Thursday, 29 December 2011

Too many dates to remember

We forgot our anniversary again. Fook it. So many dates, how to remember ah? This anniversary I'm talking about is the day we got together: December 28. I remembered it a day too late. Cs, when I asked him about it, told me that he remembered it after I fell asleep. He debated on whether to wake me up or ignore it. Haha idiot.

Seriously though, now we have quite a few dates to remember. I'm not the kind of girl who can remember dates. There are:

1) day we got together

2) day he proposed (I keep forgetting the date =.=)

3) day we got married (marriage cert)

4) day of our wedding (easiest to remember since we worked hard planning for it, and informing and reminding everyone of the date so much that it is imprinted in my brain already)

5) days of our honeymoon (hahaha I know this isn't counted lah but really that week was one of my happiest week ever! so I want to remember it!)

So yah. Can you blame me for not remembering? And no, I don't blame him either. Its rubbish. In the future, I have to remember my kids birthday some more. And oh no, just realized something, does this mean I now have to remember my in-law's birthday in addition to my own family? Oh no.

Better get my calendar out to mark all these dates.


This was from our trip to Disneyland and Macau. We don't need a tripod, nonipod, gorillapod whatever thingymajig.

Pffitt...We can do this with our eyes open..

And yes, even with our eyes closed! Hahahhahaha...

Not bad eyy..Saves money.

It takes practise. It takes skill. And most of all, it takes a thick face (or two).


So, its Friday today, and officially my last working day of the year. Bosses declared today as casual day and a half day working day. Woot. I get to go home at 12:30pm. Awesome ness.

Going to catch up on much needed sleep. Been feeling a little under the weather. Raining everyday. Actually no lah, that's horseshit. I'm not feeling well because of not enough rest and too much playing and too much red wine.  Heaty. But it has been raining everyday without fail, sometimes only stopping for about 5 to 10 mins and then raining again. Its terrible.

So what are your plans for New Year's Eve? This year as usual, I'll be at Sarawak Club with my family and my parents group of party loving friends. Heh.

So, its the end of 2011 and here are some highlights of my year so far, in no particular order:

1) Got married. Became a wife. Gotta get used to that term. I have a husband now. I can't refer to Cs as my bf anymore.

2) Got a new phone. I love my Iphone. Omg..where have I been all this time? When I just got the phone, I was astounded. So many things. So many apps. I can do so many things on it. Technology is amazing. And yah, I'm a bloody hypocrite.

3) Learnt to eat and cook more. Not just for me, but for Cs as well. In the process, I learnt how to cook and eat more healthily as well. If it was just myself, bah, I don't care. Eat maggi mee all the time. Or drink soup and call it a day. With Cs, I make more of an effort to eat something else, something more nutritious.

4) Moved out of the comfort of my parents house. Moving out means growing up and learning alot more responsibility. I have stayed away from my family when I was in London. Then, I was a student, and it was temporary. Some more, I was younger and I didn't care that much. Away from my home country where nobody knew me, I drank, I partied, I worked and I came back.

But now, its permanent. I work a full time job and we both go home to buy our own groceries, cook a meal, clean the house together, pay our own bills, and know when to shut the air con, use the fan, turn off all the electric sockets before going out on holidays, throwing out expired food, buying toilet paper. This is life now, but somehow these things seem more fun/bearable because I am with you.

5) Learnt that it was no mean feat trying to organising a wedding. Hahaha this deserves to be in the list. We worked hard for it, and it turned out to be wonderful. I shall remember forever that day and night. Okay maybe not, but at least I have photos and videos to document that day. (For future brides, do do do get a good photographer and videographer! They are the ones who will document your special day. Especially video. Must get it.)

6) Went to Damai twice, KL twice, Singapore, Phuket and Hong Kong. And I am so happy I got to travel!! I want more please. Haih there are really pros and cons of travel really. Pros: get to go out of the country, relax, shopping, eat, kick back. Cons: you get really tired after a while and just wanna go home and sleep on your own bed. And bills, bills, bills. That's why I haven't got round to buying another closet or shoe cabinet for myself. Hehh..

7) I'm sure there are more but I'm getting lazy. So this list shall end here.




Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2012 :)

Amy said...

Happy New Year to u too! :)