Sunday, 4 December 2011

3 months today

Well yesterday actually: 03:12:11

We've been married 3 months today. Getting married really changes your life drastically.

Before we got married, we have not been staying together i.e. living together in the same house. So, three months getting married also represents us living together.

Its not all fun and games. Yes, its awesome because we get to spend 24 hours a day together on public holidays, we get to sleep together, and I see him when I open my eyes in the morning.

We also divide our chores evenly.

He does the laundry, and washes the toilets.

I fold the clothes when they are dry, and I do not touch toilets. He is in charge of that.

Neither of us irons. He tried to iron but as far as I can tell, he can't be bothered to anymore. Me too. So, oh well *shrugs* for now.

I sweep and mop the floor once a week, mostly during weekends. If he is home, he will help me. If not, then its ok. Its good exercise for me anyway.

I am in charge of the cooking. He is in charge of the eating. He also will volunteer to clean dishes after I cook. Make that, insist. He insists to wash up because he knows he didn't help out.

This works out well for the both of us so far. We don't argue about our chores. They are already set. Determined.

He goes out to work much longer hours than me. So, to occupy my time, I've been watching a lot of tv.

This is different than when I was at my parents' home. At home, I can always count on mum, Winnie, Eli and Cherrie to provide distractions. To talk to, to share things with. To fight over the tv with.

Needless to say, I always lose. So, I learnt not to bother, because nobody wants to watch the tv/movies/drama series that I want to watch. So, I am used to sitting in front of my own laptop, with my own entertainment.

In a way, its good and bad. I now have the tv, Astro and laptop at my own disposal. Flipping through tv channels earlier, I'm amazed at myself. I know tv programmes (which I didn't before - no access to tv) At home, it was always mum or dad with the remote. Mum in the day time, dad at night. Winnie in between.

I am now watching Pawn Stars (on Nat Geo) with Cs. Its one of our most watched channel. When I'm alone, I tend to flip to AFC. Cooking channel. I leave the tv on when I'm doing my things.

Cs, when he has the remote, he flips to sports channels. Typical male.

With Cs, I have watched more badminton and wrestling than I ever need to. Especially badminton. Poor LCW don't need to rest ah? Tournaments nonstop! Add in football and tennis in between. I guess I should thank my lucky stars that at least he doesn't watch GOLF! :)

I have learnt to cook. Slowly but surely. I no longer feel awkward in my own kitchen. I move with confidence now. I can prepare my own lunch and walk around talking with Cs while waiting for it to cook.

When you're a paranoid chef, you just stand there watching and poking/playing with your food, waiting for it to cook. That was me before.

But what I need to learn, are more Chinese dishes. I keep feeding Cs stuff such as pasta (a lot of this), lasagna, steak, chicken, potatoes (mashed potatoes, potatoes salad), and lots of eggs (omelets, eggs with meat and vege, with cheese), and oh yes lots of sandwiches.

I also make him eat a lot of salads and vegetables too. This one I won! Wife 1; husband 0. This is what happens when the husband can't cook. He is totally at my mercy! :)

Last night I fixed dinner, and reused some of our wedding deco. Haha. I actually digged through my store, opening boxes till I found those candles, and color lights. Funny.

I made steak and mashed potatoes, and fixed a fancy glass of cocktail. Actually I simply added vodka, midori and sprite into the glass. Mixed it up, and hmm..not bad. Not bad at all. :)

So that's it for the 3 month update! Bye!


Elyn said...

A very very good wife indeed! Catching up and learning household chores with full of initiative~ a good role model ;)

Amy said...

Hahahhaha lol thanks!! I'm getting more and more house wifey..