Monday, 7 October 2013

This song made me smile tonight

So I had a slight quarrel with Cs tonight. Yes it happens of course. That put a slight damper on my night.

Anyway. Point is, this song made me smile.

Damn! His voice. So smooth, so rich. Can't tell. Sorry but I never really liked him (too old). But this is sexy. Sort of. And I always liked this song.

I'm old at heart, in case you can't tell yet. I like old songs. But also new ones.

I spend my night researching Japan. I'm going end of Nov, which is next month. So soon.

Japan is not as expensive as everyone thinks. Going there isn't hard. Do your research.. Unfortunately, this is the part I sigh. In this aspect, believe it or not, I am super meticulous. The language barrier isn't that bad. You don't have to take a tour too. Plenty (and I mean it) of people plan their own trip. Go to Japan-Guide forum and you'll see.

I plan everything. I write down everything. I plan day 1, day 2, day 3 and so on and so forth. I start when we step off the plane, which train we are going to take, to the hotel, what time check in, and where to go while awaiting check in, the bus to our next destination, and so on and so forth. Can you tell I'm having a huge headache?

The thing is, I make things hard for myself. I don't have to plan everything. Cs is so laid back. That's cos he has me, lucky bastard. Our first trip in April, he helped. But now, he seems to trust me so much that he did nothing. Or maybe he's like me. Two trips in a year just seems too much work, what with everything else going in our lives now.

Tokyo seems way easier to plan, compared with Kyoto. I die die want to find a ski resort. Giving up now. It just doesn't seem feasible. 4 hours by train costing 1k (return) for both of us? Forget it. So I tried to find cheaper alternatives. Nada. So I gave up. Sort of. I booked hotels already but I just can't seem to give up yet. I still search. Like I said, I make things difficult for myself. Cs is telling me: its ok baby. Its still Japan. It would still be fun. Men. What does he know?

Anyway. So I'm still doing my research.

This keeps me going. Photo credits to Ilya Genkin.

Fushimi Inari shrine. I am planning to go around dusk. Damn see what I mean? I even have to plan around what time to go there. I should make things easier for myself. Just go and stop fretting so much.

And this:

Kiyomizudera. Ok this I'm planning to go in the evening. Can tell why obviously. Night time illumination!! Autumn colours. Awesome eh.

Ok bye.

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