Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Of expired food and other stuff

One fine day, Winnie came to pick me up from work on a Saturday afternoon. We tapau-ed Mcd to go eat at my place. By we, I mean, *I* tapau-ed Mcd, and Winnie dawdled at home and arrived 30 mins late because mum thought she was still sleeping and Winnie said she was in the bathroom. Which means I was pissed, carrying McD bags, swatting at the flies around me, and cursing Winnie at the same time. Haha. Drama aside.

We went home to have McD. After that, Winnie started rummaging in my fridge and cupboards. This is typical. Don't know why. When I go over to my parents place, I'm the one rummaging around for snacks all the time.

So, Winnie came up with packaged pancakes that I bought a million or so years ago from Spring. I told her to check the expiry date. Nov 10 2012. Which was ONLY a week after the best before date. Mehhh.. So my smart engineer of a sister said: just cook it! Don't waste.

So we did. I'm so smart, I did exactly what she said. Why mi, why?

After sweating it out in the kitchen, we produced this:

Ta-da! I used my fancy apps to save the picture. It looks worse in real life.

Later, we settled down to watch Anastasia (the Disney cartoon), while eating pancakes. I had one, Winnie had more. The other half was supposed to be for Cs, but he was at work.

After the movie ended, Winnie left. Immediately after, I ran to the toilet. Oh no..stomach ache. Shit! It must be the pancake. Shit! I only had one, thank God. Wait..how much did Winnie eat?

So I whatsapp-ed her. It was the pancake.

Le sigh. This is why we should use our brains sometimes. No more of this fuck it shit. If its expired, throw it away.

Yeah anyway. Thought you might wanna know. Just a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood idiot(ic) sisters.


One night at Loso Cafe, we won a lucky draw at the pub one night. Free bottle of vodka. Yes, please. So awesome. Cs won this btw.


The pool is FINALLY fixed! Yay. Went for a night swim last night. At times like these, I feel lucky. A pool at home is better than no pool at home. You get what I mean. Heheh.

Maybe its time for a pool party some time soon. Make good use of that bottle of vodka above.


Took a photo on the way home from work and it turned out ok. I'm a sunset person. Cos I hardly ever wake up for sunrise. Hahah not a surprise surely?

Seriously though. The night brings more possibilities. Another day ending. Time to unwind. Time to rest. Day time is just working, going on and on and on. So yea, sunset it is.


Fruits, yogurt drink and the Voice = my week night. Yeah boring whatever. I gotta get my the Voice fix and fruits are healthy. So are yogurt drinks.


This was a Sunday night dinner at home with my family. There were more food but I took these photos only. 

This is why we are all over weight. Yeah and why its hard to stay slim in the family.

Clockwise. Top left: baked mushroom with cheese; fish head curry.

Roast duck is self explanatory. Bottom left is mum's version of Japanese omelet, and bottom right is mum's awesome chicken kebabs.

Dad cooked the fish head curry, and mum made the rest besides the duck. My parents both like to cook and are good at it. So we all benefit from it. Haha our dinners are all very fulfilling and rich. Lucky us.


Because I'm looking forward to our KL trip next month..


 Don't think I have posted any photo of Winnie for quite some time..

There you go yao. Nice dress right? I told her to wear that dress this weekend. Looks good!


Tried to make a Panorama photo but it didn't work out well. I'll try again this coming trip.

And a photo of me to end this post.


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