Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas at Damai

Christmas this year was spent at Damai Puri.

Pros: we had a bigger than usual room. Simply because we were located right at the corner, at the turning. Its good because there are 10 of us sleeping in this room at night.

Cons: it rained almost as soon as we arrived. Stopped for a while so we could enjoy our swim.

Impending cloud of gloom..

 It was high tide, the waves were strong, we didn't venture out to the beach at all. Stayed in the pool, tried to swim but the winds were blowing so hard, causing waves in the pool, that I just floated about enjoying myself. Oh well. It was still good to get out of the city.

At night, we went to Damai Central for dinner. Had Peter Vella during dinner. It was a 5 litre box, and we almost finished it. Between the 10 of us. Lihai.

After dinner, we went to Escobar. The new bar at Damai Central. Pretty good place. I liked that it was by the beach. Listen to the waves, enjoying the stong winds, and listening to good music while having our beer. Nice.

The inside of the pub was Karaoke, and the outside, they were blasting dance songs. We went in after a while. Some of the group started singing. And I, after red wine and beer, I requested Last Christmas.

I regretted it immediately afterwards and started gulping more beer. The pub was empty then, it was just us. So, I thought what the hell. Who knows, it started raining and everyone outside came crowding into the pub. FML!!

I still sang Last Christmas after all. The chorus part. Oh well. I shall remember this forever. The day I finally decided to sing in public.


Speaking of singing, I went to Planet (the karaoke) last night. OMG! I believe I have met the Voice, the Kuching's next idol, the X Factor. Whatever you want to call it.

I have no idea what he is doing in Kuching, when he could be earning his fame somewhere else!!

He can do dual voice: guy and girl. HE sang to wu yan de jie ju. (ehh Google it), and then Ding Dang's wo shi yi ji xiao xiao niao (I'm a little bird hahah).

Man He can sing!! I keep emphasizing that he is a HE!! With his super high voice, and guy looks. Damn! Both guy and girl voices, he rocked it!

I took his video and we all kept staring at him. The whole pub burst into applause when he finished singing.

But then ah..some 30 mins later, another girl walked into the pub and sang Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's I believe. And I realize, its genetics.

The taukenio said they are brother and sister. They both can sing SO WELL. I keep raving here, but its true. Haih moving on.


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