Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hong Kong: Avenue of Stars


How to start?

I have neglected my blog for quite some time. Busy during the past weekend. Busy drinking more like. On Saturday night, Cs and I joined my parents and their friends at our usual drinking hangout.

Winnie, who joined my parents and friends for dinner informed me that she was already slightly tipsy from dinner already, having started on a bottle of Macallan already. By the end of the night, we have opened 5 bottles of Macallan. No shit. 

Suffice to say, none of us were very sober by the end of the night. Heh that was my Saturday night. I have the coolest parents ever!!


Start with a photo of me first, as usual. Heh..I kept checking the weather before going to Hong Kong. I was hoping the weather report was wrong really. It was too warm for November! I hoped and hoped it would be cool and chilly enough for me to wear boots and tights and fit in perfectly. 

Alas! It was nowhere near that cold. So, a disgruntled me in the morning:

All dressed up, dress, coat, tights and boots. Only to walk out of the hotel two steps and realize that hot sun was shining brightly, and other people are staring because I probably look like a freak! Hahha so I turned around and dragged Cs back to the hotel so I could change into something to blend in more. :((

Upset! Damn bimbotic I know, I don't care!!

Chose a shop nearby for breakfast. Cs said he had this in Macau before, and loved the steamed milk etc etc so ok lah. This it is.

But he forgot that his freak of a wife is not really a big fan of milk, unless its Semi Skimmed milk like in London, or HL milk in Kuching. 

That is his awesome steamed milk. I did try it. I didn't like it much. Cs loves it.

This is the Macau pork chop bun/burger. I love this! I keep eating this. The bread is warm and crusty. The pork chop is nice and easy to chew. Yum.

Love their MTR system. Damn efficient. Also, love their signs. I mean for example, when we had to go to Avenue of the Stars. No fear of losing your way. Tsim Sha Tsui MTR is huge, like a maze, but no fear because there are plenty of signs in Chinese and English. Very nice for tourists like us! ♥

Kuching, why u no MTR system?

I wanted to go to Argyle Center in Mongkok after reading Suet Li's blog. Because of supposedly good and cheap clothes, shoes etc. So we did.

But we went too early!! It was about 11am and still all shops are closed. We wandered around floor after floor, waiting for the shops to open. =.=

If you're planning to go, plan for something else to do in the morning. Its not difficult to find really. Argyle Center. Just follow the signs really. Like everywhere else in HK, just follow the signs underground.

After that we went to Ladies market at Tung Choi Street. Regret not buying my iphone case. There were soo many different varieties, and quite cheap. Regret. Only coming back did I realize that boring old Kuching all have the same casing. Boo..

Lingerie. The other stalls all sell more or less the same stuff - clothes, bags, accessories and other stuff. Be sure to bargain. Cs and I are reaally bad at bargaining. I am scared of the sellers la!! How?

Kai tan peng! Love the stuff!! They can be found almost everywhere, road side stalls. Yummeh! And alot of stalls selling fruit juice. Reminisce. Taiwan too.

After that we went to Tsim Sha Tsui to go to Avenue of Stars. Photos shall suffice. I'm not really in a talking mood. Besides photos are worth 1000 words. Soo..

It was quite warm that day. I wanted to wait to go to Avenue of Stars at night, so I could also watch the Symphony of lights show at the same time. But we didn't have enough time. 

We tried to plan and organize our trip but then things don't really go according to plan. We couldn't wait for the light show because we got hungry! So we went to have dim sum instead. Haha.

Even in the day time, its so pretty. Quite a lot of tourists wandering around like us. Mostly Chinese tourists from China..

I didn't recognize most of the hand prints. This one below was of Cecelia Cheung. Hot chick!

Cs on the director's chair! Like a boss!

Jet Li!! I forced Cs to go and take a photo!! :D I'm a hugee fan!!

Don't wear a short dress to go to places like this. Hard to kneel down to pose, have to keep pulling, make sure the wind don't expose my undies. Bah. If only I had known.

Alot of people crowding around Bruce Lee's statue.


And that's it for tonight. More updates next time..

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