Saturday, 10 November 2012

Random blahness

That post below is too sappy for words. I can't really stand looking at it. So this is a random silly normal me post to cover that up. Maybe I should remove the post. In my defence, it was the night before my wedding ok. Reason enough to be sappy.

Moving on. This is a photo of....

Cherrie's dinner! Haha stupid. If you don't know yet, Cherrie is our little pampered princess. She is a little, short, furry Shihtzu that weights about 7kg. Eli loves her. She prepares Cherrie's dinner every night like this.

Pampered princesses do not like getting their chin/mouth/whiskers/fur dirty so we feed her by hand. Actually its mum who doesn't like it if Cherrie's mouth is dirty cos it might smell. Sometimes she eats herself though. If the food is too big sized, she refuses to eat it, so we (I mean Eli) have to cut it all into bite sized portions.

Cherrie refuses to eat her food when it is all mixed together. No mixing the rice with veges or pork. That's pork btw. Vet says no chicken cos it makes her itch.

Cherrie HAS to eat her pork first, then vege (that's minced cabbage if you're wondering cos veges are good for digestion), and lastly plain white rice. If you give her the vege or rice first, she don't want to eat it and barks at you.

She does not like salty, spicy food. Basically she likes bland food. Which makes it even easier to prepare cos that's all just boiled.

Writing it all out makes it seem even more ridiculous that it is. Hahaha where got dog like this?! She's like a kid really.

Oh btw, princess eats dog biscuits for lunch, and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. There was a period of time when the vet prescribed lamb for Cherrie, so she had that too. Sometimes Winnie would look at Cherrie's dinner and tell mum: I want her food. Sounds weird in that context but you know what I mean.

Lamb and potatoes, I want too. Hahah. Sometimes mum gives Cherrie carrots and potatoes and she likes them too.


This photo below was the result of my search on Google of Korean soju. Winnie and I wanted to know how to drink it. Apparently you drink it in shot glasses neat.

But look at that sentence. Funny as hell: This innocent looking glass is where dreams die. HAHAHA.

Reading that sentence, I told Winnie we should probably not drink it on a weekday. Leave it for a special occasion. I think if I'm not mistaken, it has an alcohol percent of 15%. More or less.


And this is Winnie's new phone case.

So apt eh? There is even an opened Guinness behind. This was at my parents house. Mum said that Guinness is good for my health and insisted I pour some into my beer. Mummy knows best.


OK. Bye!

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