Friday, 4 October 2013

La di da

I wrote this half way last night but didn't finish. I'll try to finish it now.


Time flies. Its another Thursday night. Cs is at badminton. I'm at home trying to watch old Hong Kong drama series but the internet is toying with me. Grr.

I love old HK drama series ok. Kevin and I are alike here. Well Kevin is a movie/series/games junkie so its not really counted. He's the type who can remember what one character said to the other word-for-word. And not just new movies. Even old old movies. And not even in English. In Cantonese some more. Yeah that's him.

Anyway, here are some photos of life these days. We have been frequenting 21 bistro (old Soho) quite often these days. Brought the family there and dad likes it too. So he brought Uncle Johnny them too. Quite pleased that they like it too. :)

Winnie enjoying her food. If you ever go there, order the fried calamari (RM 20) and pig out. :) Oh and a 1664 draught for me please. I miss. Hmm maybe I should drag Cs back there on Sat night again. 

I'm wearing Winnie's birthday present to me --->Boots she bought from Switzerland, I think. Or was it Paris?

Top from Krabi. Jeans from H&M. Bought my first ever pair of skinny jeans. I know I don't have nice legs. So these are my first pair. So comfy. I bought them for the shoes. Hahaha. And this photo looks ok only cos of the angle.

Cherrie is afraid we would steal her snack. Naughty girl. When she sees someone coming close to her, she would run back to her snack to protect it. Haih. Dogs. Eli sometimes answer her: tidak mau makan lu punya la. Tak sedap. Hahahha. It means nobody wants your food ok. 

I have found my "most frequently ordered food" in Sakae. Cs and I ordered 4 plates of this the last time we were there. Chef must be thinking: siao one. Try some other food please. 

Last Friday night, we went out with old college mates. Birthday party at K-11. Karaoke. It was the first time ever that there was nonstop singing. None throughout the whole 4 hours we were there?

They were all guys some more! The girls (only me and another girl) didn't touch the mic at all. Salute. And not easy songs eh. They were screeching singing to Katy Perry's Firework too. Like I said, salute.

Cs' badminton team have their own club t-shirts. Actually they have a lot. Men are vain too. Hahaha joke. Anyway on Saturday night, it was their captain's birthday so they surprised him by saying there was a match that night. So everyone dressed up in their badminton t-shirts to go for dinner and surprised him. It was good fun.

Later that night, we all went to a pub owned by his badminton mate too. Its Las Vegas at Travillion. 

Very bad pic. Don't know if you can see clearly or not.

We had two flaming's that night. One for the birthday boy and another for everyone else. 

They brought out these pens and this happened:

Their faces got a lot worse after that. Lucky I had on make up. Lucky they don't know me so well la. So nobody drew on my face. Cs not so stupid to draw on my face. HAHA. Bitch. Me, I mean. 

This is mum's very cute pair of slippers from Amsterdam. See the windmills? 

Anyway. Its another Friday!! Tonight, my plans involve watching old HK drama again. If the internet doesn't screw up la. Cs is working tonight boo sama dia. So unless I drag him out at 9pm, I'm staying home tonight. Or hmm..unless I drag other girls out tonight. We shall see.

I feel as if this week went on forever. This morning I came in to the office with a scowl on my face. No idea why. Actually, I do. I woke up with back pain. Hate it. I used to have pain in my lower back few years back and it went away. I went for cupping. These recent months, it came back. Sometimes worse like this morning. I don't want to go cupping again. I just stick to the massage chair now. I blame sitting for wayy too many hours a week. I can feel my butt expanding. This is bad.

Speaking of bad, I sprained my jaw. No shit. No idea how it happened. I went to a chinese sensei first. Didn't work. Went to the doctor. I was feeling quite bemused actually. I mean, come on. Who sprains their jaw?? It hurts when I stick out my tongue or move my tongue around inside my mouth. I cannot eat a banana, sushi or a full spoonful of food. FU please. It has been about a month now. It doesn't hurt so much now. I have almost got used to it. I'm now wondering will I have to go through my entire life like this? Doctor said I have inflammation so gave me pills and muscle relaxants. The pills just gave me gastric pains (very bad) so I didn't finish them. Now what?

Moving on from that depressing topic. 

Its Friday. TGIF. Time to pamper self. I can still drink beer. Yay for that. Haha. Alcoholic indeed. 

OK la. Enough update for now. Bye.

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