Sunday, 20 October 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates. House of Hades is out so I had to finish reading it first. It was ok..not as good as I hoped or maybe I'm not as in love with the series anymore.

I have been staying at home the past weekend just spending time with family and cs. Watched cute dogs and cats videos on YouTube with dad, win n cs jus now. My life is so exciting. Hahah.

No la. Seriously I dont mind. Kinda nice to catch up on sleep and laze around in bed with cs for hours while its raining outside.

Did ya know kch weather has been nuts recently?  Keeps raining and thunderstorm man. Our house modem got killed twice! Second time was yesterday afternoon actually. Fook the sky pls. Maybe its our housing area. Kev says he changed 4 modems this year already. Wtf eh. What's with the lightning? The really serious one about a couple months back happened in the middle of the night.  No electricity and everyone was talking about it the next day. Trees fell, roof fallen, tv blasted etc and cs and I slept through it all. Wtf. Lihai eh?

Btw I'm typing from my phone so please excuse any errors.

Cs is imitating the cat saying beside me. He's watching lcw vs chen long.  22 all now first match.

Anyway. I went back to the old house for a look. Felt so nostalgic and weird. There are kids bikes in our old carpark. Meh.

Moving on..I'm all settled in here already. Nice and peaceful.  Pics? Well its still a mess lar. I'm er used to the mess so er lazy to move things around. Not like I'll be here forever. Heh.

My new place should be ready mid next year if it all goes along smoothly.  Good good. Can't wait.

Chat next time. Time to sleep..

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