Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Short mention

The last movie that I watched in the cinema was Percy Jackson -  sea of monsters. And that was in Mid Valley. Its been ages since we watched a movie outside at GSC or MBO. Tonight we're going to find a movie to watch together. Preferably Spring cos there's Padini (gotta find him a white shirt for a friend's wedding), and Watsons (gotta but some necessities).

Cs loves going to the movies but there isn't any nice films recently. Tonight, its either Escape Plan, or Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. I liked part 1 of meatballs - very funny and cute. I remember watching it during CNY with my cousins kids. I don't fancy Sylvester Stallone - too old. But the trailer seems nice.

Anyway. My point is. What I actually wanted to say was: after so many years together, we two are still so excited over the thought of date night tonight. Heheh. Both of us are giggling in anticipation. Not a good mental picture. Not exactly true too. More like happily deciding what movie to watch, arguing over which place to go for dinner before or afterwards. But yeah. Something to look forward to tonight. 

Like any other couple, we have our ups and downs. We have our bad days and good days. But I like this part. I hope it lasts. :) 

Just the other day, Kev was saying how two of his friends are divorced already. -.- Why do people divorce so easily? I hope its nothing I ever have to think about.

This was taken on Sunday. Just a normal day in watching drama on tv. More au naturel. In more ways than one.

This was taken on Saturday night. Dinner with the family and some of dad's friends. We went to Bistro 21 again, then went to Rajang Lobby Lounge for drinks. It was ok. Most of the patrons were watching the football match live on tv. A lot of cheers and boos. It felt slightly foreign to me now. At least there were no rowdy drunken people singing songs.

OK bye. Update next time. 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Some updates on life

So if you have been reading my blog for some time now, or know me in real life, you would know that I love ru rou fan/lo bak peng. Its just minced pork and an egg with rice. Small bowl of goodness. This can be found almost anywhere in Taiwan. I love it. I always have this when I go back. Mum used to laugh at Win and I cos she said its so cheap. Meh. What does she know eh?

Mum tried making it btw. But its not really similar. I have yet to find one really goood and similar yet. 

I blogged about it before here and here.

So anyway. I heard a lot of people raving about this shop at City One. And how gooood the ru rou fan is. So off we went after work one day. 

They are quite generous with the ingredients la. While it is not the same as in Taiwan's, its still good. Can try. The rice is a little umm gooey? Which I like cos I think its like in Taiwan. But taste wise, there's something different. It costs RM 6.90. If I'm not mistaken.

I prefer the beef noodles though. Its slightly spicy. But I love the soup. Different from Ting Noodle House where we always go for our beef noodle fix. Cs prefers Ting Noodle House. The beef noodles RM 9.90 (for a small bowl). If I'm not mistaken. Big bowl was RM 14.90. Slightly pricey though but they provide a lot of ingredients, which is good.


I went back to read my Taiwan posts. Damn..I'm missing the food. Hungry. Can't wait to go to Taiwan again!! Think I might be looking forward to Taiwan more than Japan just cos its more nostalgic. More memories. Even though Japan has more stuff. 

I want to update my blog but I have nothing to talk about. Notice how I keep changing the design of my blog? It shows that I did open my blog just that I don't know what to talk about.

I'll just go look for old photos that I think I have not shared yet. 

I like this feature on S4. That shows off the front and back camera at the same time. This was taken on the cruise. Very happy face on holiday. 

This was taken on Patong Beach during sunset. Day 2 of our star cruise. Our taxi driver dropped us off there and we walked on the beach, and walked up to Bangla Road to soak in the atmosphere until about 9:30pm then we went back to the ship. It was a great day out with awesome people. :) 

Ahh damn looking back at this photo brings back memories. This was on the top deck overlooking the pool. At night tons of people hang out here with their beers. Us included. Looking at the stars, listening to the band, the sound of the waves. It was dark all around. Damn awesome. I miss this feeling. And looking forward to the supper buffet. Haha. I had to accompany Cs to wait for supper every night. Make me fat nia. That bugger eats so much and still remains so slim. I know, it amazes me too. 

Just chillin'. Posey mosey shot la.

This was on Penang hill. It was a foggy, cloudy day. Slightly drizzling but that didn't stop us from having a good time. 

Always wanted to take a photo of my side braid. I can do this myself! Ok this one is super messy but still. I like it.

Told ya I like this camera. This was taken in Penang. Opposite our hotel. On Gurney Drive. We stayed in the Gurney Resort Hotel. The rooms were large albeit slightly old. But the pools were awesome. The kids pool have 2 water slides! And no kids running around. So Cs and I made full use of it. We were kids again! 

Met up with Nifer who brought us around eating non-stop. Too bad this is the only photo we have. Sucks. Should have taken more photos. But we were busy eating. =.=

Ok that was an update.


P/S: very rush. No time to check. Hope no grammar or spelling errors. Ok bye.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates. House of Hades is out so I had to finish reading it first. It was ok..not as good as I hoped or maybe I'm not as in love with the series anymore.

I have been staying at home the past weekend just spending time with family and cs. Watched cute dogs and cats videos on YouTube with dad, win n cs jus now. My life is so exciting. Hahah.

No la. Seriously I dont mind. Kinda nice to catch up on sleep and laze around in bed with cs for hours while its raining outside.

Did ya know kch weather has been nuts recently?  Keeps raining and thunderstorm man. Our house modem got killed twice! Second time was yesterday afternoon actually. Fook the sky pls. Maybe its our housing area. Kev says he changed 4 modems this year already. Wtf eh. What's with the lightning? The really serious one about a couple months back happened in the middle of the night.  No electricity and everyone was talking about it the next day. Trees fell, roof fallen, tv blasted etc and cs and I slept through it all. Wtf. Lihai eh?

Btw I'm typing from my phone so please excuse any errors.

Cs is imitating the cat saying no..no..no..no beside me. He's watching lcw vs chen long.  22 all now first match.

Anyway. I went back to the old house for a look. Felt so nostalgic and weird. There are kids bikes in our old carpark. Meh.

Moving on..I'm all settled in here already. Nice and peaceful.  Pics? Well its still a mess lar. I'm er used to the mess so er lazy to move things around. Not like I'll be here forever. Heh.

My new place should be ready mid next year if it all goes along smoothly.  Good good. Can't wait.

Chat next time. Time to sleep..

For the sake of a photo: 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Just wondering

How did girls get the memo that you're not supposed to wear white to another person's wedding? Oh you didn't get the memo? Bitch. Don't wear white to my wedding. Guess who did? My mom. Ok. Guess she's the only woman in the world who can since she did give birth to me. Haha (this is me smiling again).

Even now, I see others wearing white to another person's wedding and I go wtf? Are you so desperate for attention? Leave it at your wedding. And yes, you may say why is the bride so insecure that she cares? Its respect actually. We girls have a code. Stick to it, else you're just a bitch. Unless the bride specifically said: wear white. Which, a friend of mine did. She said we all bridesmaids wear white. So we did. Even then, I'm careful not to put on too much makeup. Not that I think I will look better than the bride. Just that (again) its a sign of respect. You don't try to outdo the bride. In any way. Especially not a friend.

How did girls get the memo that you're not supposed to outdo the person who invited you to some event? OK this may sound confusing. But I just know. As you do I suppose. You don't outdo the host. 

I don't know what memo's guys get. Probably don't hit on another guy's girl. But then this is universal and unisex. Heh. I'll ask Cs later when he comes home.

He's at another badminton match. Won one game; lost another. Now they're at supper. Yes, I know everything. Hahahha he reports everything to me voluntarily ok. I never forced him. Once his friend overheard him on the phone: I report to you later ok. (key word: report)

Friend: wahhhh! You have to report to your wife????

Noooo... Makes me sound damn bad. 

Anyway. What's new lately? 

Sometimes I wish I privatized my blog so I can speak freely. My own fault eh. I have so many drafts I add each day. I'm afraid of the backlash. In a way, this makes me a coward eh?

It takes guts to speak your mind. I learned that the hard way. I wish I'm more like hmm...who is the gutsiest person I know? 

Nobody actually. Mum is just you know, typical. Not gutsy. Just taukenio. Sorry mum. 

Winnie is meh. Like me or worse. My friends? Shirley is direct. If you piss her off, she will fuck you. Nifer is smarter and more matured than both of us or else she wouldn't be where she is now. 

I wanna be the one who speaks her mind. Like Jessica Wakefield or Lila, only not that mean. I have no qualms getting into a fight with someone who pisses me off, or worse, tries to hurt my loved ones. I protect the people I love. But I don't seem to know how to protect myself. 

But then again, it depends on my mood. If I'm pissed then fuck you all. Go die. A friend of me once told me that when her bf cheated on her, she was like that for at least a year. Fuck you all. She didn't care about anything or anyone. I hope it doesn't take that to force it out of me. Nahh. 

You can't tell behind this facade eh? That's what mum was talking about. My face hides it all. But you guys know better. :)

So I was testing out this new app and I decided that my hair looks better than either of us. Sorry yao. We don't look our best. 

I was looking for new photos to post but don't have. This was in my folder so this shall do.

Coincidentally, I have to be there (that location) for a dinner tomorrow night.

And this may be the most honest post in a while.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Public holidays = awesome

Cs and I were playing around with Galaxy just now. The Android version of Siri. 

Btw has anyone seen the original Siri person? This is the link in case you haven't. Interesting. Quite eerie I think to hear your own voice. Anyway. We were playing with Galaxy just now. I'm the white coloured backgroud one.

She hasn't heard of my blog!!

I think I just got friend zoned. Pfft. 

Cs burst out laughing cos he told me to say i love you.

Its public holiday now in Malaysia. Yay! I spent the day eating and shopping with Cs. Productive day. Woke up at 11:30 am, went for lunch with Cs at Mcd, went to the Summer (new mall at Kota Samarahan), bought some clothes at Kitschen, had U-cha, went to ST3 to visit a friend's shop for egg tarts and juices, then went to Hijau for dinner and drinks. Man that sounds like a lot of food and drinks.

Yven - egg tarts owner- now also sells these mini egg tarts with fruits and tiramisu on top. There are other flavors as well. They also sell bread that they make themselves. Its good stuff. There's one I really like with cheese in the middle. No pics. But Yven is really chatty so he'll introduce you no doubt when you go to his shop. 

After I came home, I chopped up celery, carrots and tomatoes for my lunch tomorrow. Going to add in a boiled egg for protein. Meh. Kinda sick of unhealthy food already. I want vegetables please. I'm weird like that. Let me be.

I finally tried this. Winnie bought them in Switzerland but I only opened them. Whiskey filled center. None of that light stuff. When I had it, I immediately went: wow..this is some quality chocolate!

Halloween is a coming! I don't know what to be this year. :) Yay love dressing up. Love going out in a group cos everyone is naturally happier than normal in their excitement. Haha.

Ok that was an update anakliew. :D


I wrote this post in a rush. Can you tell? No time to check for mistakes. Bye.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


I know this is very overdue.

It was our 2 years anniversary on Sept 3. 

2 years since we walked down that aisle together and committed to spend the rest of our lives together.

I posted this on FB. In hindsight, it was a bit wrong. The way I phrased the sentence I mean. Sounds as if we have been together for more than a decade. Haha.

We met in Foundation in IBMS College. Room 301. The first day in class. We were both attached actually. Maybe it was good too. We became friends. Best friends. 

Who knew that silly guy (hehe) I met in 2002 would become my husband today. Ish. HAhahah 

Why do I use "hahaha" so frequently? To make it seem less serious. To make it more like a joke. Its like I add in a smile, only you can't see it.

I use "hahahha" in everything. Whatsapp to everyone, my blog posts, sms, and email's. I know. I bimbo-fy myself. 

Anyway. What has changed so far?

Besides the farting and burping freely, we still talk to each other about our day. He still tells me what's going on with his badminton buddies after each session and I still tell him all the office gossip.

We still shower together two times a day together. He still tries to grab me when he thinks no one is watching. 

We are undecided when to have kids yet. Well, we try. My cousin asked me that day: when is it your turn Amy?

Me: on the way.

Her: what? You mean you're pregnant already??

Me: No..no..I mean I'm trying.

Her: ohh sure you're trying?

Me: yes, we are trying very hard every night.

And we all laugh together. All of us. Time flies. How has it been two years already in just a blink of an eye.

When we just got married, I figured I would be knocked up in my second year. Definitely. Giving birth before 3-0. Now, I'm not so sure.

Nancy says we lack mummy genes. Ermm it means we lack the trait that other women have, you know, gushing over newborns, other people's kids.

Its kinda true. I only gush over Nathan. Little nephew. Or just the cute ones like Xiaxue's dash. Gawd I'm shallow. Sorry future kid. Gawd lighting is gonna strike me down now for sure. For shame!! 

Cs and Nathan. Isn't he cute?! 

But I'm sure when I have my own kid, he/she will be the prince/princess in my own eyes. What I'm saying is, I'm waiting for that feeling to hit me!

I read a quote once though: if you keep waiting for a perfect time, it will never happen. Or something like that. Means, there is NO perfect time. Most things that are the most wonderful to us happen by accident don't they? We can't plan everything. We can't wait for that stupid moment to hit us. Damn. I know this. But yeah.

Actually this is supposed to be a lovey dovey post. But truth is, I have a lot I want to say. I have been feeling really stressed recently. Not work but home matters. Don't think anyone can tell cos we hide it well. Like now. :) See? A smiley face makes it less serious eh.

Change topic. Sorry people I'm not up to sharing yet. 

For now, Cs is wonderful. I thank God that I have him in my life. Someone who loves my family as well. Someone who cares. Someone who's so kind. Sorry, you can gag. It's ok.

And mostly, someone who loves me so much. Even now, he would do something and I would think: wow he really loves me. And I have this tiny guilt inside me: I should be a better wife. Not that I'm not now la. /hasty. Hahah. Just that maybe my temper could be better. :D My patience not so limited. 

My own birthday back in August. :) Edited the pic to make it look better a bit. Dad, bro and Cs sang me my birthday song. Win and mum were still in Europe then. 

On our "walks". Normally after dinner, we bring Cherrie out for walks. She associate me with walks already. Every time I go over, and after she has finished running in circles around me licking and snorting, she leads me to the front door. Hahah damn cute.

Photo a bit blur. 

Night all. 

I update more next time. :)

Monday, 7 October 2013

This song made me smile tonight

So I had a slight quarrel with Cs tonight. Yes it happens of course. That put a slight damper on my night.

Anyway. Point is, this song made me smile.

Damn! His voice. So smooth, so rich. Can't tell. Sorry but I never really liked him (too old). But this is sexy. Sort of. And I always liked this song.

I'm old at heart, in case you can't tell yet. I like old songs. But also new ones.

I spend my night researching Japan. I'm going end of Nov, which is next month. So soon.

Japan is not as expensive as everyone thinks. Going there isn't hard. Do your research.. Unfortunately, this is the part I sigh. In this aspect, believe it or not, I am super meticulous. The language barrier isn't that bad. You don't have to take a tour too. Plenty (and I mean it) of people plan their own trip. Go to Japan-Guide forum and you'll see.

I plan everything. I write down everything. I plan day 1, day 2, day 3 and so on and so forth. I start when we step off the plane, which train we are going to take, to the hotel, what time check in, and where to go while awaiting check in, the bus to our next destination, and so on and so forth. Can you tell I'm having a huge headache?

The thing is, I make things hard for myself. I don't have to plan everything. Cs is so laid back. That's cos he has me, lucky bastard. Our first trip in April, he helped. But now, he seems to trust me so much that he did nothing. Or maybe he's like me. Two trips in a year just seems too much work, what with everything else going in our lives now.

Tokyo seems way easier to plan, compared with Kyoto. I die die want to find a ski resort. Giving up now. It just doesn't seem feasible. 4 hours by train costing 1k (return) for both of us? Forget it. So I tried to find cheaper alternatives. Nada. So I gave up. Sort of. I booked hotels already but I just can't seem to give up yet. I still search. Like I said, I make things difficult for myself. Cs is telling me: its ok baby. Its still Japan. It would still be fun. Men. What does he know?

Anyway. So I'm still doing my research.

This keeps me going. Photo credits to Ilya Genkin.

Fushimi Inari shrine. I am planning to go around dusk. Damn see what I mean? I even have to plan around what time to go there. I should make things easier for myself. Just go and stop fretting so much.

And this:

Kiyomizudera. Ok this I'm planning to go in the evening. Can tell why obviously. Night time illumination!! Autumn colours. Awesome eh.

Ok bye.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Day in London

I dreamed that mum and I were in front of some hotel in London. They wouldn't allow us to check in yet. So I said let's go sightseeing. But no.o. She didn't want to. She said: wait for dad. I spotted him and waved him over: dadddeeee. Come here! Let's go kia kia now. Dad: ok. Where do you want to go? Mum: don't want la. (Gives excuses)

Me: fine. I'll go with Winnie.

Winnie: ok. Let's go. Come quick.

Dad: do you guys have money? (Peels off several hundred pounds and hands to us).

Me and Winnie gleefully run off!!

Winnie: Let's go to London Bridge! Tower Bridge! London Eye!



I forced myself to go back to sleep after that but couldn't.

At least let me enjoy London sights first! I haven't even been to any of that place yet! I didn't spend money yet! I didn't even buy tube tickets yet!! Argh. I was so mad at myself. Stupid brain got me excited for nothing!

So yeah. I'm ranting now. I think I'll take myself on a tour now.

Over the years, I have been a tour guide to my friends who stay in Sunderland, Newcastle, my friends' friends, my friends family members, and ex-bf's. I took them all to the same places the first time. 

Normally, we start at Piccadilly or Leicester Square, then walk to Trafalgar Square, then walk to Buckingham Palace, past Westminster, the Parliament Houses, Big Ben, London Eye, and take the tube back home. That is a long walk and plenty of sights and photo taking opportunity.

That was what went through my mind in my dream. Where I was going to take Winnie.

As I played tour guide to my friends and their families, how I wished it was my OWN family. One day, my own family could visit me there, and we would be so happy together. Never happened. And by the looks of it, never will. That's why I was so angry at mum. In my dream, I mean. HAHAH. 

But at least, one day, I will bring Cs. I will show him my old school, take him to the same Mcd's I spent so much time in, bring him around that route, eat Chinese food at Chinatown, walk the same streets, and make him fall in love with London like I did. 

Anyway. Enough talk.


Let's start at Picadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is basically a square surrounded by shops. Its between Regent Street and we normally walk to Leicester Square, where Chinatown is. 

Soho is to the side off Piccadilly. Regent Street is a long street that connects to Oxford Circus and Bond Street. Shopping!! High street brands like River Island, H&M, Topshop, Zara, Esprit and everything else can be found here. The more expensive brands, don't ask me. Ask Nifer. I don't shop at Selfridges or Harrods.

The famous billboard sign. Under the signs is a Burger King and Boots. Or it was. I don't know if its still there. Is it Shirley?

From Piccadilly, walk to Leicester Square. Chinatown is located here. 

All your chinese food shopping can be done here. You can do your grocery shopping here where they sell everything from instant noodles, milo, canned and fresh food, to even durians. But frozen lah. I think. I don't eat. I just know they sell them. They have a few bakery shops here selling kuihs and cakes as well.

When you want/need your chinese food fix, you can have your duck rice (the famous Four Seasons), penang assam laksa, mee goreng, and so on and so forth. They have almost everything. Well, besides kolo mee, kam pua and such (sorry shirley), hahah.

Its well known that the staff (in Chinatown) are rude. They mostly speak Cantonese. If there are two of you, and one of you don't eat, you can't sit there. You must order something. Minimum of 8 pounds (this was years ago. I don't know what minimum amount is now). Their rent is crazy expensive, so they force you to order food. As soon as you put down your chopsticks, the bill is put in front of you. They need to turn around the tables very fast for other guests. But we are used to it. Its the only place for Chinese/Malaysian food, so no complaints. 

On the other side of Leicester Square is where all the movie premieres are held. Its where I queued up seven hours to wait for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premier.

There are several theaters here and lots of pubs/clubs. But then again there are pubs at almost every corner. Just like there are Mcd's at almost every corner.

There is a huge Mcd at Leicester Square. How many cashiers are there? 15 in a row? I remember I liked the toilet. Haha what a thing to remember. Because of its location, its open 24 hours and always seems to be busy no matter what time it is. I remember waiting at Mcd at about 5 am after clubbing waiting for the tube to open so we could go home. And it still wasn't empty. So busy.

There are also many restaurants around this area like Angus Steak House. Ohh and a huge Haagen Daz store. I wonder is it still there. Hmm..should be. I just Googled it

From Leicester Square, walk to Trafalgar Square or Covent Garden. Take your pick. But I normally bring people to Trafalgar Square first. Its basically a public square with fountains. Oh and the National Gallery is here too if you're into that sort of things. Free entrance. According to Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl book,  Sadie Lancaster's drawing is here too.

Shirley surrounded by pigeons. Cs saw these photos when we were still friends, and he told me (through msn): can't believe you guys are really in London now. 

This was taken in May I think..so I still needed a coat.

During nice weather in the summer, lots of people will be here, some of them dipping their feet into the fountain. Like Nifer here:

This photo was taken in winter:

Christmas Eve after dinner.

That's the National Gallery in the background. AL when he was in London visiting us.

If you're SPK, can climb up the lions like us. Haha not so easy ok. This was the only time I did it.

From Trafalgar Square, cross the road and look for this entrance:

Go through and walk down the long road passing by St James Park to Buckingham Palace. These photos are taken in St James Park. Its right next to Buckingham Palace. I love it. Really beautiful and peaceful.

Like all parks, it has plenty of birds/pelicans/ducks/squirrels. Yuck to the last one. I'm scared of them. If you have plastic bags with you, the squirrels follow you for food. =.=

If you go early in the morning, you can catch the changing of the guards. Don't know what time, Google yourself. :)

I'm getting lazy to look for more photos already. Everything is so unorganized.

Walk past Westminster, where Westminster Abbey is (Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding), and House of Parliaments.

London Eye at night. You can't miss it. Walk on from Big Ben to London Eye. To take the ride, it costs about 30 pounds? And there's normally a queue..

Love this photo. Not taken by me though. Boo. Just found it in my folders..must be taken by one of the guys. My camera was shit that time. And I didn't take photos of everything yet so I don't have much to choose from.

Its much better to go the London Eye at night so you get views like this.

After that, either call it a day or take the tube to London Bridge and walk towards Tower Bridge.

Took this photo cos its not everyday you see the bridge open. This is Tower Bridge btw. Not London Bridge.

London Bridge is just normal looking.

I think this is the only photo I have on London Bridge. Zzz..its cos its just a normal bridge. Nothing special.

That morning, Shirley and I were supposed to go to school. But it was closed. Bank holiday or something. So we walked to London bridge instead. It was very close by.

Ohh found this. Mehh. 

OK la. That's enough for now.

Writing this post made me feel a bit better about the dream. Imma go search for air tickets now.


Friday, 4 October 2013

La di da

I wrote this half way last night but didn't finish. I'll try to finish it now.


Time flies. Its another Thursday night. Cs is at badminton. I'm at home trying to watch old Hong Kong drama series but the internet is toying with me. Grr.

I love old HK drama series ok. Kevin and I are alike here. Well Kevin is a movie/series/games junkie so its not really counted. He's the type who can remember what one character said to the other word-for-word. And not just new movies. Even old old movies. And not even in English. In Cantonese some more. Yeah that's him.

Anyway, here are some photos of life these days. We have been frequenting 21 bistro (old Soho) quite often these days. Brought the family there and dad likes it too. So he brought Uncle Johnny them too. Quite pleased that they like it too. :)

Winnie enjoying her food. If you ever go there, order the fried calamari (RM 20) and pig out. :) Oh and a 1664 draught for me please. I miss. Hmm maybe I should drag Cs back there on Sat night again. 

I'm wearing Winnie's birthday present to me --->Boots she bought from Switzerland, I think. Or was it Paris?

Top from Krabi. Jeans from H&M. Bought my first ever pair of skinny jeans. I know I don't have nice legs. So these are my first pair. So comfy. I bought them for the shoes. Hahaha. And this photo looks ok only cos of the angle.

Cherrie is afraid we would steal her snack. Naughty girl. When she sees someone coming close to her, she would run back to her snack to protect it. Haih. Dogs. Eli sometimes answer her: tidak mau makan lu punya la. Tak sedap. Hahahha. It means nobody wants your food ok. 

I have found my "most frequently ordered food" in Sakae. Cs and I ordered 4 plates of this the last time we were there. Chef must be thinking: siao one. Try some other food please. 

Last Friday night, we went out with old college mates. Birthday party at K-11. Karaoke. It was the first time ever that there was nonstop singing. None throughout the whole 4 hours we were there?

They were all guys some more! The girls (only me and another girl) didn't touch the mic at all. Salute. And not easy songs eh. They were screeching singing to Katy Perry's Firework too. Like I said, salute.

Cs' badminton team have their own club t-shirts. Actually they have a lot. Men are vain too. Hahaha joke. Anyway on Saturday night, it was their captain's birthday so they surprised him by saying there was a match that night. So everyone dressed up in their badminton t-shirts to go for dinner and surprised him. It was good fun.

Later that night, we all went to a pub owned by his badminton mate too. Its Las Vegas at Travillion. 

Very bad pic. Don't know if you can see clearly or not.

We had two flaming's that night. One for the birthday boy and another for everyone else. 

They brought out these pens and this happened:

Their faces got a lot worse after that. Lucky I had on make up. Lucky they don't know me so well la. So nobody drew on my face. Cs not so stupid to draw on my face. HAHA. Bitch. Me, I mean. 

This is mum's very cute pair of slippers from Amsterdam. See the windmills? 

Anyway. Its another Friday!! Tonight, my plans involve watching old HK drama again. If the internet doesn't screw up la. Cs is working tonight boo sama dia. So unless I drag him out at 9pm, I'm staying home tonight. Or hmm..unless I drag other girls out tonight. We shall see.

I feel as if this week went on forever. This morning I came in to the office with a scowl on my face. No idea why. Actually, I do. I woke up with back pain. Hate it. I used to have pain in my lower back few years back and it went away. I went for cupping. These recent months, it came back. Sometimes worse like this morning. I don't want to go cupping again. I just stick to the massage chair now. I blame sitting for wayy too many hours a week. I can feel my butt expanding. This is bad.

Speaking of bad, I sprained my jaw. No shit. No idea how it happened. I went to a chinese sensei first. Didn't work. Went to the doctor. I was feeling quite bemused actually. I mean, come on. Who sprains their jaw?? It hurts when I stick out my tongue or move my tongue around inside my mouth. I cannot eat a banana, sushi or a full spoonful of food. FU please. It has been about a month now. It doesn't hurt so much now. I have almost got used to it. I'm now wondering will I have to go through my entire life like this? Doctor said I have inflammation so gave me pills and muscle relaxants. The pills just gave me gastric pains (very bad) so I didn't finish them. Now what?

Moving on from that depressing topic. 

Its Friday. TGIF. Time to pamper self. I can still drink beer. Yay for that. Haha. Alcoholic indeed. 

OK la. Enough update for now. Bye.