Monday, 28 October 2013

Some updates on life

So if you have been reading my blog for some time now, or know me in real life, you would know that I love ru rou fan/lo bak peng. Its just minced pork and an egg with rice. Small bowl of goodness. This can be found almost anywhere in Taiwan. I love it. I always have this when I go back. Mum used to laugh at Win and I cos she said its so cheap. Meh. What does she know eh?

Mum tried making it btw. But its not really similar. I have yet to find one really goood and similar yet. 

I blogged about it before here and here.

So anyway. I heard a lot of people raving about this shop at City One. And how gooood the ru rou fan is. So off we went after work one day. 

They are quite generous with the ingredients la. While it is not the same as in Taiwan's, its still good. Can try. The rice is a little umm gooey? Which I like cos I think its like in Taiwan. But taste wise, there's something different. It costs RM 6.90. If I'm not mistaken.

I prefer the beef noodles though. Its slightly spicy. But I love the soup. Different from Ting Noodle House where we always go for our beef noodle fix. Cs prefers Ting Noodle House. The beef noodles RM 9.90 (for a small bowl). If I'm not mistaken. Big bowl was RM 14.90. Slightly pricey though but they provide a lot of ingredients, which is good.


I went back to read my Taiwan posts. Damn..I'm missing the food. Hungry. Can't wait to go to Taiwan again!! Think I might be looking forward to Taiwan more than Japan just cos its more nostalgic. More memories. Even though Japan has more stuff. 

I want to update my blog but I have nothing to talk about. Notice how I keep changing the design of my blog? It shows that I did open my blog just that I don't know what to talk about.

I'll just go look for old photos that I think I have not shared yet. 

I like this feature on S4. That shows off the front and back camera at the same time. This was taken on the cruise. Very happy face on holiday. 

This was taken on Patong Beach during sunset. Day 2 of our star cruise. Our taxi driver dropped us off there and we walked on the beach, and walked up to Bangla Road to soak in the atmosphere until about 9:30pm then we went back to the ship. It was a great day out with awesome people. :) 

Ahh damn looking back at this photo brings back memories. This was on the top deck overlooking the pool. At night tons of people hang out here with their beers. Us included. Looking at the stars, listening to the band, the sound of the waves. It was dark all around. Damn awesome. I miss this feeling. And looking forward to the supper buffet. Haha. I had to accompany Cs to wait for supper every night. Make me fat nia. That bugger eats so much and still remains so slim. I know, it amazes me too. 

Just chillin'. Posey mosey shot la.

This was on Penang hill. It was a foggy, cloudy day. Slightly drizzling but that didn't stop us from having a good time. 

Always wanted to take a photo of my side braid. I can do this myself! Ok this one is super messy but still. I like it.

Told ya I like this camera. This was taken in Penang. Opposite our hotel. On Gurney Drive. We stayed in the Gurney Resort Hotel. The rooms were large albeit slightly old. But the pools were awesome. The kids pool have 2 water slides! And no kids running around. So Cs and I made full use of it. We were kids again! 

Met up with Nifer who brought us around eating non-stop. Too bad this is the only photo we have. Sucks. Should have taken more photos. But we were busy eating. =.=

Ok that was an update.


P/S: very rush. No time to check. Hope no grammar or spelling errors. Ok bye.

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