatly positioned. I mean, every thing has its own place. A bit freaky. Hahahhaha. 

So, while Winnie was out of the room, I happily tried on her clothes and helped myself to her make up, and borrowed a pair of earrings. Without telling her. Hi yao! Now you know. Hahaha..

I'm having fun tormenting her on her birthday post. Hehe.

OK lah. Moving on.

Elsie is one of the taukenio of Planet Karaoke and pub and Planet Amore. At 3rd mile. We are regulars there. So, Elsie invited us all to her birthday party at her pub and restaurant. Which means, free food and drinks!!! Awesome! 

Thank you to Elsie and a very happy birthday! Many happy returns.

It was a Wed night. Too bad cos we all had a great time last night. Left there by 1130 pm. They didn't even cut the cake yet. I wonder how the other people managed to stay there so late? How to concentrate at work today?!

Which reminds me, Merdeka Mall is open in Kuching. On a Thursday! Parkson gave out RM 500 vouchers to the first 10 customers, and then 100 to I don't know how many people. And Dorothy Perkins gave out vouchers. And Starbucks was having some drinks?

My point: Kuching people no need to work?! Look at the crowd!!

I stole this photo off Charles' Facebook profile. Credits to Charles Liew. 


Back to topic. Winnie's birthday. So I know I'm supposed to say something touching and fake, I think, but I'm just gonna say whatever pops out of my head. Not always a good idea, I know. But anyway.

I don't have any recent photos of her. Guess whose fault is it yao? Hehe..she didn't send any photos or post anything on Facebook. So yeah. I had to dig through my old folders for these photos.

What happened here was: it was my birthday and hens party. After partying, showering, and removing make up, I collapse in bed and I just want to sleep. But she just won't leave me alone. She won't let me sleep!! We stayed up talking and taking photos. By talking, I mean me pushing her off my bed and asking her to shut up when I'm trying to sleep. Hahah but yeah, fond memories. :)

I think we got closer after I moved out of the house. We were always close when we stayed together in the old house. When we moved to the new house, she had her own study upstairs, so she stayed there all the time. I think that we strayed apart. Not just the two of us, but with my brother as well. 

At the old house, Winnie and I would have our laptops together at the same table. If one person laughs at something, the other would go over to see. Kevin would come see what's going on and we talk and laugh more because we're together most of the time. 

We eat fruits together after dinner, we go to the park together on walks with our ipods, singing while we walk trying to make the other guess the song. That used to make us so happy hahah. Of course if you know my sister at all, you know how hard it is to drag her to a park! Dancing on the other hand, piece of cake.

After we moved, I don't know why but maybe due to a combination of my work, Cs, new house, wedding planning, house moving, I had less time and stayed less and less at home. Some more our laptops are not together like it used to be, so we talk less and somehow quarrel more.

But I'm glad that  now we are back to old-house closeness again. Hahaa which means we are brutally honest with each other, we insult each other (affectionately of course), and tell each other everything. Well, I like to think so..sometimes I think she edits or hides information hahah but maybe I'm better off in the dark.

I like this photo..looks good.

One fine night when we stayed up drinking and chatting together. This happens quite often nowadays actually. Awesome time. Good thing we both drink.

Plenty of photos of the two of us on my blog so I don't want to keep posting the same photos. 

Anyway. I'm lazy to talk about us some more.

You know I love you yao! 

Happy 23rd birthday to Winnie!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Of expired food and other stuff

One fine day, Winnie came to pick me up from work on a Saturday afternoon. We tapau-ed Mcd to go eat at my place. By we, I mean, *I* tapau-ed Mcd, and Winnie dawdled at home and arrived 30 mins late because mum thought she was still sleeping and Winnie said she was in the bathroom. Which means I was pissed, carrying McD bags, swatting at the flies around me, and cursing Winnie at the same time. Haha. Drama aside.

We went home to have McD. After that, Winnie started rummaging in my fridge and cupboards. This is typical. Don't know why. When I go over to my parents place, I'm the one rummaging around for snacks all the time.

So, Winnie came up with packaged pancakes that I bought a million or so years ago from Spring. I told her to check the expiry date. Nov 10 2012. Which was ONLY a week after the best before date. Mehhh.. So my smart engineer of a sister said: just cook it! Don't waste.

So we did. I'm so smart, I did exactly what she said. Why mi, why?

After sweating it out in the kitchen, we produced this:

Ta-da! I used my fancy apps to save the picture. It looks worse in real life.

Later, we settled down to watch Anastasia (the Disney cartoon), while eating pancakes. I had one, Winnie had more. The other half was supposed to be for Cs, but he was at work.

After the movie ended, Winnie left. Immediately after, I ran to the toilet. Oh no..stomach ache. Shit! It must be the pancake. Shit! I only had one, thank God. much did Winnie eat?

So I whatsapp-ed her. It was the pancake.

Le sigh. This is why we should use our brains sometimes. No more of this fuck it shit. If its expired, throw it away.

Yeah anyway. Thought you might wanna know. Just a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood idiot(ic) sisters.


One night at Loso Cafe, we won a lucky draw at the pub one night. Free bottle of vodka. Yes, please. So awesome. Cs won this btw.


The pool is FINALLY fixed! Yay. Went for a night swim last night. At times like these, I feel lucky. A pool at home is better than no pool at home. You get what I mean. Heheh.

Maybe its time for a pool party some time soon. Make good use of that bottle of vodka above.


Took a photo on the way home from work and it turned out ok. I'm a sunset person. Cos I hardly ever wake up for sunrise. Hahah not a surprise surely?

Seriously though. The night brings more possibilities. Another day ending. Time to unwind. Time to rest. Day time is just working, going on and on and on. So yea, sunset it is.


Fruits, yogurt drink and the Voice = my week night. Yeah boring whatever. I gotta get my the Voice fix and fruits are healthy. So are yogurt drinks.


This was a Sunday night dinner at home with my family. There were more food but I took these photos only. 

This is why we are all over weight. Yeah and why its hard to stay slim in the family.

Clockwise. Top left: baked mushroom with cheese; fish head curry.

Roast duck is self explanatory. Bottom left is mum's version of Japanese omelet, and bottom right is mum's awesome chicken kebabs.

Dad cooked the fish head curry, and mum made the rest besides the duck. My parents both like to cook and are good at it. So we all benefit from it. Haha our dinners are all very fulfilling and rich. Lucky us.


Because I'm looking forward to our KL trip next month..


 Don't think I have posted any photo of Winnie for quite some time..

There you go yao. Nice dress right? I told her to wear that dress this weekend. Looks good!


Tried to make a Panorama photo but it didn't work out well. I'll try again this coming trip.

And a photo of me to end this post.


Thursday, 15 November 2012


I hate to say this but it feels good to remember everything..

Guess that says something about me. But that's all ur getting out of me right now.

It's raining rhythm with his snores..

I have a will come true..

On this weird note, I bid you adieu..


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Miscellaneous from Bangkok-

I feel like posting some photos tonight and am feeling extra chatty, not to mention bored. So, here are some photos I don't think I have shared yet from our Bangkok trip.

Wanted to try the Green curry chicken! Damn regret not trying it now. I swear my stomach just grumbled in response. F u stomach. How am I supposed to lose weight when you rumble like that? At home, I don't mind so much..but in the office, you let me down! I swear my colleagues sitting near me can hear it. Especially in the morning. Hahah. 

Did you know when you hold your breath when your stomach rumbles/grumbles/makes noises, it stops? Yea, I'm a pro.

Pink taxi's everywhere. So pretty. And no, we didn't get in one. Cos Cs and I are damn gung ho taking BTS everywhere. Heh. And we drag mum and Winnie with us. They have no choice - just follow us.

That bag hanging off my arm - I got it in Chatuchak market for some cheap price. Forgot how much. But, when I bought it, mum said: that looks like something you would buy for your daughter. =.= Ehh she means MY daughter, not her daughter.

You ever heard of that phrase - you're only as young as you act/think. Something like that anyway. Yea, I'm gonna keep thinking like that. Fook it. Why should I use expensive branded bags anyway. People will assume its fake anyway. So sad.

We went shopping at MBK that day. Shopping with mum and Winnie always brings out the worst in me. 10 mins in, I bought two pairs of heels. Sheesh. Poor Cs though. 3 women shopping like crazy and one guy. Guess who carries the shopping bags?

But anyway he only carried mine. Handful enough. I err..bought that bag. Yea so convenient eh. Heh heh. No seriously. I now have a new foldable bag to bring with me when I travel. That bag was useful in Taiwan too.

Taking a break from shopping to camwhore..

Had lunch at the food court, where I couldn't decide on anything to eat. I was a bit sick of Thai food by then but there were plenty of choices, just that I was super picky that day. So I settled on picking through Cs', Winnie's and mum's food. Typical me.

Cs bought a condom from the vending machine in the toilet. Just for fun. 

Happy us on holiday..

We went to have dinner at this restaurant that impressed us all. The food was good, delicious. The restaurant was packed with people. And it was cheap!! Yea, most important of all. Good and cheap.

This was at MBK. We just stumbled upon this restaurant for dinner. All of us sick of Thai food by went to this Santa fe Steak House

I forgot what was under that layer of cheese already by then. Just that all of us went: ooohh...waahh...nice..nice.. Yeah.

You notice they are very generous with the cheese eh? Its good for us cheese loving, non cholesterol caring and no-calorie counting folk, but I don't know if its for everyone. 

Actually I do care. About the calories I mean. But on holidays, I don't care so much. Eat. Just eat or you're gonna regret it. It's a good motto. Only its harder to forget about the motto for now.

I ordered this. I think it was spinach and seafood something. It was yums and soo filling. Santa fe Steak House at MBK. Remember that place.

Moving on..moving on.

We went to the supermarket. Look at that! Tiger beer costs 29 baht/RM 2.90. 25 baht for Chang/ RM 2.50. 

So this was what we did..

Last night in Bangkok, might as well end it on a bang. Hehehe..mum was appropriately as delighted as us over this cheap alcohol. You know what? Total bill came up to about RM 30++ and we actually went: whattt??? So cheap? Wait here. We go back for some more. Ok..ok cool. 

I forgot by now who said that but I know that happened. Hahah yeah..might as well party in the hotel room. Cheaper than drinking out eh.

Nice photo of Siam Paragon. I think we took this photo from the BTS, or was it the station, or was it road side? Hmm.. 

We each bought a bottle of champagne each. So cheap. Might as well. And it tasted good!

This is where we have breakfast every morning. Just off the lobby. Citypoint hotel. Just steps away from Asok BTS. Very convenient, modern hotel. I have no complaints.

Took this photo cos you don't see this at the traffic lights everyday.

Finally tried MOS burger at Terminal 21. I know that it is from Japan and I wanted to try it since forever but always not good timing. But now, I just think its overrated.

It is delish. But we tapau-ed 4 burgers to eat at the airport. So that probably spoiled the burgers a bit. Go try it anyway. I especially like that they have those rice burgers with rice instead of bun. And they have beef yakinikiu, terriyaki (I'm guessing or making it up by now) for the flavors. Cool eh?

Just because you don't see this at most airports..

Bought a mango sticky rice to eat at the airport just because we haven't had it yet in Bangkok. Don't know why but maybe cos we're too busy stuffing ourselves with other food. 

We saw this and went: heyy..we have mango tree in Kuching!!

 Guess what? We do! We are on par with London, Tokyo, and Dubai. Hahahha thought it was funny! Its not often you see Kuching among those other big cities eh.

OK night. Bye. 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Random blahness

That post below is too sappy for words. I can't really stand looking at it. So this is a random silly normal me post to cover that up. Maybe I should remove the post. In my defence, it was the night before my wedding ok. Reason enough to be sappy.

Moving on. This is a photo of....

Cherrie's dinner! Haha stupid. If you don't know yet, Cherrie is our little pampered princess. She is a little, short, furry Shihtzu that weights about 7kg. Eli loves her. She prepares Cherrie's dinner every night like this.

Pampered princesses do not like getting their chin/mouth/whiskers/fur dirty so we feed her by hand. Actually its mum who doesn't like it if Cherrie's mouth is dirty cos it might smell. Sometimes she eats herself though. If the food is too big sized, she refuses to eat it, so we (I mean Eli) have to cut it all into bite sized portions.

Cherrie refuses to eat her food when it is all mixed together. No mixing the rice with veges or pork. That's pork btw. Vet says no chicken cos it makes her itch.

Cherrie HAS to eat her pork first, then vege (that's minced cabbage if you're wondering cos veges are good for digestion), and lastly plain white rice. If you give her the vege or rice first, she don't want to eat it and barks at you.

She does not like salty, spicy food. Basically she likes bland food. Which makes it even easier to prepare cos that's all just boiled.

Writing it all out makes it seem even more ridiculous that it is. Hahaha where got dog like this?! She's like a kid really.

Oh btw, princess eats dog biscuits for lunch, and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. There was a period of time when the vet prescribed lamb for Cherrie, so she had that too. Sometimes Winnie would look at Cherrie's dinner and tell mum: I want her food. Sounds weird in that context but you know what I mean.

Lamb and potatoes, I want too. Hahah. Sometimes mum gives Cherrie carrots and potatoes and she likes them too.


This photo below was the result of my search on Google of Korean soju. Winnie and I wanted to know how to drink it. Apparently you drink it in shot glasses neat.

But look at that sentence. Funny as hell: This innocent looking glass is where dreams die. HAHAHA.

Reading that sentence, I told Winnie we should probably not drink it on a weekday. Leave it for a special occasion. I think if I'm not mistaken, it has an alcohol percent of 15%. More or less.


And this is Winnie's new phone case.

So apt eh? There is even an opened Guinness behind. This was at my parents house. Mum said that Guinness is good for my health and insisted I pour some into my beer. Mummy knows best.


OK. Bye!