Tuesday, 6 December 2011

In Transition

I thought this was kinda cool and different. Foot massage and spa at the airport. In the International departure gate hall, no less. Hahaha..

We were leaving Phuket, to catch a flight to Hong Kong. I love massages as much as anybody, but the oil massage I had in Phuket, was just TOO OILY. I have been going to massages for quite some time, at quite a few massage parlors. So yes, I am quite qualified to judge. 

There are the "not enough oil massages", "some just right", and "some downright eeky". 

So much oil that I didn't go back for another. I tried Thai massage instead of oil massage the next time. Right choice! So much better. But it does take some getting used to, getting my body bent in different directions felt pretty good. Surprisingly very relaxing. 

Anyway, my point is, if the oil foot massage wasn't that oily, we might have gone in. We had time to spare that day.

Instead, we had an expensive panini while waiting for our flight to arrive..There were not much choices available. Due to the Bangkok floods, they were low on supplies.

When we were in Phuket, we wanted to buy mineral water at the supermarket but they were all sold out. Nada. Not one single bottle left.

But we managed to buy them at 7-11's, so no worries there..


Some 3 or 4 hours later, we arrived in Hong Kong!! Excited! Happy max!! 

Off on another adventure. Just the two of us! We are still on holiday!!

Honeymoon to be exact!

Pull on our coats/jackets. Pull out our phones and lo and behold!! WIFI!! FREE WIFI throughout the place! Something I haven't seen since I left Kuching.

Unbelievable! I had no idea how dependent on the Internet I had been. I blame it on my iPhone. Before I got my phone, I experienced none of this Internet withdrawal symptoms rubbish.

Whiled the time away in the immigration queue scrolling through my Facebook. Cs and I ignoring each other for the first time, both of us stuck on our phones. 

On the Airport Express. Its so fast. We took Airport Express to Kowloon, and a taxi to Casa Hotel, which is at Yau Ma Tei. Taxi was cheap, and less than 5 minutes ride.

The whole journey took a really short time. Or maybe I was on such a high that it felt short to me. :D

Our hotel room in Casa Hotel. A far cry from Millenium Hotel in Phuket. Hahaha but its okay. I was prepared for this.

We needed this room only at night to sleep. We planned to go out very early in the morning and explore day and night. That we did. When we went back to the hotel at night, laden with shopping bags, I was so tired, I just wanted to fall in bed to sleep..

After a hot shower of course. In this toilet. This small toilet. 

We are used to taking our showers together. That we tried on our first night. Hahaha we gave ourselves many bruises as I banged into the sink, and he knocked against the toilet. So yea.

To show how small the toilet is, so small that his knees were touching the door. 

But the shower was strong. The most important point. And the hotel room is cleaned every day. Very good. They provide towels and hair dryer. Even better.

The hot water jug changes color.

And that's it about the room. The location though more than makes up for it though. Casa Hotel is about a 1 minute walk or 10 steps away from Exit C of Yau Ma Tei station. Can't beat that location. So no complaints!

The hotel has 2 lifts, each accommodating about 4 people max. Yea, I'm serious. So, if you just arrived with 2 luggage cases, then be prepared to wait a while for the lift.

But most of the times its all right. Not that big an issue. I'm very happy with the hotel and services. Btw, no fridge in the room. 

But the tv!! I love!! The tv channels!! They keep playing old HK movies that we have either watched before many many years ago, or old movies that we haven't watched before. 

We keep staying up to watch old movies, both of us fighting sleep.

This brings back memories of Taiwan. The same tv channels, but only in Mandarin instead of Cantonese.

Thinking of this makes me smile for some reason..♥

I can go sleep happy now. 


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