Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Short mention

The last movie that I watched in the cinema was Percy Jackson -  sea of monsters. And that was in Mid Valley. Its been ages since we watched a movie outside at GSC or MBO. Tonight we're going to find a movie to watch together. Preferably Spring cos there's Padini (gotta find him a white shirt for a friend's wedding), and Watsons (gotta but some necessities).

Cs loves going to the movies but there isn't any nice films recently. Tonight, its either Escape Plan, or Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. I liked part 1 of meatballs - very funny and cute. I remember watching it during CNY with my cousins kids. I don't fancy Sylvester Stallone - too old. But the trailer seems nice.

Anyway. My point is. What I actually wanted to say was: after so many years together, we two are still so excited over the thought of date night tonight. Heheh. Both of us are giggling in anticipation. Not a good mental picture. Not exactly true too. More like happily deciding what movie to watch, arguing over which place to go for dinner before or afterwards. But yeah. Something to look forward to tonight. 

Like any other couple, we have our ups and downs. We have our bad days and good days. But I like this part. I hope it lasts. :) 

Just the other day, Kev was saying how two of his friends are divorced already. -.- Why do people divorce so easily? I hope its nothing I ever have to think about.

This was taken on Sunday. Just a normal day in watching drama on tv. More au naturel. In more ways than one.

This was taken on Saturday night. Dinner with the family and some of dad's friends. We went to Bistro 21 again, then went to Rajang Lobby Lounge for drinks. It was ok. Most of the patrons were watching the football match live on tv. A lot of cheers and boos. It felt slightly foreign to me now. At least there were no rowdy drunken people singing songs.

OK bye. Update next time. 

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