Thursday, 15 December 2011


Earlier tonight, I was not speaking to Cs. Quarrelling. So what else is new. Married couples fight. We are no exception. I was upset.

Then you called me. We talked just like old times. Listening to your voice, your trademark laugh, it felt like old times. You told me you just came from Greenwich to Wood Green. Familiar names. But, unlike old times, you rode in a car, instead of the tube!!!!

Hahahhahahha it made me laugh so long, so loud, even now, I keep smiling to myself. Time has changed. You now hold a British Driver's License. You are still the same you. But things have changed. I'm glad that whatever has changed, the the way we talk to each other certainly hasn't. 

We still talk to each other about everything. Or rather, you tell me everything and I listen. HAHAHA what else is new? It was always like this what! You always talk and I always listen. I want to tell you everything. But you know me, I'm the same, as quiet as ever. I wish we can talk face to face, at times. I want to tell you everything. Like before. Share everything. I miss you. 

To make this sound less sad, I will add in biatch! I miss you bitch!!

 Matching nightgowns. Hahah no lah. Just the same colour. But same loose, baggy and sloppy.

Actually being so close, we always end up buying the same things. Most of the times. And we share clothes all the time.

Candid! Love this photo. It was winter, so we had to wear that much at night. Nightgown, long pants and socks. Sometimes a sweater as well. And this is with the heater on. But I miss winter!

Before you screw me for posting ugly photos of you, let me reassure you that I look as ugly, if not much worse!! Hahah I was wayyy fatter than you before ok! :) Memories!! I tried to search for better looking photos, but we only had these type of stupid photos. No proper photos. Lol. Why?! Blame it on ourselves lah!

Hahahha no comment!

168B Jamaica Road. SE 16, 4RT, Bermondsey. Good God!! How can I still remember?

This photo below was epic. Hahaha same hair styles. Why?! Cos we needed a haircut and dye job really badly, and when we saw free haircuts advert in the newspaper (was it free? I forgot!), we called up without further ado. Being the poor students we were back then.

Turned out, we got our haircuts from the students at Vidal Sassoon (the saloon). Oh well. Better than nothing. It was free. And we got our hair dyed and cut. Ugly though. Haha.

Slept on the same bed for 3 years. Hahah that makes us sound like lesbians. We are. We shower together even. Hahha no lah. Kidding. Or am I? Heh heh. We are both married now man.

When we were bored, or just felt like drinking, we went clubbing together, just the two of us. Shirley badly needs me by her side now, I think. To show her how to have a good time. To drink and dance. To go out more. Hahahhaa..And yea to take more photos!!

4:42am at Trafalgar Square, waiting for the night bus to go home. So that was what student life was like back then. 

Now, I sleep before 12 am and wake up before 8am. How time flies.

This was from another night out. And yes we both look like shit!

We both have our own lives now and our own families to build now. ♥ But we will always have each other. Love you! xoxooxxx ♥

I really wish I can go to London next year.

You have no idea how much I miss life there and you. :D


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