Friday, 16 December 2011

Hong Kong: Din Tai Fung

When I told mum we were going to Taiwan, she told me that we had to go and try Din Tai Fung. Ehh excuse my pinyin. My chinese sucks and I never learned how to read/write Chinese, so bear with me. 

Supposedly they have the best xiao long bao's. So when Cs and I came across Din Tai Fung when we were in Hong Kong, we went in without further ado. I think it was at Tsim Sha Tsui. I forgot how to go there already. I know the way coming out of the train station lah hahha

 There. The name of the restaurant! Its located in a shopping mall. Err Google it folks. We found it online, so you can as well.

Ehh wait no lar. We saw the restaurant in our trusty guide book. It was listed as one of the must-go restaurants in HK. So we did! 

Mum and Winnie were absolutely right! It was awesome!!! Xiao long bao's should taste like this!! Filled with hot soup, it was so tasty!! Good stuff really. Not enough, I wanted more. More! Service was good at the restaurant. 

By the way, if I am not mistaken, this should be a Taiwanese restaurant/franchise. 
They also have this beef noodles. It was good. I can't compare much to real, authentic beef noodles, because although I have been to Taiwan many times, I have never tried beef noodles. Why?? Cos there are always other food to tempt me. Never ending food for me to eat and try. 

BTW, I'm going to Taiwan soon. Soooo excited!! Soooo happy!!! Assuming my leave is approved lah. Heh. 

I forgot what this dish below is called. But it tasted awesome too.

And another photo of me because I look kinda okay.. No photos of Cs because err I was busy eating and had no time to take photos of him. Haha I have the best husband in the world. He takes photos for me because he knows I need them to blog and post on Facebook. ♥ 

Oh yea the bill. Too bad it doesn't have the price on it. I would have liked to recall how much that meal came up to. Eating in HK is anything but cheap man. But maybe its because we keep converting.

Can't help it. Its what tourists do. At least service was good here. Our food arrived very quickly. We went to another restaurant, Yung Kee. Omg. That was one expensive meal. But its ok lah. On holiday, once in a while. Service was kinda bad though. But I'll talk about that another day.

Its late and my bed is calling. Night.


Anonymous said...

One of my fav restaurant~ looking at ur photos sudd miss their xiao lung bao so much !!!! Anyway , when u go to KL U can try Ding Tai Fung KL branch @ Midvalley / Pavillion too.


Amy said...

Hi Joanne, thanks for telling me! :)