Wednesday, 21 December 2011

X'mas and AFC's Next Celebrity Chef

I did my nails the other night. I went to Youtube to find a Christmas theme nails because I was going to Singapore and I wanted to have pretty nails for myself, and because I needed to look at something everyday to get myself in the Christmas mood.

I have been listening to Christmas songs in the office every day for hours to get myself in the mood. 

I read somewhere before that Christmas comes from the heart. If you feel it inside, then you feel it. If not, then you don't. Kinda true really. 

I wasn't really looking forward to my Singapore trip. I guess I should have seen it coming. The trip was okay, or in Winnie's words: kinda sucky. But I'll talk about that later, or maybe never.

We booked through Agoda and they (Agoda) forgot to inform the hotel. Hello?! Got this kind of excuse one meh?!!! (Malaysian slang when I'm upset!) So to cut a long story short and a lot of quarrelling and raised voices, we were transferred to another hotel. Another branch.

In the first room we stepped into, Cs killed 6 cockroaches in 5 mins!!


Read again: 6 cockroaches!!

Screw this. Complain mode on. So we kicked up a fuss (of course!!) and asked for another room. 

In the second room, Cs killed another 5 roaches and we went down to bitch some more. OK, when I say we, I mean I did. The other customers at the lobby heard me say: I can't stand it. There's just too many cockroaches!!

He repeated softly after me: cockroaches?

I turned to him and told him the truth. Hah. The manager can't be too pleased. Sorry man but they really need to get pest control.

In the third room, there was only one roach flying around. Fine. I'll take it. Better than 6. 

Aside from the terrible hotel room, it rained day and night. But that was unavoidable. But it did put a damper during out trip to Universal Studios, and during shopping or catching a taxi etc.

Enough chatter. Moving on to my pretty nails.

I drew the snowflakes on myself! /proud!! It takes a shitload of patience to do this so yea, I'm quite proud of myself..

In the process..

Cherrie getting in the way of Winnie's packing. Cutee..

Look at that face. She is just too CUTE for her own good. We all still fight and gloat over who gets to hold her, cuddle her. Particularly after her shower when she smells soo good, and her fur all soft, clean and soo fluffy. Aww..I miss the lil cutie.

I bought this new dress for her. Bumblebee! There's this new pet stall at my work place. I walk pass it at least twice a day and I keep wanting to buy new outfits for her. Hahaha is this how parents feel for their own kids? Hmm.. cute. Melts..

And one last photo of me. Got to go watch E&O's Search for AFC's next Celebrity Chef!! Can't believe Stanley is eliminated!! NOOOooooo...


P/S: Celebrity Chef chosen. I can't believe Dino won. OK I can believe it. He is charming. But not that good a chef le..compared to Diane or Stanley. Omg. I can't believe Stanley is eliminated. Nooo..

I know I know, they are searching for tv personality. Celebrity Chef. Dino would be more suitable than Stanley. Ahhh but I can understand why Stanley would say that upon leaving, about how he don't feel its right to lose to Dino, whom everyone knows is not as good a chef as Stanley.

Makes me wonder really, is Chef Michael Saxxon or Bruce Lim comparable to Stanley? I mean are they on the same par? Just curious. And I wanna eat in Stanley's restaurant!! Hahha!

And I refuse to watch Chef Bruce's show because he threw Robert's plate on the ground. No one deserves to be treated like that. And especially not on tv, where all of Robert's family members, relatives, friends and CUSTOMERS will see that. 

Just say the food is bad need to throw on the ground. Fucking humiliating leh!! NO RESPECT!!

As you can tell, I am hooked on the show. I followed every episode. :)

Grr...upset that Diane didn't win. Or Stanley. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

bruce cooking show is boring sad stanley didnt win

Amy said...

Yea, I even voted for Stanley. :(