Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Trying to cook more..

Found this post somewhere hidden in my Drafts so I'm posting it here. I made this pasta with meatballs a loong time ago. Its good and really easy to make.

I took the meatballs recipe from Kimberlycun again. I don't really remember it now but I guess that it contains: (hoping I didn't leave anything important out)

- Minced beef (don't ask me how many grams and what not, I estimate)
- ketchup
- 1 egg
- worchester sauce
- mustard
- salt
- pepper
- garlic or onion? I used a bit of diced garlic (I think)

Things to remember when making meatballs/burger patties, when mixing it together with your hands, it should not be too wet. Add in the ingredients. If too wet, add in more beef. Work like that hahaha..That's how I do it anyway.

Form into lumps/balls, and lay them on the plate. Cover with foil and stick into fridge for about 30 mins so they can firm up. Then fry! Voila. Done. I made burger patties with this before too. It ish good! Grilled outside, and tender and juicy inside. Yum!

For no good reason, just felt like posting this photo up. From our wedding. ♥

Time really flies.

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