Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Taking a trip down memory lane..

To 2006.

I had been looking forward to graduation my whole life. Ever since I was young, watching people graduate on tv, watching friends graduate as I get older, the atmosphere never changes.

Everyone is happy and always smiling. There are many photos taken with family, friends and loved ones. Camera and video cameras galore.

When I was in uni, I went to Bradford with Shirley to attend Alvin's graduation. I felt so envious. They were graduating already. When would it be my turn?

Everyone was so happy, talking loudly, laughing over everything. Everyone dressed up, and the parents are standing around, smiling and looking proud. I was so envious. It only made me want to graduate all the more. The sooner the better.

Pretty soon, the day came..It was my turn.

Happy much? :)

My Bachelors graduation. Finally! We are graduating. I have looked forward to this day for soooo..long. I will be with two of my best friends. I thought my parents would come too.

Nifer arranged the trip for us. Our graduation would be held in Sunderland on Dec 1 2006. The stadium, to be exact.

We took the train up on Nov 28 2006. The plan was to explore Sunderland and Newcastle.

Nifer would be staying in Newcastle with her friend. Shirley and I stayed in Sunderland. It is very near. Forgot how long by train but fairly close.

In the train, best of friends, blissfully happy..

But actually what I wanted to say was: Life is so unexpected. I have looked forward to this day for so long, I dreamt about this day. I wished it would come faster.

And when it finally arrives, things turn out so differently. How unexpected life is. Throw you a curve ball and everything goes spinning out of line. For one, I was so nervous on that day itself that I kept running to the toilet. Butterflies in my tummy makes me wanna shit (yea I'm a freak like that - Shirley thinks its hilarious T__T).

I never dreamt that the day itself would bring me so many drama. Actually the day before already. Hahaha (I can laugh now) I bring this to myself eh?

How so many things can happen. How life is so so unexpected. I just wanted to graduate. But that fateful trip has brought me so many things.

This post is turning out a bit different from how I planned it.

But life is like that isn't it? Shit always happens. And we try and make the best out of it.

I was actually just looking through some friends album on Facebook. Friends graduating brings back many memories. I wrote all this down a long time ago, but I deleted my diary one night long time ago - very similar to this one.

Oh well. I have moved on. Those were memories of my Bachelor's graduation in Sunderland a very long time ago..

Chapter closed. :)

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