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Universal Studios Singapore and some updates on life

I have been writing this post, on and off, for the past few months. Sometimes I write down a few sentences. When I feel like it, I upload some photos. Today, I'm determined to finish this darn post once and for all. For God's sake, it happened almost a year ago.

So, no surprise if you notice that I happen to jump and down throughout this post. Get used to it. :)


For some reason, I keep thinking about going to Singapore these days. Rummaged in my folder and realized that I have not shared these photos yet. Big surprise mi!

So these photos were from when I still had long hair..back in Dec 2011. So long! It was almost Christmas then when Cs and I went with a group of friends. Our last vacation together with friends.

I last talked about our Singapore trip here and here.

Anyway!! After a lot of chatter. What I wanted to start with was: on this day, we went to Universal Studios. It was December and Dec in Malaysia and Singapore means monsoon season, which means it rained the whole day and night. Floods are not uncommon. Boo.

In a way, it was good. Because the freak in me don't need to worry about getting dark. No need to bother putting on make up too cos you're gonna get caught in the rain.

Only bad thing was getting wet. Getting your shoes wet, pants wet, parcels wet, and bringing an umbrella everywhere.

To tell the truth, during the trip, the rain put a damper on our plans. But looking back now, it wasn't that bad. Maybe its because we were in a group. We sort of lifted each others spirit. Joking and laughing, you forget about the rain. Wearing raincoats ain't that bad.

How many people can say that: oh yeah when I went to Universal, it fucking rained the whole day and night! And oh yeah I caught a cold. Fun eh? Hahaha..

I'm serious.

Anyway. Moving on. We started the day with breakfast at Vivo City.

When I was packing for Singapore, I picked this long sleeved top to hide from the sun. Silly me. Just cos Kuching was raining every day and night, I didn't think Spore would be too. I *forgot* how close we are to Singapore. Reah smooth mi.

Cs and I chose beef noodles (I think) from this stall. That chef holding that pillow lookalike is our noodles dough (?) He's shaving our noodles! OK maybe I used the wrong words/terms for this but what I'm saying is: that's our noodles! Hand made.

Hand made beef noodles.

Actually I didn't like it much. Its just me. Picky eater. A bit too heavy for breakfast, me thinks. I want my soft boiled eggs and toast please. 

After that, we went to Universal Studios! Excited max.

It was actually drizzling by then already..so we bought raincoats!

See what I mean? Travelling in a group - even putting on raincoats we look happy. We were enjoying ourselves..taking photos in our raincoats.

Actually it was good that we took photos now cos later the rain just got heavier and heavier. Cannot whip out camera for photos. Boo. I need to get myself a waterproof camera.

Happy us.

When we went to Universal then, a year ago, the Transformers ride was still quite new. We were all really looking forward to it. So that was the very first ride we went on..

Look at the crowd!! Some people were actually running to the queue, shouting out to their friends to hurry up.

The crazy queue took one hour plus!! I kid you not!! Just look at all those people!

Luckily there were many things to entertain us while we wait..and lucky we were with friends..so we won't be so bored.

Those lost symbols..

Alvin, Wee Lee, Boon and Siew Ling.

Yep, we're still in the queue..

And yes..we are still in the queue. There are a few turns so every time you turn a corner, you think: almost there, almost there. But yea it took us an hour to get through.

When you reach the 3D glasses, it is finally, almost there!!

Finally it was our turn. All of us fit into one car, and one other guy. In the car, before the ride, the other guy asked us: how long did you guys queue? We told him, and he reacted with SHOCK: What?! I just waited 5 mins. WTF.

Turned out he bought the express pass. Yeah lesson learnt. After that Transformers ride, we went straight to the ticket office for express passes. Best decision ever! No need to queue anymore. Can cut queues everywhere. 

I liked the Transformers ride though. The guys went back on the Transformers ride again after getting their express passes. Good idea.

I didn't go on these rides. There are two: one red and one blue. Cs and the guys went on. It was raining heavier than ever, and my spirits were lower than ever, so us girls went to stand in a corner to watch them.
 Plus I was scared. Hahah. OK fine. Scared won. Spritis low second. Rain ranked third.

We couldn't even get a proper photo outside here cos it was raining (are u sick of me saying it was raining yet?), so had to hide the camera quickly.

Headed off to Waterworld to watch the shows after that. Actually we skipped a few rides just because of the rain.

This show below in the Water World was worth watching. I really liked it. But be warned though. If you sit in the front and centre, be prepared to get wet. I mean, reaaaally wet! They splash you on purpose. With buckets of water or watergun. Wait, was that USS or Bangkok Zoo? I'm pretty sure you get wet though.

But we were all wet that day so it was ok. Good fun!

It was my idea to go on this less scary roller coaster. Fun.

John, Alvin and I before going on the ride. 

Madagascar! I wanted to go on this one as well. Hahah like a kid. Alvin was saying paiseh le..its as if we were fighting with the kids to get on these rides. Cos we had the express pass, so we get to go first, before the other kids in the queue.

John looking very happy heheh.


This photo a bit dark but can still see Alvin and WL there.

Cs and a disgruntled looking kid.

For dinner, we went to have pizza! Not just any pizza, but this one from Loui's Pizza Parlour! Credits to this blog (Jan Shim) for the photo. Go to his blog to see more pics of how huge the pizza really is.

Ahh..I wish they open a branch in Kuching soon.

A slice of pepperoni pizza is about the same size as my face! And I know I look like terrible but that was after a day of splashing around in the rain. I'm allowed to look like that. But God those eyebags. Its ok. I really just wanna show how huge that slice is.

Cs, who always lets me eat pizza whenever I want to. Thank you baby! ;)

The others went for more rides after pizza. But I was feeling a bit sick and dizzy by then. Running in the rain will do that to you. So Cs and I left to Vivo City. Some more, Tan KF (Cs' friend) was waiting for us there. 

Stopped by a candy store just before leaving USS. Those candies and chocs would tempt anyone. So I followed my heart and bought some home for souvenirs and myself. Right choice.

After Vivo City, we met up with John and went to Orchard Road to take some photos of the Christmas deco before heading back to the hotel. Right choice again.

Look how pretty the decorations are!! Kinda awesome. Why don't Kuching decorate the streets like that too eh? It might help get everyone into the Christmas mood, and be more giving and what not. What you think? Likely or not.

Oh yea, I had forgotten. Those elephants were everywhere last year. I don't remember by now what it was about. Err..saving the elephants, I assume.

OK last photo. Finally done with my Singapore trip. Phew.

I probably could have done a better job when I should have written this post last year. Now, I forget almost everything already. But what else is new?

Ahh..I really wanna update on things going on at home.

In no proper order:

1) We be going to KL next month for some serious CNY shopping. I'm so looking forward. Any trip excites me. Damai would excite me.

2) Shirley (my biatch) is coming home for CNY!!!

3) My biatch is getting married during CNY next year!!

4) We bought a new house. Hahah yes I decided to slip it in here to see if anyone would notice or care. Don't feel like making a big deal out of it cos it won't be ready till who knows when. And we are selling off our current home.

5) I have the coolest parents ever. The other day, I went to my parents place for dinner. After dinner, we started on beers. By we, I mean, mum, Winnie and I. Dad went jogging. When he came back, he counted our beer cans and said only 9? Go on, I bought two crates..continue. Something along those lines. Winnie and I were laughing at how nonchalant he was.

6) I am still trying to lose weight. Losing weight always seemed easy to me in the past. Don't know why this time the scale refused to go down. This means war!

7) I am not yet pregnant. Surprise, surprise. If I am, I would do it Xiaxue style and record down the whole process. Love her post here. Go read it if you haven't already. Feel so happy for her even though of course I don't know her. Damn touching the last part. And very enlightening. Pregnant women throw up that much (15 times a day?!!) in the first trimester. Of course we all know throwing up is common, but waking up in the middle of the night to throw up is downright scary..

I'm running out of things to write.

 Laters. (It really is kinda catching isn't it?)

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